Especially when we have it right in the palm of our hands, everything just happens so quickly. But I’m firm in my belief (which has no correlation to truth) that if you’re feeling comfortable… you can move faster.

This weekend I made great strides and I’d like to talk briefly about how I set my intentions since I last wrote in an effort to help you use the next 7 days of 2018 to shape the remainder of the year for yourself. Let’s add more depth to the vision. More tangible goals to reach and most importantly, let’s identify the key players of your team. I call this, process “trimming the fat”.

What is “the fat”? (in business and success coaching, that is)

Fat is extra energy (sometime useless) energy. It can be good for a burst of distraction in the right setting, but generally speaking, fat will slow you down. It can be full of energy, but that energy typically pulls you away from your end goals. Distractions.

Fat also houses a metric shit tonne of toxins. Bad energy. No nutrients. Just cancer-ridden tissue that will ultimately poison you, slowly.

Top 5 Fats to Trim From Your Life If You’re Serious About Success

  1. Facebook, Instagram and the rest of the social media gamut – Put your phone away and listen up. Actually make an effort to designate particular hours to be on your social media accounts checking the latest tweets. Otherwise, invest in self-control or look into a focus app (like Stay Focused for Chrome users, or Hey Focus for safari users). There’s a bunch of stuff out there and research shows productivity in the workplace is at an all time low, so don’t become a statistic. Stay driven!
  2. Poor diet – If you’re feeling lethargic it’s likely a by product of your poor lifestyle. Carefully examine the fuel you’re putting into yourself and see how much of it is “real”. Your first clue is does it have a label? If your answer’s yes, you’d better start connecting the dots… Eating real food will help you get the right nutrients to the body and mind and keep your energy up and uselessness down. Boom. However, it’s also important to know how much to eat. Without getting too picky, this is a great way to measure out food. If you need a little help with how much of what you need on your plate, I can help you with that as part of my Precision Nutrition Coaching. Here’s a rad diagram for you to keep when you wanna take that 10oz steak down. Keep in mind you’re not a lion. Unless you are. Then carry on and feed the pride.  screen-shot-2017-01-16-at-12-47-36-pm
  3. Relationships – AKA “Energy Vampires”. These people suck – quite literally – the life of you. Ever had a conversation with someone and you leave feeling exhausted? I have. Yeah, they need to go. Like, now. You are on your way to bigger and better things so you have to cut the dead weight that is holding you back and draining you of physical, emotional and psychological energy. Ever heard the expression “You’re the Sum of the 5 people you’re around the most?” While that’s pretty accurate, you’re also responsible to the beliefs that you hold. So the 5 beliefs you have (i.e.: you have to talk to so and so because they’re family/life-long friend/ girlfriend is a story you’ve been telling yourself. If that relationship only serves you in a negative headspace, you gotta cut ties.
  4. Your conflict language (victim/blame game) – Practice ownership of every situation you’re ever in. I just taught a Musician Wellness course based off of my first book “The Musician’s Guide To Surviving The Rock Star Lifestyle” last week and when we got to the mindset section on the third night, the biggest takeaway for the class was that they’re usually completely responsible for all the shittiest things in their life and when they thought about it, they were also in complete control of how to rectify that situation and get the ship back on course. It starts with owning your language. Listen to a  two part chat I had with Mark England, Co-Founder of Procabulary in Season 2 of the SchwartzCast if you’re interested in the power of words —> behaviour —> action. Listen here. Subscribe to my Podcast on iTunes or Google Play.
  5. Sitting – Seriously one of the most cancerous fats you could possible exist in your world. If you’re sitting for more than 60% of your day, you’re slowly committing suicide. The compression of your spine, tendency to roll shoulders, slouch, tip your head forward, disengage your muscles in your back, butt and legs etc… The list goes on… are all huge factors that seriously cramp your postural style and thus need to go. Stat. Try getting up every 15 minutes or so and having a little stretch or meet Bob at the water cooler every 30 min for a high five. You know he’s good for it. Bob loves high fives. Check out a personal favourite of mine, Kelly Starrett at for a hundred more reasons why you shouldn’t be sitting. If you are right now, get up and walk around a bit. Seriously… I’ll wait….

still waiting….

You good?

Get a stretch in?


Let’s round this out with some closing thoughts.DSC_7153-Edit-e1461440768481.jpg

So I took a serious look at these areas in my list on Thursday night and set an intention (with help from a major player in my life, Janis Isaman – check her out) to earn money every day. Since setting that and affirming it, and having Janis message me her grand successes, kept me on the straight and narrow each day since.


Another major help was a new friend, Mr. Mike Little, Producer, Songwriter and Studio Musician. Now, this dude is a heavyweight in the Canadian music scene. He’s probably played on more records than you’ve even listened to.

