Let’s revisit a favourite theory of mine…

Step by step, progress over perfection, how ever you want to think about it – the basic theory is the same. Behaviours translate to results, good or bad.

Outcome Versus Behaviour

Let’s examine New Years and the classic resolution. Let’s say you want to lose 15 pounds. Okay. That’s an awesome outcome based goal. However, it’s unattainable without measurable steps to take week in, week out.


Instead of just hoping and wishing the weight away, here’s how you would ensure those 15 pounds disappear.

Three measurable behaviour goals to ensure successful outcomes:

  • Try to have vegetables with at least 2 meals per day
  • Eat your meals slowly
  • Be mindful when you’re eating, as in – think about your food, how it tastes, textures, have a conversation with the people around you. And for God sakes put the cell phone down.

Check in at the end of two weeks. Track these three goals daily and see how many days in a row you can do them. Don’t worry if you’re not batting .1000 – what did we say about progress at the top of it all?

The goal of losing weight is just one easy outcome based goal that’s quite popular in my line of work, however, you can take this model to just about everything you do in order to set and achieve bigger and way more badass goals. Remember these key points and you’re ready to rock any obstacle:

Set an outcome: What you want to do, get, lose, accomplish…

(ex. Quit drinking)


(ex. “I WILL quit drinking.”)

Set behaviours that will set you up to succeed…

(ex. Offer to be the designated driver when your friends go out to the bar)

Continue to repeat the positive affirmations and you’ll find that it gets easier to put yourself in situations and carry out positive behaviours that affect the outcome.


Okay, now you gotta go out and set something up for today. Why wait for tomorrow?

If you’re interested and in the YYC, I’m holding a clinic for musicians that will address goal setting and stress management. Get all the details here – https://www.long-mcquade.com/news/3081

Thanks for listening.’Til next time, stay sweet.



After a really good, off the cuff chat with Stephanie at Ronald McDonald House yesterday. I had a few things come to light. First off, these folks are an absolute inspiration and to be able to partner up on this wild ride is an honour. Not that they weren’t there before, but just… Reiterated.
To some, climbing a flight of stairs is a victory. My goal is to skate for Canada, but who am I to say that my goal is bigger, more fulfilling or otherwise better than somebody who wants to feel no more pain in their knees while going upstairs? We all have mountains. It’s the journey we take to climb them that champions success.

Really good dryland today, really good ride too. My heart is in this. Rest, relax, naturopath appointment, hair appointment and then mandate with my best friend. It’s been far too long TMNT tonight, at Crowfoot. See you there? But first, a pile of breakfast 2.
All over again tomorrow with ice too!