Shawn Carder: Transformation 101


Read below for my interview with a current client of mine after about 6 weeks. This is what Carder had to say.

Why were you motivated to start taking care of yourself and what triggered you to seek help?

I had recently made some very positive lifestyle changes which resulted in my outlook on life dramatically changing for the better. I then decided that I wanted my physical self to feel as good as my inner self. I’ve known Mike for a long time so I felt very comfortable joining his team. 

What did you initially want to do?

I wanted a few things:

To feel healthy, to look better in my clothes and to build a sustainable lifestyle.

Have you started to see these things?

I have. I’ve lost about 10lbs, gone down a size in pants and I need to tighten my belt by a size. I’m also exercising regularly and eating much better.

What would you attribute the “Keys To Your Success”?

Mike’s program is amazing. It’s all about taking things slowly and creating good habits. It’s not about the “quick fix” that is unsustainable in the long term. The Precision Nutrition (PN) platform is exceptional as well. I really like the lessons and the daily reminders to “do your habits”.

I also like that the program is forgiving. If I forget or just don’t do my daily habit for one da, all is not lost. I simply get back to it the next day.

The other thing I’ll mention is Mike himself. He is very motivating in a kind way. He engages his clients and creates a safe and welcome environment. 

What would you tell someone else who may be reluctant to take action and invest in themselves?

I’d tell them not to wait. Investing in my health has been one of the best choices I’ve made in some time. I’d also say that it’s never too late to start changing your life.

Thank you, Carder. You continue to inspire me and everyone else around you with your workhorse attitude and rekindled magic about life. Keep on rockin’, man. You’re a true legend!

I see things from a whole different perspective while working with amazing folks like Carder. For my take on his transformation, the affect this dude has had on me and my life and all the rest of the brotherly love and inspiration please click here.

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