It’s hard to afford to take care of ourselves.  There are a lot of obstacles. I get it. It’s more expensive to eat organic food, it’s expensive to hire a personal trainer, hell – we can’t even get a gym membership without spending money. I hear to tell you that there is another way.

Here are my best three recommendations to inspire a little more activity in your life, on a budget of course:

  1. Get outside and walk around in nature. It’s therapeutic, it’s free and you might even learn something or meet another human that’s outside in the big wonderful world too. Crazy, thought. But seriously, get up right now and go for a walk around the block.
  2. YouTube Yoga videos. Sure, a classroom costs $20 to drop in and that’s rich for 45-90 minutes of movement, and as great as it is for you… it’s not sustainable for most of us. You know what is? YouTube – check out some videos. Here’s a favourite to get you started —>
  3. Wake up and commit to performing 100 squats that day. Start with ten right then… Then just keep track of the rest through out the day. Easy peasy.

But really, motivation is the hardest part for most of us. Sometimes if we don’t have a date with the barbell or the treadmill, we just don’t get there. If that sounds like your excuse, no matter what your definition of fitness is, I can help you get moving. And I can get you moving for less money than a cup of coffee. Now, imagine that…

I’ve listed some of the ways I’ve made my services more accessible for everyone to afford to get fit. Whether it’s in your own home, the park, the gym, learning a new sport like weightlifting speed skating or hockey, I’ve got you covered. Awesome.

And you can still afford a home. Double awesome.

Become a Patron: Perks!

  • Workout Inspired Mixtape Playlist – I’ve got an inside lane on some great new music being in the role I am in the industry, so I build playlists showcasing these talents.
  • Exercise Program – tailored to your ability, health goals and schedule. Online support and tracking and progress  Monthly reassessment via Skype.
  • Nutrition Program – eat right for your body, no diets, no hocus pocus, daily lessons and habits to slowly change your behaviours. Change the way you feel, the way you look and the way you perform with my professional nutrition coaching and learn what foods your body really wants.
  • Lifestyle Package – Without the proper fuel, the fire won’t burn. So ensure you’re getting the right food and movement for what your life calls for. I’ll build you a customized and easy to use exercise program complete with videos and everything.


I have a Patreon Page I’ve set up with some neat options like these ones so you can easily and affordably get fit while supporting this movement. Every patron helps to educate one more musician on mental and physical wellbeing and if we keep it up, we’ll extend the careers of millions. Let’s keep building this thing! Check it out!

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Stay fit, whatever that means to you.


I am trying to hear you, but your actions are deafening





Time to get over your insecurities, friends. Yes, you are indeed an athlete.

My whole career I’ve maintained the approach that we as Health Coaches, Personal Trainers, Fitness Instructors and Strength & Conditioning Coaches train “athletes” not “clients”. Why? Simple. Everyone we work with is competing for a prize. What that prize is may differ, but we are all competing for a prize. If you check the definition of Athlete, it stems from Latin, Greek and old English as some variation of a human that was into competition and winning prizes. So, definition-wise, it really just boils down to how you define “prize”. For most of us that prize is our definition of healthy lifestyle.

Now I’ve had the pleasure of training nearly every walk of life. From top performance professional athletes, to business executives, professional musicians and radio personalities to stay at home moms. The wealthiest of wealthy to those that are on welfare. Cancer survivors, folks that have suffered from strokes, heart attacks and depression and your everyday, 9-5 office workers. They’re all athletes. The only difference is that their Olympic Gold may not be the same as yours.

Food for thought the next time you don’t think you’re up to snuff with the “athletes” out there.

The most important step is the first one, and once you make the decision to take it, it’s only matter of time before you get to the point where you’ll get the prize you’ve been chasing.

Once again, thanks for the read, thanks for the share and thanks for the support. I truly love the feedback so keep it coming! ‘Til next time… stay sweet.

Owner, SchwartzFit


…Where are you in terms of your ideal self? Think lifestyle-wise: fitness, nutritional habits, physical appearance, sleep patterns, energy through out the day…etc.

Where are you on that scale?


This is a cool practice I like to take with people that are new to my coaching to help put some perspective in their lives. Here’s the thing; a lot of people I start working with come to me to fix their problems. To shut off their mind and just do. And while I get that, that really doesn’t hold a lot of weight long-term. It’s not addressing the behaviours that got them to the point on the scale in the first place. If we truly want to correct lifestyle issues, we need to start at the source.

