We spend a lot of time doing nothing.

For real…

If you’re on your IPhone right now try this out

—–> Settings

—–> Battery


Check out what apps eat most of your battery.

Most people I do this with have Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or twitter topping the list. All great ways to waste time…

Here is what I would suggest if you’re looking to be more productive:

Learn to put the phone down.

Designated Distraction Hours

Take 3 points throughout the day to check emails, check Facebook (or other social media) and buzz through your texts. Actually schedule those times through the day in your iCal, google Calendar journal or otherwise.

Set aside time to intentionally do these things. If it’s work related or not, you’ll be much more productive.

But what if I miss something?

Don’t worry, Trump is doing something ridiculous every few hours. You’ll catch the next one.

If it’s important, people will call you. You won’t miss anything. It’ll be okay. Set aside designated hours and get distracted with intent. You may not even need the whole hour. But set the alarm and get to it so you stay productive the rest of the day.

Try it out. Let me know what you think.

Til next time… Stay sweet!

Ps. I’ll be dialling back to just one post per week starting next month. With intent, my writing will be of greater value and most importantly I will be writing because of want, not need.

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There’s so many other ways you could say something like that.

Last night I was working a shift at The Main Dish, a delicatessen down in the heart of Bridgeland when about 3 minutes before close, this dude walks in, poised with arrogance.

Now, I’ve learned never to judge a book by it’s cover, so I thought perhaps the oversized tires on the lifted pickup truck was just a thing…

Nope. I was wrong. This guy was just a straight up prick. Mistreating all our staff, whom the majority of which are younger women in their early twenties. Not that it makes a huge difference, but you can see where I’m going…

This guy just had an ego trip and had to respond to our friendly inquiries with straight up, cold, short answers. He was out to prove his dominance amongst the deli staff, instead of just being like “I’m good…” when the girl asked him if they could help, he decided “I’ll let you know…”

It was just the tone.

Why do some people choose to be upset and choose to make others feel their pain?

Change the attitude. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

That’s my two cents…

Yes. I’m still coaching. Yeah, I have bad days. I get it. But I choose my attitude and can change the outcome purely by how I react.

So we all wished dude a goodnight and hoped he had a good meal. I wonder how he felt after that…


Thanks for reading. Til next time – stay sweet.

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When you’re lost in the woods it’s nice to come across that old bridge again.

The one that heads north –

Out past the river, to the meadow and into the sunshine, warmth and life of the universe.

I find a growing number of folks, especially millennials – not to highlight their socio-economic worth more than the already blown-out-of-proportion stigma we already embrace – have a really tough time with a few things; entitlement, unwillingness to adapt and probably the most important, a full-on scarcity mindset. 

Let’s talk about these in how they shape your reality. First up, entitlement. If you’re sitting around thinking you deserve something simply because you exist, ie. entitled to it, there’s at least 4 other people that are already on their way to achieveming that success way ahead of you. And good on them. No matter what, you have to work. Success is a four letter word. Work. Chop wood, carry water…

Change is going to happen. Sometimes you can’t control life’s outcomes. Most often you can… And you’re always able to control hownyiunreactnto any given situation. So remember that and enbrace change. It’s coming. Darwin. 

I grew up in a home that oozed scarcity mindset. Rightfully so. If you’re a Gen X or Y, you likely experienced he same conversations of “saving for a rainy day”, “there’s better places to put your money”, or “we can’t afford that”. Albeit, sometimes these statements were true, the mindset that there isn’t enough has got to go for you to ever grow beyond “enough”. 

It was explained to me in my career development series when I decided to become an entrepreneur and run my own business as a Personal Trainer three years ago. “If you only sell $20 dollar bootcamps, you should only expect $20 paycheques…” simply put, think small, stay small. Now I know I’m better than that so service excellence was a key fundamental in building my business. Nothing has changed since then but the crest on the front of my jersey… INLIV is a great support team for me to keep bein’ me and showcasing superior value to all of those I am fortunate enough to work with. Check the testimonial page for the social proof. 

Your worth is what others see in the value. So when you want to achieve more; go on that vacation, have a night out with the girl, treat your friends to a game… etc. You need to put more effort and trust in knowing that your worth will self-generate more success (in this case, in the form of money…) and you’ll be a-okay. Just get out of thinking that you need to save, save, save with no intent on ever getting it back. Money comes and goes. Let it go and it’ll come back tenfold. Just might take some time, but hey – you’re living a long, healthy life, right? All you got is time! 😉 

For a bit of help staying on the straight and narrow with mindset and goal setting, reach out to me. I have full on lifestyle coaching and e-fitness packages I’d love to set you up on. I’ve currently got 4 spots left before June. So send me a note coachschwartzy@icloud.com for more info, a quick 20 min chat and some pricing options about what’s best for you. 

