I’ve been asked countless times, “Mike, I’m eating well, I just can’t seem to lose the weight… what am I doing wrong?”

I’m usually quick to ask “What’s eating well look like to you?” As part of my coaching, I like to believe the best in everyone, but honestly, seeing is believing so I generally follow that question up with “Can you show me what each meal has been exactly in the past three days?”

Most often, that person cannot.

More often they say something to the effect of

“Well, it’s just really tough when the boys want to go out for wings and beer after the game… when my wife wants to do pizza and wine night on Friday and the kids are always on the go for band recital, soccer practice and other extra curricular events… I just don’t wanna be that guy, you know?”

I do. However, own it. You get to make that choice to get wings and beer, enjoy the pizza or choose to eat fast food from the drive thru en route to the kids practice… only you get that choice. And to piggyback on this, it’s not only to do with nutrition. If you find yourself in any less than ideal situation, maybe you just lost your job, maybe you’re considering starting your own business, maybe you want to pursue a passion – whatever it is, if you don’t have the social support, the likelihood of you achieving that dream significantly decreases.

It’s amazing how much we are influenced by the social circles that we are in. I found a very interesting article that explain the power of social support very clearly, from my friends and fellow coaches at Precision Nutrition. Take a read if you think you might know someone that’s got the right intentions but the wrong friends. Might be time to cut the line…. [Read the full article here]

Ciao, babes!




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I’ve been getting asked this quite a bit so I thought I’d do a little digging and get some real answers. Bulletproof coffee isn’t just a diet trick, it’s an actual recipe blending a ritzy upgraded coffee blend (not just any old coffee) with medium chain triglycerides (MTC) oil and grass fed butter. Sounds fishy, doesn’t it?

Here’s the theory on how the stuff works.

Mix high end coffee, free of toxic moulds with saturated fat and MTC oil to help the chemistry of the drink optimize performance, slow the effect of the caffeine buzz and leave you feeling satiated. Crazy, right? All in coffee? So let’s look to a friend of a friend’s case study on the stuff… then you can make your own call on it.

To read the full length article from Precision Nutrition’s Brian St. Pierre, please click here

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Stay sweet, folks.