I’m currently amidst a bit of an impromptu unplug. I have found myself to be spending far too many mindless minutes scrolling on Instagram, laying in bed, distracted by just about anything to keep me away from the shit I need to get done. I had a revelation this morning that took me back to 2nd year university. I was super pro at procrastinating then and have fallen back into it again. So I am doing a little social media detox to get away from screen time and back to the things that mean more and hold more fulfillment for me.

I have set this out for a challenge:

  1. Write down what specific things I want to accomplish this weekend
    • Read a book; finish “Conversations with a Rattlesnake”
    • Write the text for the March 25 Creativity & Performance Class
    • Walk Dar, enjoy Americanos and being outside
    • Learn about a band I’m not familiar with
    • Write a song
    • Start on the specifics of MusicFit Collective so that ball can start rolling into it’s next phase
  2. Eliminate the apps/sources of distraction
    • For me this is Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (all deleted from my phone by 9am this morning)
    • clean house (organization internalizes itself in me, so if it’s chaos in my environment, it’s chaos in my headspace)
  3. Exercise and meditate and live consciously and with healthy intent
    • Going for walks, staying on my exercise regimen, logging in to my coaching, writing, creating

A focused approach to my weekend will allow me to share my energy in more productive means in all aspects. I have gone ahead with accomplishing much of the list already

I watched the Beatles documentary “How The Beatles Changed The World”, vacuumed my house and going to fold laundry and am going for a walk with Dar to grab an Americano and start reading a few chapters of my book.

All in it’s nice to distract with focus. Or rather, focus your distractions.

‘Til next time… stay sweet.




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ps. Yes, I’ve renamed the blog. While I do specialize with musician wellness, I know that my scope of practice and the things I write about and curate are applicable to nearly everyone. So, this is now how we all stay ‘In Tune”. Still musically applicable, but it’s my belief that creativity and thought transpire much more than just our self-declared musician/artists of the world.


I just had a brief “aha” as I was perusing through my social media feeds…


Is it today’s overused catchphrase. A trend? Or can we still milk some sort of value amidst the shadows of hashtags, followers, filters, overproduced content and the need for the dopamine hits that result from that pesky like button.

Do you agree with me? Listen in here. “Authenticity”

I took May off of showing you all what I was up to. It was time for me to sit back and get out of the noise, the clutter, the stress of having to juggle the ominous “Insta-Twita-Book” and convey stories of what my life detailed and how my business was running as a trainer, coach and entrepreneur. Quite frankly, it was a great break.

I’m here to now pose the question; when you’re out being Insta-famous, are you really performing at your best? Are you really doing? Or is it possible you’re just showing what you’re supposed to be doing? For the camera… and for the likes… or followers…

Let’s think about it – a strong majority of social media influencers might actually be leading this hypocrisy. “Go and live your life!” … but document the WHOLE FUCKING THING while you’re at it for everyone to see….?

You see, if I’m watching coach buddy focus more on the lighting on his face and the gym logo backdrop of his IG story than the actual lift, or better yet the lift of the client he’s half-heartedly spotting… is he in that moment? Or is he telling a story? Nothing wrong with that if it is the case, but I think it kind of blurs the authenticity of so called “influencer roles” in the wonderful world of social media.

Is that living your life? Or is that perhaps showing the life you should be living? Can you really be right into it if you’re worried about the frame of the picture or the glaze of the donut hitting the edge of the coffee cup? Just eat the thing and be in the moment. I’d call into question the legitimacy of the notion to leave a paper trail, or more aptly – video highlight reel of your life.

This is the bane of my existence in the social media world and I’m sure i’m not the only one that feels this dilemma. That’s why it was awesome to detach, unplug and reset my values – I made one strong realization: I definitely didn’t need it for my business. It can help, but at the end of the day, social media is just a tool in the tool belt.

A hammer can help to build a house. But at the cost of your thumbs if you use it wrong.

Food for thought.