So, what number are you?

To borrow a practice I picked up in Precision Nutrition coaching curriculum, take that number and subtract it from 100.


Now you only have ______ days until you’re at your ideal self if you focus only on improving 1% each day.

Perspective is interesting, isn’t it?

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can help change your mindset, attitude and behaviours to help increase your quality of life I have a couple options for you:

  1. For those of you in Calgary, Alberta – I’m hosting an interactive 3-day workshop geared specifically to help you improve your quality of life. While this workshop is geared to musicians and the music industry, it is an open invite to anyone to come and learn. The stuff I teach is applicable in just about anyone’s day to day livelihood. Here’s the link if you’re interested. ——> $149 for all three nights. Movement on Tuesday, Nutrition on Wednesday and Thursday we tackle Mindset. You get a copy of my first book as the text and you save $149 on any coaching with me upon registration. It’s a pretty sweet deal and you’ll be able to do so many more high kicks per performance.
  2. If you’re not in the Calgary area but would still like to work on curbing poor lifestyle habits and bringing that number up on the scale, check into my online coaching services. You get a comprehensive exercise and nutrition program that I tailor to your goals with the help of Precision Nutrition. Sleep better, have more energy to play with the kids and feel more confident every day with the year long curriculum. Make 2018 the year to become the greatest version of yourself yet. Just email me at and we’ll get some more info and the specifics of what you’re looking to do.

I’d love to field some more questions and help direct you to some of my favourite resources and other health professionals so reach out and share this read with your friends and family if it resonates with you.

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, namaste sweet!


This story comes from a very special place. A story of inspiration for those of you who are looking fear dead in the eye and hesitating. Now, those of you who know me in person, or have been following me for a while may now know this about me – I’ve never been one to bite my tongue, so I figure, “why start now?”

I’m just gonna say it. The universe has a way of letting things work themselves out. I know you’re thinking, “Mike, where are we going with this, bud…?”

Just hang tight.

Tonight I was on the receiving end of something I feel may be an actual game changer for the brave soul that delivered. And boy, she delivered. It was interesting for me, because as the dreamer I frequently find myself on the delivery end so to be the one listening to an amazing, inspiring dream and just be in the corner thinking “eff ya!” was super chill. And the universe is going to reward her heart in so many ways and with much kindness. I’m so grateful to have been a guest to this party. I’m so pumped, B! So pumped. You’re gonna kill it.

For those of you who are facing fear… maybe you’re frozen in a place of comfort. Maybe it’s the only thing you know… this could be a relationship in your life that’s not giving you want you want and what you deserve. Or this could be a job that you’re working where you’re actually dreading each day…the added responsibilities that have been shuffled on to you… and like Mick Jagger says you “can’t get no satisfaction”…

Whatever the case. You must turn your brain on silent mode, and lead with your heart.

I’ll tell you a bit of my past few months. Let’s get some real talk in…

So I left my stand alone contract personal training business in February in favour of joining up with a team of amazing fitness professionals. Some still ask me, “why?”.

Simple. To find success and pursue your legacy you need three key elements. A great idea, a tribe that supports you, and the guts to ask for the support to embark on your legacy. Yes, that means you need money. I came to a place where I was in limbo on my own… I wasn’t learning much without investing a swack of money and time into my education, I only had Darwin, my year and a half old Golden Sheptriever (sure he’s adorable, but he wasn’t coming up with many great program design hacks or questions regarding the torque generated from rotational force…) and essentially, I realized even though I’m very entrepreneurial and self-motivated, I thrive when others are around me. The luxuries of entrepreneurship in health and wellness are far outweighed by the collaborative effort of team and the support I now have for my crazy-ass innovation and off the wall banter. I am a team guy. I really craved the environment I now look forward to each day with my family at INLIV.

And that’s my point. It’s only work if you’d rather be elsewhere. I get goosebumps when my tribe tells me about their passions… how excited they are that they figured it out. They quit their job like that – snap! And are so juiced to get on with what the universe was telling them. I get so amped and filled up with love when others share with me that passion.

Why? Because I know exactly what it feels like and I know how powerful it can be –  from experience – to have others rally behind you and do anything they can to help you accomplish what you are set to do.

I wouldn’t be here where I am if my tribe didn’t show me the love and support they have in order to push me to my dream.

