I think I’ve heard it all over the years. It’s too expensive to eat well. I can’t afford organic food. It’s such a hassle to grocery shop. I just need something quick… Basically everything.

All good. I found the solution. It’s called “Click & Collect” and it’s offered here in Canada at a whole bunch of Superstores! It’ll save you time, money and allow for you to get your meals down for the week. No more excuses on the nutrition front. I’m all about a helping hand and this service is a great way to keep your food stuffs on lock down.

Here is the gist…

Step 1:

Go online and create an account at superstore.ca, shop through your virtual store for all the groceries you want. Be sure to check the store that’s most convenient to your location and the time of pick up as well. The tutorial walks you through things pretty well.

How does this help?

This is great because you can plan shit way better. And you don’t end up buying a bunch of junk you don’t want in the house. And you can seek deals on produce and shit. Not actually shit, unless you’re into that sort of thing…

Step 2:

Confirm your pickup store and pick up time and proceed to pay online or pay at pick up. I tried adding my debit visa to my account and at first it said it was all good, but ended up not going through, so I just paid at the store upon pickup. Super easy either way, just do what fits you, boo.

How does this help?

Budget. You don’t overspend when you see the total value of your cart right there, right? Sure it’ll cost $3-$5 (depending on the day of pickup) but imagine that as your investment to not pick up the junk chips or cookies you were going to if you found yourself in aisle 13… plus I thought the $3 was fine as that in itself saved me the hour of walking around getting my $80 worth of groceries.

Step 3:

Go get your food at the store you picked at the time you picked. Really, it’s that simple. They even have loading bay parking spots at most stores as I found out afterwards. Walk in, say hey, they bring everything out and even load itineraries if you don’t want to. Pretty rad, right?

How does this help?

You quite literally just have to show up and check in. Make payment and carry about your day. Super convenient. Since most of us are sitting at work, take a break, load up your shopping list, plan a pick up after work and boom. Instead of spending an hour or more picking things up, you ensure you’ve got the freshest options ready to go. It kills. I dig.

Extra things you should know

You should look into PC Plus points. It’s a reward system PC has put together that automatically sends you a weekly debrief on the deals of the week that you tend to buy. You load these offers each week  or two and then you get points that go towards your account balance. Redeem these points for dollars off your grocery bill. It applies to everything – gas, booze, prescriptions, medical, groceries. Just keep your eye out each week on your email offers and plan accordingly. Save some dough.

Superstore generally has the lowest prices across the board. Good selection of weird natural foods, good cheap bulk food, you know… all the good things. Yes, they’re a bigger chain and while I’m still pro-small market… I sway between doing bigger runs here when things are tight on the budget and I have the Tiguan and the dog in tow.

One downside…

Here’s something I wanna hack. So far I’m not sure how to get them to use my reusable bags.. as I’m pro-green, I’m not thrilled about using plastic bags, however I just keep them for Darwin instead of buying doggy bags for his walks. So I guess in a sense I reuse the bags anyways… but still, if anyone finds out how to crack that part of the system, please let me know. I’ll ask them today upon pickup.


If anyone has other options in their areas, please feel free to share. This one is good for us north of the border. Great service, great innovation… great way to eliminate the food excuses.

Now go out and shop well! Stay sweet!




If we don’t take that step, that shot, that jump… we’ll never have to worry about where we land. Right?

That featured picture was when I was on track, haha… long track… for an entirely different career. I was an aspiring speed skater, sights set on representing Canada in long track. Things changed. Imagine had I not been able to change with them…

So many times this past week I’ve had the same conversation with different people in my life; clients, friends, strangers… all about the fear of taking action. It’s a theme I’ve visited before, but I even addressed it in my The Symposium this week. (You can listen to it below if you’re into the audio kind of thing…)

Fact is – life throws you curveballs. And it’s up to you how you handle them. You can swing for the fences, play it conservative down the line or you can watch life pass you by because you were expecting a “heater”. Baseball analogies aside (Can you tell I’m a Jays fan?), you are in complete control of your reaction. That’s it. That’s all.

Take a listen to the podcast if you’d like to hear how I recently overcame  adversity when everything that could have gone wrong, did at the L&M “Fitness For Musicians” workshop I hosted last week. Heck, the podcast itself is undergoing format changes. If I weren’t able to switch my game plan up on the fly, adapt and cater to the situation that clinic could have been an absolute train wreck. I’m working on producing a video to capture some of the highlights and you’ll see soon enough that what was made out of that adversity was a thing of pure, raw passion to help others and really make a difference in their lives right there on the spot.

Also tune in if you’d like to learn more about losing weight. Here are two pro tips to losing weight that I discuss on this week’s episode.

  1. Eat slow
  2. Eat only until you’re 80% full

And I’m featuring local talent. So, if you happen to be a creative – especially a musician – that would like to give a little plug about your upcoming show, events or the like – drop me a line. I’m into closing my podcasts out with a piece from the local talent we have in this beautiful city. Heck, even if you’re not local, let’s bring you on and do it up too.

