Time to get over your insecurities, friends. Yes, you are indeed an athlete.

My whole career I’ve maintained the approach that we as Health Coaches, Personal Trainers, Fitness Instructors and Strength & Conditioning Coaches train “athletes” not “clients”. Why? Simple. Everyone we work with is competing for a prize. What that prize is may differ, but we are all competing for a prize. If you check the definition of Athlete, it stems from Latin, Greek and old English as some variation of a human that was into competition and winning prizes. So, definition-wise, it really just boils down to how you define “prize”. For most of us that prize is our definition of healthy lifestyle.

Now I’ve had the pleasure of training nearly every walk of life. From top performance professional athletes, to business executives, professional musicians and radio personalities to stay at home moms. The wealthiest of wealthy to those that are on welfare. Cancer survivors, folks that have suffered from strokes, heart attacks and depression and your everyday, 9-5 office workers. They’re all athletes. The only difference is that their Olympic Gold may not be the same as yours.

Food for thought the next time you don’t think you’re up to snuff with the “athletes” out there.

The most important step is the first one, and once you make the decision to take it, it’s only matter of time before you get to the point where you’ll get the prize you’ve been chasing.

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As I sit here, basking in the sunshine on the patio of Original Joe’s, I have decided to conduct a self-experiment. Well, not really. I kind of already know the outcome. I am just documenting it this time as to show and validate my findings for all of you skeptics that continue to “never lose those last 5 pounds”. I have always been of the school that you either don’t know or you don’t care. It’s difficult for me to believe that anyone would knowingly sabotage their own health, so I maintain that people just don’t know the first few steps to achieve a healthier lifestyle. In this particular experiment we will tackle everyone’s favourite – nutrition! Now excuse me, while I plow some more wings and this tasty house blonde ale.

The Project

Here’s what I’m doing. Starting June 5, I will be doing a 10 day detox to eliminate all the inflammatory and otherwise toxic foods in my diet that toy with the way my body processes food. The idea here is that over the course of these next 10 days, my body will have ample time to repair my digestive system and thus be better able to maintain my physique, energy and improve my quality of life overall even after the 10 days.


I will take my body composition, before and after pictures weight and measurements on day 1 and again on day 10, record a recap of each day posted to my YouTube Channel and/or blog.


I feel like I am a broken record at times regarding health and performance so I’m going to document the experiment to show how rewarding it can be when you feel way better after just a few days of cleaning up the fuel you are putting into your body. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it and often times I’ve found that the things worth doing in life are not the easiest things. I want to use all of the results to build my case and further help other musicians with their nutritional struggles. I mean if I can go from the heaviest I’ve been in years today, to 11 days from now, down to a solid 185 that goes to show a little determination and proper guidance will go a long way.

Why You Should Care

Here’s what I’m going to do for you. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to follow along. When you do that and subscribe to my newsletter, where I send tips, training articles and nutritional guidance specific to the chaotic lifestyle of a working musician. I’ll happily send you the greens detox I am doing so you can try it on your own!



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Humankind behaviour isn’t linear, logical or or even justifiable at times. That doesn’t matter. I’m here today to dispel the rumour that you need to be perfect in order to achieve what you want.

Having just come off a solid rehearsal myself (in my books, anyways…), eating junk and skipping meals more often than usual these last two weeks and having the most irregular sleeping habits as a direct result, I’m living proof: progress, not perfection.

As a musician myself I know first hand that we strive to be perfect at everything. I’m from the camp that if you’re not having the occasional slip in your tunes, you’re not trying hard enough. Playing it safe in music is no different than in sport. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, as the Great One once said. Even though I played my parts pretty well tonight, not everyone was on their game. Next rehearsal I might be off mine. That’s okay. Make mental notes and work at it. It’s not a mistake, it’s an opportunity it improve.

As for diet, a very popular topic amongst challenges for colleges in the music industry – there’s a strong correlation to making small adjustments in order to see big, long term success. Start with ensuring one meal each day has a ton of vegetables. Or if the routine is jam packed and you’re always on the go, check this link out and get in touch with me. I can help you start to eat healthier! Holistic nutrition in a much more realistic sense. Juice Plus+. I’m now a certified representative, and from my days as a full time, competitive speed skater I can tell you first hand, you’ll feel amazing when you start with these blends!  ======> www.mschwartz.canada.juiceplus.com

Here’s another easy first step. Start each day with a tall glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon first thing in the morning. You’ll feel a new sense of vitality and kickstart your day!

Again, email me for some support =====>


That’s my bit on music, nutrition and progress over perfection. Just understand input often equals output. If beer and Cheetos, Doritos or Rold Gold pretzels is the performance fuel, don’t expect to be running very well let alone turning over before too long.

You do have the power to change.

I currently have 4 available spots on my roster for online/semi-private rockstar health & performance coaching. Please inquire if you or someone you know needs a hand getting a handle on their lifestyle. Musicians preferred, serious inquiries only please.

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There is much to learn about the world of healthy living. It seems as though there is a new article published each day that dismisses everything you believed in last week, right? That kind of content can be friggin’ impossible to try to navigate without a bunch of background on credible sources and published articles without an MO.
I’m here to try to provide a bit of an alternate approach on one specific debate I’ve had with a number of different professionals in the industry: the debate on the cause and effect of Soy in the diet.

I have been on both sides of the spectrum myself. I have hated soy. I have loved soy. I thought it was all bad for women. I thought it was only good for women. I heard it caused cancer. Everything under the sun. Turns out, there’s enough evidence to put it quite simply. It really depends what source of soy and the process, climate and a host of other elements that really determines soys worth to each individual. And that’s why I would encourage you to do your own recon. Right now, I’ll just put up a few common things I have heard in the past and link you some sources to come to terms on your own, cool? Cool. Here goes:

  •  Soy causes cancer
    Well, that’s an absolute blanket statement if I’ve ever heard one. I think anytime I hear “always”, “never” or any type of absolute statement I’m immediately more intrigued and skeptical all at once. So here’s some interesting facts I’ve pulled. Pay attention, dudes.

A recent analysis of eight studies conclude that regular consumption of soy foods was associated with 30% lower risk of prostate cancer (International Journal of Cancer November 20, 2005)

For more info on soy and cancer click here

  • Whey vs. Soy: The Battle of the Protein Source

Well, for a long long time I was firm in belief of whey. However, there’s great argument on the health implications especially linked to cancer causing agents in casein protein, the primary source of protein in milk byproduct i.e. whey. So take a look for yourself if you’re into that.

I found some recommended reads from my friends over at Juice Plus+ in a bit of research I have been conducting if you want to learn more. A. The China Study and B. Whole both written by Prof T. Colin Campbell (the father of nutritional biochemistry) Pick them up at chapters here!

With over 7 years of experience now in the fitness industry, I completely understand the difficulties with nutrition and our busy lifestyles. I’m pumped to announce I have the answers for you now. I have partnered with the fantastic organization, Juice Plus+  and in doing so, this has landed me the ability to help you get your nutrition dialled in holistically, without meds or a gruelling diet plan and without breaking the bank to do so. I can show you how to incorporate whole foods by means of fruits and vegetables into your daily lifestyle, regardless of how busy you may be. Yes. I have shakes. And yes, it’s all GMO and whole food certified. Check out the products here!

If you want to start addressing the lifestyle challenges you’re facing, start with the fuel sources you’re throwing in the tank. Contact me here for more info or email me at mike@armyofharmony.com to request a complimentary nutritional consultation.

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