Joel Desouza – Postural Correction and Strength

I met Mike in July of 2014 and start working with him shortly thereafter. I trained with mike for just about a year. My posture is a lot better from what is was, I learned new ways to build strength and lean out. I would say the biggest thing Mike helped me with was my mobility. I learned that it is very important to be mobile and the more mobile you are the more weight you will move. I feel I have obtained a knowledge base from Mike where I can try creating my own programs that keep me mobile while building upon my strength.  I also know how to become leaner when I choose to do that.

Mike is a good guy who is able to push you and challenge you. He is able to create, adjust and build programs that fit your goals. Mike can also keep you engaged and on your toes with his program changes and creativity. I would recommend Mike to all levels of fitness and encourage others to challenge themselves to become better with his guidance.

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