With today marking the 151st birthday of this great nation I am proud to call home, I wanted to write a little bit and pay homage to my homeland. As many of you know, I’m on the road with Midnight Shine, playing drums and living my dream (or one of them!) as a professional musician. I get back home to Calgary in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow, spend a couple days getting my life organized and then fuel up, pack the Tiguan and rip across the country to make a new home in Toronto. It seems fitting that I tip my hat to the beautiful nation I’ll soon be driving across (again) in a few short days. I’ve had a few flights these last few days that have taken me to places I’d never get to see otherwise, so I’m just paying my respect back to the lands.

In The Pocket

It’s surreal. These whole last few months have been. I’m ecstatic to see what’ next, but before I get too crazy, I wanted to tie in a term us drummer use for when you just lay low, let the music speak for itself and just groove. It’s called being in the pocket. A lot of drummers have a hard time staying in the back. A lot of very talented drummers especially want to showboat, impress the girls or I don’t even know what else… but they have a hard time serving the song.

I like to think of staying in the pocket as being neutral. Coasting; not forcing anything to happen. No outcome is right or wrong, just an opportunity to explore and be adventurous. Much like in say, jazz or reggae… the jam happens, much like life. The song could go anywhere… and if you have the wherewithal to just loosen up your grip on the sticks of life, you’ll get carried the right way out of the bridge. Just trust yourself.


I wanted to take the time to thank Midnight Shine and everyone that’s a part of the team for trusting me with the sacred project. No matter what happens next I have a lifetime of memories and lifelong friends. I’ve had the opportunity to share the stage with absolute legends of the music industry like Blue Rodeo and Colin James, shared drums with childhood heroes Wide Mouth Mason and I’ve met some seriously awesome humans on this stint. I am ever so grateful for the opportunities, but also recognize that I earned them.

It’s amazing what kind of song can form when you learn to stay in the pocket.

Thanks for listening,

Happy Canada Day.



PS. Here are some of the highlights from tour. For the full story, head to my Instagram account. Click the “tour” button and watch front to back the happenings on the road with Midnight Shine.  @usetheschwartzy



That’s right, the eerie guitar tones and the deeply personal stories of the power couple had the entire Stampede crowd entranced. Fitting, as the scene was reminiscent of a night chase to the Mexican border after somebody shot the wrong drug lord after the deal went south. Hard to believe you’re not in a Tarantino flick, eh? Opening up with a full on rock band backing them this time, Whitehorse had the crowd right from the drop of the hat with the sultry sounds of “Sweet Disaster” – a self-explanatory track from their 2015 release “Leave No Bridge Unburned”. the only way I can accurately describe the rest of the show without resorting to “you had to be there”, is that over the course of the night a seductive storyline unravelled between his six strings and her smooth vocals. The mystery of the enchanting tales take us back to the desperado land of relationship perils, love, lost and found again, booze, addiction, incoherence and all the real talk – it’s almost like tracks like “Nighthawks” were crafted under the New Mexican desert moonlight; just chilled enough to leave you with goosebumps all over.  The show closed down and we were dosed with a little bit of alt country, a little pop, a little rock n’ roll. Whitehorse is true chemistry by means of heartfelt expression, electric groove and an authentic feel that is definitively homegrown Canadiana. There’s swagger. And then there’s a Whitehorse show. Get out to see these cats in the fall, Calgary. They’ll be back with another one for the books.

Pick up Whitehorse’s new album “Panther In The Dollhouse” on iTunes here