Nicole Tupechka – Functional Training

What does it feel like to work out with Mike? Well it doesn’t really feel like a workout at all. 

He is extremely attentive and has a through understanding of the human body. From the moment you enter his presence you feel uplifted and positive. I have yet to see him have an off day! 

To begin and end the workout he has you lay down to assess how you’re feeling. He helps you understand what your body should feel like in its optimum state. 

Next we did some stretching and breathing to energize the body. Something I definitely don’t do enough of on my own. 

The workout itself was challenging but I kept waiting for the “intense “ part. I then realized it wasn’t going to happen. I was used to pushing myself, but now I know there are more effective ways to push yourself that can get better results with fatigue and injury as I was prone to with my previous “hardcore” routine. 

Mike has also made me start taking rest days. This has been a game changer for me. I love the mental benefits of working out so I was afraid if I didn’t workout I would lose the feel good vibes I was getting from my workouts but it actually felt really nice to rest knowing I can work harder the next day if I do. I give my body time to recover so it performs way better now. 

I have also got some nutritional advice from Mike. I recently switched to a mostly vegan diet, or a fruit and vegetable enthusiast as some may say. I was eating SO much but always feel hungry. After an analysis of my diet and body, Mike was able to explain to me how my body uses energy and make some small adjustments to my meals to keep my fuller , longer. 

If you get a chance to work with Mike…. take it! I guarantee he will leave you happier and healthier!

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