He’s a monster.

He’s been so kind to really add some business acumen to my company’s vision as well, and I’d like to close with that and how you could be a part of helping to create great music.

I’m in phase one of research. If you are a musician, even just dabble away at guitar, weekend warrior, used to sing, want to get back at it, I’m asking for your help.


I’m setting up a platform that will connect all musicians with unlimited, tailored access to world-class resources from leaders in the health and wellness world. We’re talking content, services, information, education, remote coaching, live events.. you name it… all to help bring to life musician wellness.

I’m just working out the kinks, because I am going to do this right. So here’s where you come in.  I’d really appreciate it if you shared this link with every musician you know. Music has no borders and neither does MusicFit Collective: a resource pool of health and wellness service providers aimed to educate the entire music industry in all things proactive health. Please take a peek and share, share, share. It’s a dream of mine to make health education accessible to my music industry peers. Your support is appreciated.

here’s the link:

If you’re down, please share the shit out of that.

Until next time, stay sweet,

Ps. If you’d like to check my book out, you can start reading it for free on here

Have you been in a place in your life where you just want to try everything? Like an 8 year old in a toy shop (or in some cases, an adult in a toy shop…), you wanna touch everything…? Okay, for this one I’m here to say “I know what you mean”. Because I really do. These past two weeks I’ve been integrating more “stuff” into my life. Why? I am cat like in personality, but I’m sure I’m not the only one. To keep my interest in all things in my life I crave constant challenge. That’s with everything. Exercise, hobbies, career goals. You name it.

So if you’re one of me… raise your hand. I got you. And there’s actually been TED talks about it. Check it out. —->

So how do we keep on point with all of those things we want to do? Society tells us we’re weirdos and that we should settle down and see things through. While I agree it’s important to follow through on some things, the ability to identify when you’re not pumped on something and have the guts to switch it up mid flight is far underrated and you should be proud to have that ability. Have you seen my youtube channel yet? I’ve got a bunch of stuff going on. And I love it all. I think you’ll dig it, so take a peek. —> Check out my YouTube Channel!


To answer the original question; you gotta schedule, list, and make a point to complete tasks. If you’re one that is results or goals driven, you’ll get a lot out of the simple art of crossing off things from a daily list.





Let’s take for example me and my Saturday. My list looked like this. I just saved it on a task reminder on my iPhoneScreen Shot 2017-10-08 at 10.32.16 AM.png:

  1. Important to note this list was just my work-related goals for the day. Key principle is to task everything. Include your meal prep, bedtime routine, exercise and time for yourself to down regulate. You’ll start to see what you write down you actually complete.
  2. Don’t worry if you miss something. Tomorrow is a new day, add it up to the list and make an effort to accomplish it then. 1% each day, that’s it.
  3. Order the most important things at the top. Time sensitive and high importance should reign champion. For me, work related deadlines get the prize and on my personal goals, one’s that involve just me top the charts (such as my workouts or exercise for the day – today is yoga).

Make sense?

So if you’re wondering where the name of this blog came from… well, last night as part of my downtime I decided to pick up my guitar and start writing a song. I have had a lot of creativity pent up lately so when I had a melody in my head, I just wrote some simple parts on a guitar to capture it. Nothing fancy, because let’s be honest – I’m a drummer. But it was fulfilling to have my story expressed through music and notes and those little intricacies no-one can explain. And my point? Well, I usually get my creativity out on the drums. But wanted to switch it up this time (You can check it out on my Instagram – look for the drummer with a guitar in his hands…). Like I said, my story started through the notes… the lyrics to follow.

So, that’s me – and if this sounds like you too, I get it. I really do.

I do the same thing with exercise. I go from CrossFit, to hockey, to yoga, to Olympic Weightlifting, to speed skating, to cycling to…to.. to…

And the list goes on.

And I’m okay with that. Because as with exercise, as long as you keep moving forward there’s no right way. Just do you.

Thanks for reading, I’m holding drop in Sunday fitness camps in the next little while so if this excites you and you’re in the Calgary area I’d love to see if we can spark a new interest and give you a new goal to reach for. Check out my open outdoor “Sunday Funday” camps where we do everything from running, to cycling, stairs, bodyweight bootcamp and yoga rain, snow or shine (unless theres a windchill/frostbite warning, then we go for coffee) to see if it’s something you want to give a shot. I have to cap it at a dozen people so we are safe, but this Sunday, October 15 we are headed to Memorial Stairs for a little booty workout! Register below so I can send you a gift and confirmation.

Until next time, stay sweet.




Patiently Imperfect

Folding towels.

Far from glorious,

Or even intellectually stimulating.

Sheer ownership of such a mundane, seemingly meaningless task

Is case in point,

The epitome of professionalism.