Lastly, shout out to all my fellow speed skaters competing in Calgary for the Finale this weekend. Huge competition to cap off another wonderful season. Go out and kick ass and leave it all out there. If you happen to have time and want to share your experience, please – drop me a line. I’m hosting interviews to add to my podcast lineup, share your story and expose your super crazy work ethic and drive for success.


Check it all out here.


Have you ever come across someone that just doesn’t get it? Someone who feels as if they lose an argument or fail to prove a point they run the risk of looking powerless in front of their peers? Have you ever had a disagreement with someone so insecure that they stormed off from the room because they simply couldn’t hear someone tell them to consider another view, another perspective or someone else’s feelings but their own?

I have. It was one of the most emotionally draining last 6 weeks of my life. Why am I ranting about this now? Well, I hope to give you some foresight when you consider who you’re hanging out with. I have come to the conclusion this at one-time friend of mine just didn’t respect herself. And while we don’t need to discuss the details, half because it’s not-relevant, half because it’s really depressing to think that they’re people out there that think this kind of behaviour is okay… just know that ignorant, malicious and absolutely tactless actions do not sit well with me. No, no – I have a moral compass that’s on track and I do not associate with those that aren’t on the same path as me. Not from an elitist standpoint or anything, just because I don’t want that kind of negative energy around me, my dog and my flow… you know?

So I’ve created a quick checklist that now in hindsight, I will use when considering if this human being is worthy of my time, energy and general care. Yes, I am encouraging you to be picky with who you are around. Why? So you don’t get used, abused and thrown to the wolves. I’m going to give you a two-steps ahead approach to identifying a human being that doesn’t respect themselves…

  1. Can They Live? – When considering  human beings you want to be around make sure you can have a sober conversation with them. And that you can get along with them when they’re sober. Do this before you put yourself into situations such as I did. Like living with them. Or you’ll find that when they’re not high or drunk, their socially awkward tendencies show full-bore. It’s not pretty. And it’ll make you depressed.
  2. Watch How They Interact With Others – Early on when you’re getting to know a particular human being you may want to hang out with more often, pay attention to how they react to people in need, eccentric/socially awkward people, persons with handicaps or hell even visible minorities. You won’t even have to have a conversation about it which will make things really easy on you. Would you hang out with a human being that publicly makes fun and tries to draw more attention to someone that”doesn’t fit in” with the trendy clothes or is a little hard up for money? Do you stand up or down to bullies? Because that’s all this insecure piece of work is…
  3. Listen To How They Describe Things (Especially Their Accomplishments) – Do they say “we”, “our” and “us” or does it sound a little more like “I”, “me” and “everyone else”. The human being that repeatedly uses the latter is kind of like a rabid, cornered wild dog. You may upset this dog with words and phrases such as “cooperation”, “teamwork” and “division of labour” (or just “labour” in most cases). The human being that takes credit where credit isn’t due or doesn’t give credit where credit is due is the same person that just doesn’t get it. Doesn’t understand the all for one, one for all approach that has proven t’s worth time and time again in any relationship. Please remove yourself from association with these types of human beings. They will never have your back.
  4. Do They Love Themselves? – Well now you’re going to be all like “Mike, WTF?” I mean it, you want a human being that genuinely loves themselves. Why? Well, until they love themselves they’ll struggle to love another person. So unless you plan on being trampled and used for years on years (like I did in a few other relationships that are now fortunately cut forever…) I’d suggest you identify things like their lifestyle patterns (like nutrition, exercise, meditation/self-work), they’re stance on volunteering, faith and charity, and if whether or not they are a Blue Jays fan. These things are all roots (Okay, maybe not the Jays…) that are engrained into how they’ll carry out actions down the road. If you don’t line up in the root of the problem, you’ll continually have disagreements on silly things. Well, they’re not silly – but they’re symptoms of the deeper issue. (ex. Human being doesn’t recycle old boxes, used cans or bottles or donate unwanted, used clothes… would rather just throw it out and be done with the hassle. Human being doesn’t just hate the environment and have no sympathy for the less fortunate, no no… this human being is just plain ungrateful. Likely because this person has rarely had to earn anything if their life. It’s worth noting that this person is also probably NOT a Jay’s fan.)

I think these are 4 pretty solid determining factors of whether or not you should carry on with a relationship of any sort with the human being in subject. I truly believe that a person that fails this type of general assessment really just doesn’t respect themselves. And I’ll be the first to say that if that person doesn’t respect themselves, they’ll likely care less about all other the other people around them. Especially when those people no longer serve them any good…. If  you care to add some insight, please do! I’m interested to hear what others think about finding people around them and choosing the right people to surround themselves with.

Remember, you don’t have to be a rock star to start, but you have to start in order to become a rock star. Stay sweet, kids.