I got a lot accomplished today. I mean, I had a ton of screen time, but that was a necessary evil today. Searching for rooms/roommates and rental units in Toronto, posting and showing the home here in Calgary all day… it’s getting real. I also sold my guitar, bag and stand to a good kid that plays on my former University’s Football team (Go Dinos!)… I was actually really productive! And I trained a couple sessions in the morning. And meal prepped. And fired off the email to NMC et al… and so on and so forth…

Best part? Got to be beside Darwin the whole day! This was my office today.

I mean, look at that face.A76C3FF6-DC5A-4524-B77F-831B5B8EBB2A

It’s getting real now though, like I said. I’m now on my way out of the city I’ve lived (almost) my whole life… en route to a new adventure. Heck ya, today was productive!

As a coach and even sometimes as a friend…People ask me how to stay motivated when they feel like they haven’t done anything at the end of the day, notably Sunday. They feel like the day slipped away and then they get all anxious and stuff, can’t focus… and I oftentimes find myself reeling people in. Now,dopn’t get me wrong… It’s not like I am the gate keeper of productivity and happiness. It’s not like I have a secret button you can push. It’s not know “the way”, but I certainly know a way that works for me.

Try it out. The next time you feel that you haven’t done anything, try writing all the things you did down on a piece of paper.

That’s right. It’s that simple.

Write. It. Down.

Pretty rad, eh?

Go do something awesome this week. Keep it real, folks.





Dope soul. 

I got it dyed into my hair last week. 

What it means to me is pretty significant. It’s totemism for me and keeps me always thinking about my actions day to day. I believe that we are all magnetic. And we have a choice to react two ways, much like a magnet – positive or negative.

Move forward each morning, night or some time during the day and let the world know what you’re grateful for. Put the good stuff out, receive the good stuff back. Literally, write it down. I’m starting a gratitude journal. Keeps my eyes on he prize…

It’s all about what I call the raditude feedback loop. 

Happy Thursday. 


Yesterday’s walk to INLIV past a spot I have yet to check out in depth, Studio Bell, National Music Centre.

This year I have already learned so much. I am going to spend the next few days digesting everything and try my best to communicate it all back in a way that hopefully resonates with someone out there. Now’s a great time to talk about the first lesson, gratitude.


Oftentimes ignorance gets the best of us. I have definitely been guilty of this. I have (re) learned over the course of this past week to take time and be thankful for what I have in life, who I have around me and what I am able to accomplish, which, not to sound pretentious or anything – is a lot. We are all quite capable. One of the most profound statements that keeps recurring this week is one that one of my favourite humans ever, Mr. Wes Knight has hammered in my head. It’s actually a quote from Bill Gates:

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.”

Food for thought, right?

Now being grateful doesn’t mean I sit down and write out an essay or anything, it’s just reflection. Mindfulness. Being present. Taking time to appreciate.

That said, I am grateful for my able body. I have injured myself playing hockey, soccer, speed skating, just about any sport – it is such a humbling feeling not be “able”. However, my dedication to personal health and wellness, eating the right foods, sleeping, not abandoning my health for the thrills of life – all of that has allowed me to be able to help friends and family when called on, perform drums, sports, my job, play with my nephew, my dog and otherwise enjoy all aspects of life. I am forever grateful for that.

Secondly, I’m grateful for my ability to communicate these types of messages to folks like you. Reading my thoughts, paying attention to the words I spit. I am grateful for your support and that of anyone’s that follows even just a bit of my story. I am slowly building a following in my specific market and I am grateful to see my thoughts are starting to stick, but I couldn’t do any of it without you. So thank you.

Moving forward, expect more shout outs to the people and the things I am grateful for and proud of in my life. It’s a great expression of self-care to appreciate. I don’t believe everyone has to do it publicly, but if that’s your thing (and it is for me) I’d strongly encourage telling the world you’re diggin’.

Okay, that’s my bit on the first thing I’ve (Re) learned – thank you 2017. Stay tuned over the next few posts for more and see if you can relate, share with anyone you know that may benefit from any of this. Show your love!