I’ve been asked countless times, “Mike, I’m eating well, I just can’t seem to lose the weight… what am I doing wrong?”

I’m usually quick to ask “What’s eating well look like to you?” As part of my coaching, I like to believe the best in everyone, but honestly, seeing is believing so I generally follow that question up with “Can you show me what each meal has been exactly in the past three days?”

Most often, that person cannot.

More often they say something to the effect of

“Well, it’s just really tough when the boys want to go out for wings and beer after the game… when my wife wants to do pizza and wine night on Friday and the kids are always on the go for band recital, soccer practice and other extra curricular events… I just don’t wanna be that guy, you know?”

I do. However, own it. You get to make that choice to get wings and beer, enjoy the pizza or choose to eat fast food from the drive thru en route to the kids practice… only you get that choice. And to piggyback on this, it’s not only to do with nutrition. If you find yourself in any less than ideal situation, maybe you just lost your job, maybe you’re considering starting your own business, maybe you want to pursue a passion – whatever it is, if you don’t have the social support, the likelihood of you achieving that dream significantly decreases.

It’s amazing how much we are influenced by the social circles that we are in. I found a very interesting article that explain the power of social support very clearly, from my friends and fellow coaches at Precision Nutrition. Take a read if you think you might know someone that’s got the right intentions but the wrong friends. Might be time to cut the line…. [Read the full article here]

Ciao, babes!




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A lot of folks don’t know the natural benefits of raw foods. So let’s open up discussion on one of them; beets.

Historically, these bad boys have been described as medicine, not just food. A true testament to their full potency. Here are my Top 11 points that should encourage you to pour a glass of natural beet juice every once in awhile.

11 Reasons To Drink Beet Juice

  1. Beets contain betalains. Two of which, betanin and vulgaxanthin contain loads of goodness, including antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and detoxification properties.
  2. 1 Cup of raw beets contains just 58 calories and 2g of Protein
  3. 1 cup of raw beets contain 6% DV of iron
  4. Lower blood pressure! Beets contain nitrates. Research shows that the high number of nitrates will immediately lower your blood pressure.
  5. Detox! Beet juice will help detoxify your liver, dump toxins and rebuild liver cells. Boom. Rad.
  6. Prevent premature aging! Lycoprene will help keep your skin elastic, so beets help prevent aging
  7. Energy! That nitric oxide produced from the nitrates will help you boost energy
  8. Lower blood sugar! Those dang soluble fibres found in beets help aide in reducing glucose in the blood stream.
  9. Improve sexual performance! Those nitrates are back at it. When they get converted to nitric oxide that stimulates blood flow.
  10. May help arthritis and joint pain
  11. Helps to improve cognitive function. You will reduce your chances of dementia due to increased blood flow from the high amounts of nitrates found in beet juice.

Want to improve your nutrition this spring? Get at me for a free 30 day trial of my remote coaching at mikeschwartz.ca/trial

As always, stay sweet my loves.



This may cause a bit of backlash, but I’m okay with that. I know I’m ass-king for it….

To be efficient in simple movements such as taking the stairs, running and picking things up you must use your butt. Weird huh? Well here’s the thing. There’s a strong correlation between a nice butt and a functional butt. So today I wanted to give you a few exercise tips to make good use of your butt and also help keep it in a nice shape!

  1. Power step-ups
    • Be sure to get past 90 degrees when able to. When you get deeper in the range, more glute will be recruited along with hamstrings in order to help you get up from that position. It’s essential that you get past 90 in order to effectively fire that butt without relying on your quads or your hamstrings for the whole movement.
  2. Kettle bell swings
    • Explosiveness is key to firing the glutes! A strong majority of the muscle fibres of the glutes are quick twitch. This means you’ll grow more tissue faster if you perform quick exercises. Cool huh? Ensure you’re squeezing your quads and your butt while driving your heels into the ground. Hyperextending your back does nothing but increase the risk of lower back injury. Don’t do that. Instead, think about full extension of your hips coming “up” rather than pushing forward. Pow!
  3. Lateral speed skaters
    • Lateral stability relies on the muscles of the butt to engage in a different plane. This will shake up the body and activate new wiring to promote quicker results. Start off with just stepping to the side if you do not feel confident in landing with the “nose, knees, toes” in alignment principle
  4. Speed skater deadlifts
    • Concentrate your glute activation in the stabilizing (front) leg and you’ll feel a world of hurt in your butt. This is simply from stabilizing and preventing yourself from falling over. To feel this,  without risking death or death-like symptoms, start with just bodyweight until you can effectively hinge from the waist for 20 repetitions on either side without losing form. Then you can add a dumbbell in the opposite hand as your front leg.
  5. Pigeon-Toed Monster Walks
    • Again with the lateral movement to really hit your gluteus medius. Do this one nice and slow without bouncing your hips and chest up and down from stride to stride. This will ensure maximal time under tension for the drill and really get a nice burning feeling going in your keister. Point the lead toe back in so you walk sideways with a leading heel for an extra kick in the ass

Here’s a video from one of my heroes of the industry, Mr. Paul Chek that expands on some of the theories I discuss here. Check it out and be sure to email me at mike@dspt.ca if you have any questions or comments!



