Lewis Askey – “Buy New Jeans.”

You ain’t gonna look like Arnie over night if you never worked out before like me. But, you can get fast results and much quicker than you may have thought! IF you have an excellent work out plan, and eat, good quality, healthy food…

I gained 11lb of muscle in only 6 weeks! 💪🏻

But to get similar results, you MUST eat well and MUST commit to the plan. 

It’s sounds simple really, and it is, but it took Mike Schwartz to prove it to me. 

He gave me a simple, easy to follow online fitness plan and provided me with all the expert advice I could possibly need. 

I went from thin and weak, and not knowing anything about fitness, to far more stronger and knowledgable in just 6 weeks. I’m certainly not “ripped” and probably won’t be entering Worlds Strongest Man any time soon. But I feel better and look better than 6 weeks ago and that’s what’s important. I even had to buy new jeans because my legs gained the most overall mass. 

So if you want to go from scrawny to brawny, or you just care about your overall health and wellbeing, hit Mike Schwartz up. He knows his shit, trust me. And he’s a nice person too which is a bonus.

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