My body is so confused right now.

This whole week I was battling so much stress. Physical, emotional, psychological. You name it. I wasn’t able to skate Sunday through to Wednesday, had to move the rest of my stuff Sunday, Monday night I got to catch up with my “god brother” whom I haven’t seen in 10 years or so.. Tuesday I had SARS or something and Wednesday I usually can’t make it after work – hours don’t jive… So there’s that. A bunch of excuses, I know! But tonight I got out and ripped it up to make up for the past week.
I’m amidst a few really hard points in life right now.
Physically, I’m coming back from ITBS on my left knee. Mentally, well I’m going through separation – so try to imagine changing your perspective of everything you thought was real for the past 5 years over the course of a few weeks. Imagine your life turned upside down. I’ll write more about this later, I’m sure. It’s all still fairly fresh…

All I’m trying to do is overcome adversity. I’ve been successful so far. I’m just going to let my energy go into the ice. I’m excited to surround myself with positive, inspiring people in my life again. That makes such a difference. My work, my skating my relationships- it’s all going to get better! I am excited for December, it’s a rebuild and recharge month. Coffee dates, good conversation and a lot of technical training. Oh yeah, I kept within 39″ for all my tempos tonight.
Not bad for fresh off the shelf

Bounce, baby.


Before I begin, I would like to clear something up. Athletes do not have the same vocabulary as the general public. Especially when discussing the words “therapy”, “massage” or “treatment”. Now that that’s out of the way… I have a strong dislike for the art of “cupping”, a form of horrendous manual therapy I was graced with this afternoon. Basically, the premise is like this – attach a suction cup to area of body that’s experiencing fascial distress (for me the IT band and left knee), then suck said fascial tissue to surface of the skin – mildly unpleasant, then rip the suction cup down the length of now soon to be severely traumatized section of the body. After this, I’m quite certain I blacked out. CNS was in full flight or fight mode and I wanted to front kick the otherwise sweet, caring Andrea my AT in the mouth. There’s no word to describe how much pain was brought on in these quick 4 minutes… They seemed like a year and a half of sheer hell. I don’t ever want a friend to have to go through that experience. But the results do not lie. They look horrible. But it was effective. Today marks the first day I was able to run full dry land imitations and slide board with no pain in my knee. It was hell, but oftentimes the best things in life are hell. I got this.

Athletes are a different breed altogether. I train them, I know them. I am them.
That said, the level of frustration I am at right now exceeds what I thought my threshold was. It is the most deflating feeling to come across so much progress to only be limited by an acute knee pain, so irritating that you have trouble walking downstairs somedays only to find yourself completely fine others. The day to day shenanigans I’m experiencing has really beaten my body, but I will not allow it to become an obstacle on my path to success. My spirits are fresh!
I am taking time, focusing energy elsewhere to come back at things stronger, healthier and with a better perspective on what it truly means to be top class in sport. I’m learning. Let’s not forget, this ain’t no bush league- it’s SOKO 2018.

After a really good, off the cuff chat with Stephanie at Ronald McDonald House yesterday. I had a few things come to light. First off, these folks are an absolute inspiration and to be able to partner up on this wild ride is an honour. Not that they weren’t there before, but just… Reiterated.
To some, climbing a flight of stairs is a victory. My goal is to skate for Canada, but who am I to say that my goal is bigger, more fulfilling or otherwise better than somebody who wants to feel no more pain in their knees while going upstairs? We all have mountains. It’s the journey we take to climb them that champions success.

Really good dryland today, really good ride too. My heart is in this. Rest, relax, naturopath appointment, hair appointment and then mandate with my best friend. It’s been far too long TMNT tonight, at Crowfoot. See you there? But first, a pile of breakfast 2.
All over again tomorrow with ice too!