And we are getting there. We’re bridging the gap between health and music and I am over the moon about it! But it certainly hasn’t been rainbows, garden sprites and unicorns… it’s been a long, arduous and very, very humbling experience. Eff, I had a friend give me “rations”; a ziplock bag filled with energy bars and packs of oatmeal since I “looked like I wasn’t eating enough.” Ha! Truth is, I’m down about 15lbs of body fat since we last really hung out, but in her defence, it’s like I go to war everyday. Not against anyone but myself. I am my own worst enemy and I understand the battle. That’s why I believe so hard in supporting others in their war against themselves. Sometimes you just have to get out of your own way.

So, if you’re heading into work this morning knowing your heart is elsewhere. Chase it.

If you’re just not into the relationship. Be transparent and give that person the decency of sharing your thoughts.

If you know there’s something out there for you and you’re hesitant to chase it down, I hear ya, it can be scary AF. But if you need the support, I’m in your corner. And your tribe is in your corner. Together with that in mind, think “what’s the best that could happen?”

Just jump.

My bro, Wes Knight would tell you “Paralysis by Analysis” is what kills dreams. So just do it and you’re half way there. You’ll recalibrate things and adjust along the way, it’s certainly not going to be perfect.

Just to ice it, my own mother found this online today – The Musician’s Guide To Surviving The Rock Star Lifestyle

I think you should check it out. I’m very proud of my work and that’s because it’s a tool that I can share with the world to help change lives.

And to close – if you know of someone that’s this close to stepping out and taking that chance, support them. If you, yourself are trying to negotiate that scary decision, lead with your heart. I’m going to revisit this when that brave soul is a month or two into her passion and I expect you to have moved by then. Start right now.

I mean, take this as a lesson in empowerment, social accountability and true courage. It take guts to call someone up out of nowhere and tell them your dream and in doing so, invite them into the pursuit. That’s one helluva inspiration if you ask me. Inspiration is rad. Passion is sexy. Heart is key. Smarts are sexy.

So yeah, expect “Leading With Your Heart v1.7” in no less than 90 days. Like I said, the universe works with magic.

And tonight I felt it.

Let’s go!

Call me Santa.

Christmas has come early – I am happy to announce my gift to you  – pick your program, your place and your price. Online, in person, doesn’t matter, you pick the price. Whatever you feel it’s worth, whatever you feel you can manage. But I’m only taken on the most eager to take charge of their health.

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Here’s some words about what I’ve done… just so you know we’ll kill it…

Lucero – lost over 45lbs! Transformed her lifestyle

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3 Rounds of this BS

25 KB Swings

20 Renegades

15 SB Hammy Curls

10 Front Pulse Squats

5 Cleans

1 minute slide board


Check my  to watch this workout first so you know what to do! Just remember, you don’t have to be a rock star to start, but you have to start in order to become a rock star.

Stay sweet


The title says it all.

He will never actually tell you how awesome he is. Or how much he’s improved. I seriously have to shake my head some days when the Blizzard shows up, game face on and ready to rock. Day in and day out, his commitment to bettering himself is remarkable. From all accounts, this was not the same human being one year ago.

Since the fall, I have been lucky enough to join the Blizzard in helping him to achieve his goals, both physically and (I’d argue more importantly) psychologically. This man has transformed his perspective in ways only an outsider can properly recognize and that’s one of the coolest things to bear witness to.

For me, I get to watch as his conditioning, coordination and mobility improves and watch his spot on mental toughness. I’ll give him a drill that clearly takes every ounce of will power to keep at (ascending-descending KB swings amongst other things..) but yet… he consistently fights through it. Pain free (just about) now, the Blizzard is looking to make another two weeks of solid recovery while I’m away his most worthwhile time to himself. Upon my return, and barring any unforeseen circumstances – we are going to take a serious look at some olympic style weight lifting to see if we can start to accelerate some of the physical goals we set out no more than 3 months ago.

Blizzard, you’re an inspiration for me. Your energy is tenfold from the time we met and you clearly have made significant changes in your life to be able to be where you are now. Keep at it. You push through so much and take care of everyone around you and still take the proverbial bull by the horns and make sure you rock your body like the backstreet boys. Keep at it, man. I’m excited to see what comes after May.

You don’t have to be a rock star to start, but you have to start in order to become a rock star. 


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