Steven Huynh – Olympic Lifting & Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

Olympic Lifting and Holistic Success – Steven  

“I’ve only been training for two months but this whole training experience with Mike Schwartz has altered my point of view on training with a personal trainer and I am amazed of how it has affected my life. Olympic lifting has never crossed my mind before and it would have never been in my routine if it wasn’t for Mike’s knowledge and experience with it. My strength has been growing at such an incredible rate that people have noticed the difference in my physique in one month! 

In addition to Olympic lifting with our regiment, Mike has just been certified as a Holistic lifestyle coach and that has made a huge impact on my daily activity. It was definitely a different method of training and I was a bit confused at first but I have never been more actively productive in a long while; I was able to accomplish more work in three hours than I have in a week! 

I am glad that I was able to have Mike as my trainer because all the ones before him haven’t impressed me with the results that I’ve gotten from their regiments. I look forward to see what else he’s got to show me in the coming months.”

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