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Living proof that we as humans are meant to adapt and roll with change.

Please check out my interview with one, Josh Dech – local fitness professional and business savvy entrepreneur. He left his post as a paramedic – having to save lives that were on the brink to transitioning his health care skill set into that of preventative health – Personal Training. He’s now bettering quality of life so those individuals don’t see that brink for a real long time.

Josh just happened to call me while I was finishing up my opening segment tonight. Some things happen for a reason. I hadn’t lined up a guest for an interview for the show, but as luck would have it when I saw it was Josh calling me, I immediately thought “Sweet, I have a rad guest now.” As you can tell, he was happy to be a part of it.

My takeaway:

Learn structure, but be willing to adapt. Be wiling to learn. Life’s too short to take it seriously all the time. Dress in a onesie and walk around in public every now and again.

I also discuss the importance of revelling in your accomplishments, how to relieve your stress in just 21 seconds and an opportunity to support another amazing charity, Play It Forward. They’re holding an Online Media Auction until March 31st, 12:00 MST. Check it out here… https://www.32auctions.com/playitforward_auction2017

Gymtastics Play-it-Forward Projects is a charity that that helps underprivileged children grow through sport and play. To find out more please check out our website at  www.playitforward.ca  or our latest You Tube video at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyI8VzE–Wo&feature=youtu.be
I also dip back into the nostalgia in keeping with the theme of change and play one Calgary’s own, The Heist’s hits “Change”.
Don’t keep on climbing the mountain when you get to the top…
Stay sweet, folks. PAYCE!

I had the privilege of sitting down for coffee (one too many by the sounds of it in the interview!) with a fellow local athlete, friend and huge supporter of the community, National Development Skeleton Athlete, Grace Dafoe. img_5438Grace is also a Physical Literacy Advocate and as I mentioned, huge supporter of some really inspiring organizations out to do a lot of awesome things. We got to talking about her life as a role model, struggles as an athlete and the immense focus she puts into her personal life to maintain a healthy balance between her training and everything else. We’re “Human first”, and I think you should tune in to take a listen to one of our nation’s up and coming rock stars on the ice track (I think that’s what they call it…) …plus it’s my birthday today. So do me a solid and rate this on iTunes and share with your friends! Best birthday gift ever.

Here’s the interview!


ps. Skeleton! Holy eff! What a sport.

I’ve been living a paradoxical lifestyle for the past 10 years. Musicians get a bad rap as far as their attention to health and wellness. Maybe it’s a fair argument. But maybe it’s not. It doesn’t matter. In my reality  as a drummer myself and a health coach that has had the privilege of working with clients that have overcome the obstacles presented by conditions such as MS (multiple sclerosis), fibromyalgia, strokes, mental illness, post-operation rehabilitation and various other barriers to general wellbeing,  I understand the message from Billy Talent’s drummer Aaron Solowoniuk better than most of my musical colleagues.

I am on a mission to communicate the absolute importance of health and wellness in the musical community. I have a wellness initiative I am implementing in March that will see a study of my specialized restorative strength training, known as energizers and the effect it has on quality of life of the participants.

I am now extending my study into a branch of preventative care and recovery from chronic injuries common to the working musician. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to not have any ailments that would keep my from my passion behind the drums. When I first learned of Aaron’s story a couple years after I graduated high school, when I was really starting to pave my future as a drummer I thought “holy shit, how is he still playing?” But now I know, no matter what the obstacle, you can overcome it with the proper mindset. That starts with attention to your health, no matter what you are trying to beat. I’m inspired by Aaron – I’ve always enjoyed his playing, I’ve been a big fan of Billy Talent and now with his recent news that he’s stepping away from the kit in order to ensure he’s healthy just speaks volumes to his character.

While it’s unfortunate he can’t be on the road or in the studio for a bit, he’s made the right decision here. Please fellow musicians, take notes. It’d be a dream come true for me to be a part of Aaron’s story, but for now I will do what I can and offer my services and my education to my colleagues… Please contact me at mike@armyofharmony.com or 403 797-3853 or on Twitter at @coach_schwartzy for more information about how you can be part of a movement to inspiring musicians and artists to pay more attention to their health. I have a great program to work with you one in one regardless of your location, so get in touch if you want to keep doing what you love.

Big thank you to Aaron for his leadership on the movement.

After watching Aaron’s message here, I really hope you consider taking better care of yourself. Especially if you have no external “limitations”. Don’t take for granted what you have. You only have one body and even if you’re a musician, that’s all you get.
Follow Aaron at @AaronSolowoniuk and join him in support of conquering MS. Aaron, if you happen to come across this – please do contact me. I would like the opportunity to help you on your way back behind the kit. Check the video below. Get inspired. Be awesome.