It sounds crazy, I know. But for a lot of us, this post’s title reads true.

We are slowly working away at ourselves in a catabolic fashion. We are wearing down our bodies with unnecessary physical stress, compounding the emotional and psychological demands we undergo each and every day with punishing, sweat induced blast workouts and in return we see a rise of injuries, inflammation, low energy levels, poor sleep patterns and a host of other negative side effects. Fact: stress kills. It’s rare to find anyone that’d argue that claim, yet some people are still convinced a near cardiac arrest experience in the gym is the fast-track to getting killer abs and feeling fit. I beg to differ.

Instead of begging, (since I was never any good at that…) I am conducting an experiment. One I already have the answer for, but need to compile empirical evidence to see just exactly how well my theory works so I can use the evidence in my book “The Economic Mindset”. That’s right, I already know what I am doing will work. I will actually guarantee your results. I just need ambitious participants to allow my training regime to be the proving ground of my theory. Does this sound like you? Would you rather get great results without putting yourself at risk of unnecessary aches, sprains and the general feeling of death or death-like symptoms at the end of a workout?

Join me in a movement that will revolutionize fitness and promote a healthier way of living and increasing quality of life. I am now accepting applicants for my beta test study on the relationship between anabolic exercise and quality of life. The qualifications are listed below:

Test Group A.

Availability to meet for 1 hour 2x per week in Calgary, AB Tuesday, Thursday and/or Saturday for 4 weeks

Test Group B. 

Full access to internet connection and availability to meet for 1 hour 1x per month in Calgary or via Skype for 3 months.

If this sounds like you or someone you know please submit a request for more information in the comment section. I look forward to utilizing my training as a concept theory that will maximize results and increase your quality of life.


I maintain a principle while travelling. I like taking vacations as an opportunity to ground myself in self healing, continued education and growth both professionally and personally. This trip includes some professional development in my advanced sports nutrition book, and my self growth includes a book I’ve revisited many times in the past few years. Basically, when I decided the fitness industry, personal training and the management of people was the career track for me. That book is the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven R. Covey.

In reading Covey en route to Maui, I have already taken away countless strategies that I can apply in all aspects of my life. I would like to share some of these strategies in my writings over the next few days. I originally wanted to play scrabble on my ipad, but it apparently wasn’t uploaded from the cloud successfully in YVR. Dang. Guess I just gotta get learned and smart or something. So here goes folks, this is what I took away from a section regarding Private Victories and the art of successful delegation. Do enjoy, and feel free to discuss!

Gofer vs. Stewardship Delegation

Covey writes that we have two basic styles of delegation. Gofer – designate a team member a task, get them to report back when it’s done. Super common among the workplace. But fails to engage the delegated party. From what I got from this, it’s argued that to truly get buy in from your team, you need to find a way, a powerful way, to intrinsically involve those that are part of your cause. You should infect them with a reason to invest in the end result.
That’s another point in itself. Results.
It’s argued that there’s not enough attention towards results, and instead full focus is on the methods on how to do, what to do, what not to do and all the rules in getting there. See the dilemma?
How I understand it is that people do well when empowered. Trust is the highest form of respect. Once you gain respect as a leader you have buy in from your following. Task delegation setup with multiple rules on how to achieve the desired result stems away from the whole point of getting your team behind you, in my opinion. Covey supports this argument fully, citing it’s more beneficial long term to invest time in coaching the delegated task before giving full creative control away to ensure desired results. This allows the delegated party a sense of ownership, a sense of pride and more buy in for the team as a whole. Undoubtedly, more of your following will buy in to this process and your single action effort multiplied productivity tenfold. Pretty effective and efficient, even though it will take more of a time investment in the early stages. Short term inconvenience for long term gains.
That brings me to the final point I would like to make on this section. Efficiency vs. effectiveness. The argument is based around a central theme of scheduling in your priorities instead of prioritizing your schedules activities. I totally agree. You need to know what is important to your whole grand scheme before you can go ahead and decide what you are going to do first, right? That’s efficient. The German blood in me loves this.
I’ve definitely been in this position before – ever had a one on one meeting with a manager or an employee that ran overtime? Maybe you were going out for a coffee with a friend you hadn’t seen for a long time. Strangely enough you were late for whatever you may have scheduled after the HOUR you might have allotted for said friend?
People that operate off of principle cannot work with efficiency when it comes to other individuals. There are emotions. There can be unforeseen circumstances that delay the process. There may be variables that cannot be predicted when dealing with people. When dealing with people, it’s best to utilize effectiveness over efficiency, because we are not objects.
Next time you want to have a good meaningful experience with someone, clear you schedule. Both literally and as far as your expectations go for the outcome. That’s going to be more effective, maybe not efficient. But you can look back and know that that conversation, that meeting or that opportunity to grow was most effective for both sides.
Cool, eh? Just my thoughts. Feel free to discuss.