The discipline to overcome the monotony,

The chaos of boredom,

Drives mediocrity back to its breeding grounds of “comfortable”.

The sequence of practice.

The value of repetition.

Each imperfect fold is another jump shot, Another lap.

Another strike.

Another swing to the fences,

That champions the winning mindset and the spirit within those who do.

If you’re looking to be treated fair, with dignity, respect and as a true professional – and I’m talking with anything… You should incorporate. Operate as a business. Separate your private from your  public and go at it as a pro. If you don’t set yourself up with high expectations, you can only expect to never set yourself up. Here’s a few things to incorporate, should you choose to incorporate…

1. Learn not to say “no”, rather choose to say “not right now”.

We’ve all been there. Buddy needs a hand moving some stuff and calls you up. Maybe you have a report due on Friday and your schedule is already pretty packed… But you’re a good friend and you agree. It’s only going to be a few hours. Right? Wrong. Now the report is late and you feel super stressed. Could have just finished the report if you had only told buddy you were tied up… But you sacrificed YOU for someone else. Even if it’s a friend, you need to put yourself first. The fact that their troubles are coming down on them doesn’t give them permission to make that rain on your otherwise pretty perfect parade. Alliteration aside, it’s the truth. Take care of you!

2. Plan.

Set an hour aside each Monday on a recurring theme right after breakfast and before you start your day. Plan out all of the urgent and important things and then prioritize the important ones first. Why a weeks worth of planning? Ever had a day get away from you? I have. It’s the worst. If you plan for a week at a time, you alleviate the tendency for “firefighting” (taking on unexpected and generally highly stressful situations that aren’t even your actual problem most often..) because you can make up the time lost later in the week with a Plan B. Keep to your schedule as best as you can, but understand it doesn’t always go as planned. But that big ol’ farm isn’t going to farm itself…

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and just “own it”

Ever had a poor customer service experience? What made it so poor? For me, I find it the worst when the company doesn’t own their good ups. Maybe the product I ordered didn’t come in on time. At the end of the day, oh well. I’m sick of hearing how it was this guy over at head office or the accounting team that didn’t put it through right … Blah blah blahhhhh. I was dealing with you, Joe in hardgoods. You’re the face. Just admit things took a little longer than you had anticipated, and move on. Don’t point fingers. Didn’t your mom ever tell you when you point the finger you’ve got 3 fingers pointing right back at you…? Ownership is a big thing to becoming s true pro. Get into it. It’s healthy. People dig it.

For help with all of this and more on learning mindset please reach out and give me a holler at

Remember, you don’t have to be a rock star to start, but you have to start in order to become a rock star.

Stay sweet!


We don’t take time to ourselves. We don’t put the cell phone away at dinner. We have trouble when there’s no internet on vacation. Does this sound familiar? It’s all part of the lameness that cones with our generation of working professionals. The same generation that is at a higher risk than ever for things like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and cancer. 

I challenge you to revisit your childhood, and play again. Go read a Roald Dahl novel. Build a snow fort and eat grilled cheese while watching Inspector Gadget. 

Love life, enjoy your company and make the most of every experience because it’s all too short for you to take things too seriously. 

Thank you. 

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Upon reading another chapter of The Sports Gene, I have discovered by all accounts I might fall a bit short of expert status as according to the literature that cites the 10,000 hours rule. 

Give or take, I need 9 hours per day of perfect absolute practice, every single day (actually more!) in order to achieve the status in time for the 2018 Winter Olympics. 

Is that realistic? Not really, I can admit that. But who says one needs to be a grand master of speed skating to make it? And heck, rules are meant to be broken. I’m an experiment anyways, against all physical odds anyways so I’ll consider any result a success. The bigger picture here folks is lighting the fire within yourself by just putting your head down and going for it. 

I’ve said it before, but if I can help to inspire just one person along the way to pursue something they ordinarily wouldn’t have – I’ve already got the podium finish. That part makes me want to strive for those 10,000 hours. 

I learned a valuable lesson in neurological fatigue today.

“I focus on every stride… I could write you a novel of things you have to think about.” 

That’s what my strength coach and friend, Shannon told me last week. It came true tonight in practice. And I forgot a sentence of that novel for just a fraction of a second going through the apex of my first corner of my 800m sprints. It cost me a battered ego, banged up knee and some sweet bruising on my forearms. Also, a wealth of “what-not-to-do” experience … I thought I should implement that right away. I picked myself up, put the crash boards back into place, double checked to make sure I was fine and then ripped a PB on the next go round. 

Lesson. Stay focused on what you’re doing. Don’t worry about the back stretch… Get low in the corner, drive hard, get that slingshot and then hammer out your tempo in the back. Keep low, push into each stride. Use your full lane and then get ready for that hard down time again. Rinse. Repeat.