A lot of folks don’t know the natural benefits of raw foods. So let’s open up discussion on one of them; beets.

Historically, these bad boys have been described as medicine, not just food. A true testament to their full potency. Here are my Top 11 points that should encourage you to pour a glass of natural beet juice every once in awhile.

11 Reasons To Drink Beet Juice

  1. Beets contain betalains. Two of which, betanin and vulgaxanthin contain loads of goodness, including antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and detoxification properties.
  2. 1 Cup of raw beets contains just 58 calories and 2g of Protein
  3. 1 cup of raw beets contain 6% DV of iron
  4. Lower blood pressure! Beets contain nitrates. Research shows that the high number of nitrates will immediately lower your blood pressure.
  5. Detox! Beet juice will help detoxify your liver, dump toxins and rebuild liver cells. Boom. Rad.
  6. Prevent premature aging! Lycoprene will help keep your skin elastic, so beets help prevent aging
  7. Energy! That nitric oxide produced from the nitrates will help you boost energy
  8. Lower blood sugar! Those dang soluble fibres found in beets help aide in reducing glucose in the blood stream.
  9. Improve sexual performance! Those nitrates are back at it. When they get converted to nitric oxide that stimulates blood flow.
  10. May help arthritis and joint pain
  11. Helps to improve cognitive function. You will reduce your chances of dementia due to increased blood flow from the high amounts of nitrates found in beet juice.

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As always, stay sweet my loves.




Well it should be no surprise. Here’s the drill on how to save money and get nutrition dense foods in you. It’s all in this free 7 step process I titled “how to save money and not eat garbage doing it.”:

1. Head to your favourite grocery store

2. Get to the produce section

3. Grab any variation of leafy greens (spinach, kale, chard, lettuce…etc)

4. Grab some citrus fruit (lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange etc…

5. Grab ginger & carrots if you fancy

6. Grab a sweet fruit (apples are my favourite)

7. Grab some fibre; celery or rhubarb 

I made a variation to the blend and spent a whooping 47′ meal prep and making it and $9.50 at superstore

Good work! Happy Tuesday.

And remember, you don’t have to be a rock star to start, but you have to start in order  to become a rock star. 

Stay sweet!