Natasha N Group: 20-27 women, Lost 10 lbs and 17cm

What did you want to achieve when you first reached out to Mike?

At first all I wanted was someone who could show me where to start when in the gym. I had seriously no clue what to do let alone how to do it. I just know I really wanted to change my lifestyle and start looking better on the outside. I was so very shy and not confident at all!

What Were You Expecting Training To Be Like…

Hard and kind of military based workouts that I wasn’t sure if I could even keep up with.

What was it like working with Mike?

I can now do 50 full push-ups and I can do 80 sit ups with a 12kg medicine ball. [Mike] made each workout super fun and exciting and [he] always made me feel like a rock star. Even on the bad days when I wanted to cancel and just go home after work.

What one thing do you now have that you didn’t before you started working with Mike?

Confidence! I didn’t believe I could do it. Even one doctor told me that I would never be able to lose my tummy and that I was built that way for life. That gave me the push to prove him wrong.

What would you tell somebody that was unsure about working with a Personal Trainer like Mike?

Invest in it, it is so worth it! [He] teaches you how to workout properly with out ending up hurt. Biggest thing that made my money worth while. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Karen K group: 37-47 women, lost 26 lbs and 67 cm

What made you decide to start working with Mike?

Over the last few years, I had become very bored and stale at the gym. I only kept going to the gym out of habit. Mike’s passion and enthusiasm for all things fitness reminded me of what I’d lost some years before and what I now wanted to regain. 

In what part of your life has Personal Training with Mike made the biggest difference?

I’m enjoying physical activity again and feeling fitter than I have in years. I have more energy and drive, both in and out of the gym. 

What’s the best part about your experience working with Mike?

There are many great things about working with Mike. He’s passionate and knowledgeable about his field, and supportive and generous with his clients. But the best part is the joy Mike brings to every session – his positive outlook and boundless energy makes every workout fun (no matter how hard or horrible!)

Chantal M, group: 33-43 women lost 4 lbs, 2cm 

Before you started working with Mike, what did you think when you heard “Personal Trainer”?

I had only minimal exposure to a personal trainer through a draw back when I was working out at GoodLife in London, Ontario.  I thought it was for rich people or athletes who had the money to spend, not necessarily for me.  Also, I thought I was motivated enough to do things on my own.

After you started working with Mike, what did you think when you heard “Personal Trainer”?

Personal training is for everyone, as I’m finding out. I knew when I first met [him], this would be unlike anything I had experienced up to that point, and that has proven to be the case and then some.  [He] believed in me from the very get-go and [he is] unlike any trainer I have ever known, current and past.  Every other trainer that I’ve trained with has just not measured up to [his] high standards.

Why did you first want to work with Mike?

Initially, it was to have comparable strength on my right side and left side.  Now more it’s stress management and motivation.

What area of your life has been impacted the most by working with Mike?

[He] put personal training into a broader context for me.  It’s not just the training: it’s nutrition, it’s mindset.  For me, the biggest key has been mindset. [He’s] also believed in me from day one, which has been very rare for me, even within my family.  My family means well, but health and wellness (except for my sister and her family) are not their first or even second priority.  [He’s] that outside observer and friend that has supported and motivated me when everyone else hasn’t.

What’s the best part of training with Mike?

The fun, hands down.  Never thought I’d say that, because [he] worked me hard, but [he] also pushed me just beyond what I think I could do.  I can still remember [him] basically telling me to kneel on my right knee and I also can remember telling [him] that I haven’t done that since before my stroke.  I also remember how scared I was when [he] told me to switch from knee to knee.  I was so unsure of myself, and to a much lesser extent, still am.

Shawn C – group 37-45 men, lost 13 lbs and 11cm

Before working with Mike, what did you think of when you heard “Personal Trainer”?

I really didn’t know – I suppose I thought there’d be a lot of bench presses, haha.

Is there anything you’ve learned from working with Mike?

I have learned so much about nutrition, exercise, and just how to be healthy in general. The holistic approach to health has really helped me. Also, sustainability. Things don’t happen overnight, they take time. I have developed the habits to keep me fit and healthy for a lifetime.

In what areas of your life has working with Mike had the greatest impact?

I would say that your coaching has impacted almost all aspects of my life. There was the physical transformation, to be sure, but this doesn’t happen without the mental transformation. Learning about how my body works, how to eat properly – not diet! – how to listen to my body, and the mindset of always trying to be a little bit better today than I was yesterday has been invaluable.

What’s the best part about working with Mike?

As I mentioned before, the knowledge piece has been invaluable. But also Michael was always very supportive and always pushed me to do my best, while never giving me more than I could handle.

Matt M – group: 37-45 men

Why did you first reach out to Mike?

To fix my tennis elbow. I wanted my elbow to stop hurting and I got that. And I got a lot more.

Did you have any thoughts about Personal Training prior to working with Mike?

I didn’t think much about training at all

How did working with Mike affect your lifestyle?

I found training to be good for a number of things. Far beyond the elbow rehab that brought me in. From body, to mindset and focus. There was also a positive professional social setting where members of my industry (music/media) were working out alongside of me. Have a few familiar faces around made for a familiar atmosphere. 

What was the best part of working with Mike?

[His] assessment of my injury and the path [he] laid out for rehabilitation was spot on. The techniques [he] used allowed me to gain overall strength while supporting the repair of the injured area. Injury repair was my main goal entering training and we succeeded in achieving that goal. Other complimentary benefits of the training included an opportunity for me to do an overall analysis of my health and well being. This means that my mind if now inclined to be more conscious of little things like daily posture, head and chin position or deep knee bends to pick up kids or bending over to put kids in cribs and any number of other things related to the lifting and putting down of children… The training encouraged me to learn achievable daily health conscious routines, including diet, stretches, body awareness and the importance of rest. Overall, it was a very positive experience. 

Please describe Mike’s coaching method.

It gave me a clear, hands on ability to gain control parts of my life that was not in control (wonky elbow). My training plan was laid out before me and achieved on schedule. At the same time the path allowed for lots of flexibility based on how my body responded. I remained challenged and motivated throughout. 

What would you tell somebody that might be on the fence about working with a coach like Mike?

When is your birthday? Cause you are getting older and training would be a nice self present. 

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