We spend a lot of time doing nothing.

For real…

If you’re on your IPhone right now try this out

—–> Settings

—–> Battery


Check out what apps eat most of your battery.

Most people I do this with have Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or twitter topping the list. All great ways to waste time…

Here is what I would suggest if you’re looking to be more productive:

Learn to put the phone down.

Designated Distraction Hours

Take 3 points throughout the day to check emails, check Facebook (or other social media) and buzz through your texts. Actually schedule those times through the day in your iCal, google Calendar journal or otherwise.

Set aside time to intentionally do these things. If it’s work related or not, you’ll be much more productive.

But what if I miss something?

Don’t worry, Trump is doing something ridiculous every few hours. You’ll catch the next one.

If it’s important, people will call you. You won’t miss anything. It’ll be okay. Set aside designated hours and get distracted with intent. You may not even need the whole hour. But set the alarm and get to it so you stay productive the rest of the day.

Try it out. Let me know what you think.

Til next time… Stay sweet!

Ps. I’ll be dialling back to just one post per week starting next month. With intent, my writing will be of greater value and most importantly I will be writing because of want, not need.

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See you there!


When you’re lost in the woods it’s nice to come across that old bridge again.

The one that heads north –

Out past the river, to the meadow and into the sunshine, warmth and life of the universe.

Living proof that we as humans are meant to adapt and roll with change.

Please check out my interview with one, Josh Dech – local fitness professional and business savvy entrepreneur. He left his post as a paramedic – having to save lives that were on the brink to transitioning his health care skill set into that of preventative health – Personal Training. He’s now bettering quality of life so those individuals don’t see that brink for a real long time.

Josh just happened to call me while I was finishing up my opening segment tonight. Some things happen for a reason. I hadn’t lined up a guest for an interview for the show, but as luck would have it when I saw it was Josh calling me, I immediately thought “Sweet, I have a rad guest now.” As you can tell, he was happy to be a part of it.

My takeaway:

Learn structure, but be willing to adapt. Be wiling to learn. Life’s too short to take it seriously all the time. Dress in a onesie and walk around in public every now and again.

I also discuss the importance of revelling in your accomplishments, how to relieve your stress in just 21 seconds and an opportunity to support another amazing charity, Play It Forward. They’re holding an Online Media Auction until March 31st, 12:00 MST. Check it out here… https://www.32auctions.com/playitforward_auction2017

Gymtastics Play-it-Forward Projects is a charity that that helps underprivileged children grow through sport and play. To find out more please check out our website at  www.playitforward.ca  or our latest You Tube video at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyI8VzE–Wo&feature=youtu.be
I also dip back into the nostalgia in keeping with the theme of change and play one Calgary’s own, The Heist’s hits “Change”.
Don’t keep on climbing the mountain when you get to the top…
Stay sweet, folks. PAYCE!

if you take anything away from this read, know that I am a firm believer in laying it out there for all to see.

I have two bits, quick bits but important pieces that stuck with me over the past two days. The first, was my favourite show Departures on Netflix. For a quick synopsis on the show, it’s a couple of Canadian dudes that travel the world and live life to its fullest, immersing themselves in entirely uncomfortable situations and brand new cultures and lifestyles. It’s an amazing theory and they document the whole thing along the way…incredible show. Anyways, the one guy Scott – terrified of Bungee jumping finds himself at the top of the 3rd highest Bungee jump in the world in New Zealand. He does it. It’s crazy, and he hated every moment leading up to it but the reward he felt after getting over one of his biggest fears was indescribable.

Parallel story. I’ve only been taught a few methods all my life being in the high performance athlete state of mind. My world was blown open at first when I acquired my Holistic Lifestyle Coching Certification back in 2012, and now again after a MELT workshop I took in just yesterday.

MELT is myofascial tissue manipulation, the theory being fascial tissue cannot be stretched or strengthened, only hydrated and dehydrated and often times we are subject to dehydrated fascial tissue leading to injury. Especially in athletes (we beat the eff out of our body’s with little to no regard for proper recovery). In any case, the gentle approach to fascial care was not something I had ever experienced, but the reward I felt afterwards changed my thinking on some theory of foam rolling and fascial care I will have to adjust for my own training and that of the fine folks I take care of.

Moral of the story? I would never have grown had I not stepped off the ledge in trust.