As I sit in the Calgary International airport, waiting for boarding to Winnipeg, I’m in a reflective kind of state.

Have you ever just sort of wondered how you got to a point you’re in at life. Like, completely non-judgmental, but just …pondering? I’m totally there. I’ve got my luggage holding my snare and all my tour clothes and the essentials (travel roller, skipping rope, running shoes, grooming kit etc…) and my carry on consists of my cymbal bag, stick bag and another bag full of books, this MacBook and a couple more items that couldn’t get in the checked bag.

I know wait to go on an adventure I’ve dreamed of since I started playing. I thought in high school… “it’d be so cool…” So much that I actually literally wrote it down as my Grade 12 graduation yearbook quote:

“I’m gonna be a rock star one day!”

Crazy. I mean, the meaning back then is a little different than now, but I think I hit it on the head with persistence and patience and just pursuing what I love hard.

Power of words.


Well it has been quite some time between posts for me and I’d like to apologize. Busy is good though, right?

Here’s the scoop

  1. I’m on The Sweet’s EP! In a totally unexpected turn of events we had the opportunity to re-record one of our tunes “The Beast” with Pat Pallardy of Public Lunch Studios for our upcoming fall debut EP titled “Wild” on Tuesday. We laid down the drums in a little under an hour and also got the bass taken care of. So when Mitch and Claudia get back in town from a little vacation in Cuba, they can lay guitars and vocals down and we’re all good in the hood. If you want to get to know what you can expect from the EP, check out the video from the single, “Wild” here! It’s going to be a rad summer of touring and writing and then a big release in the fall. So. Much. Excite. Please feel free to Like us on Facebook too to stay in the sweetest loop!
  2. I’m going to CMW! That’s right, Canadian Music Week! I am actually spearheading a really interesting initiative that will study life on the road of the Canadian rockers Matt Blais and the Heartbeat. Matt is a beauty, one of my closest friends and a true warrior of the music scene. To be a part of his gang is an absolute privilege. I’m documenting Matt’s tour to CMW in Toronto as part of my study of the relationship between the road life of a rock band and the lifestyle that goes with the territory. I will also be implementing strategies to keep health and performance in the forefront despite the challenges the road poses. As I said, I’m going under the guise of a music journalist of sorts, looking to video and interview and get an up close and personal look into the (sometimes dark) lifestyle of working Canadian musicians. Why? Well, I am a musician myself, and since working very hard to gain the title of “The Music Industry’s Health and Performance Coach” I want to build awareness amongst the community that there is another way. We don’t have to abuse substances or abandon our health and nutrition. In the words of the great poet Ludacris, [we can still] have a good time and enjoy [our] Jack. But I want to introduce health in order to promote longevity. There’s some serious talent out there amongst Alberta’s independent music scene, it’d be a shame if the world couldn’t hear it.
  3. I’m running a 21- Fitness Challenge and only have about 6 spots not spoken for. Want in? Click here! Guaranteed results, but unfortunately as this is semi-private programming you either need to live in the Calgary, AB region or have a bomb-diggity teleportation device on hand. We need to talk if you have the latter. I wanna bucket list a Led Zeppelin concert, pre “In Through The Out Door”. Did you hear they’re finally moving forward with that lawsuit now…? Crazy!

If you’d like to stay in the know on the offers I do have for online programming or just get some sweet info on how to safely exercise and understand things like your 1 rep max, please visit here!

Alright, that’s it for now. Get up and make the most of your Friday. I’m going for a nice ride.

‘Til next time!