Have you ever wanted just to numb the pain away?

But a car is spinning tires just outside Blush Lane

They ask for help, you – “of course!”, there is no other way

Their smiles make it hard, at least not today

Have you ever just wanted to grow up and blow away?

Up in the clouds where you’re dreaming almost every single day…

With blinders on you’ll never see or taste or hear them say,

Thanks for stopping to lend a hand so I can get up on my way

I just want to feel loved

Iwant to feel comfortable inside my skin

I want to feel loved (ahwoo!)

Gotta feel it from within

So now it all seems trivial, the things that I could say

Nostalgia of my childhood dreams, for them – just ripped away

Maybe when the time is right, we’ll drop the puck and play,

And kiss and hug and sing and dance as if we’re gone today

I just want to feel loved

I want to feel comfortable inside my skin

I want to feel loved (ahwoo!)

Gotta feel it from within



Today was a lot better. It’s a constant battle however, to delay the emotional suffering until you are in a safe place. You fight through. You kick. You almost have to wear it on your back instead of power it through your feet.

But that’s only sustainable for short amounts of time. The healing needs to take place and Flo says it best, “it’s always darkest before the dawn.”

Keep chipping away and things will turn up. Keep chipping away and do things day by day. They will be better. It’s just around the corner, I promise. When it rains it pours, and things are going to get real good, real soon. Just chip away.

I’ll wear the Albatross for one more day.


I’m participating in Movember to help support men in the music industry that battle the depression, anxiety and mental illnesses like I have – feel free to check out our team page here – https://mobro.co/coachschwartzy?mc=1

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It sounds so simple. And it is. Oftentimes we get stuck in this victimized state of mind where we feel everything is against us, no one wants to be our friend and the world hates what we are doing. Everyone is out to get us. We didn’t get the promotion because the boss doesn’t like our suit, the girl next door gets all the boys because she’s so skinny, and your mother didn’t call you on your birthday because you’re just not her favourite.

Okay, these are all blasphemy, but I’m sure yo get my point. If you don’t like something that’s going on in your life, you – and only you – have the power to change that. So, do just that. Change.

I talk about it as my second pro tip in the week’s #TheSymposium episode, so click the player and listen right here if you’d prefer. Otherwise, read on…

Three Only Three Steps To Making Change

  1. Identify
  2. Take action
  3. Recalibrate
  1. Identify:images-1

    The first bit is really just as it sounds. In order to fix a problem, you must first recognize (and admit.. holy, this sounds like another 12 step program…). So, identify the problem and we’re on to number two…

  2. Take Action: images-2

    I believe this is the most crucial of the steps. We tend to stay paralyzed in a zone of comfort. If you feel as though you might be a habitual comfort-zoner, ask yourself “How’s that working for ya…” Newsflash – only creatures of mediocrity exist in comfort. Get out of your comfort zone. Jump. You’ll find progress. You’ll find expansion and you’ll find success outside of what you’re comfortable in. So, take a leap and then become a warrior in the battle of figuring out where you land. Until you jump you’ll never have to worry about sticking the landing. And the French judge won’t care either way… you’ll still get a 7.3…

  3. Recalibrate: unknown
    Congrats! You jumped! No what, right? That’s what this step is for. Life is constantly going to throw the proverbial curveballs your way, it’s your job to react appropriately. Expect the unexpected. It makes life fun too if you can embrace this. Who really wants everything to always go the way it’s planned. There’s no room for growth and creativity that way. Get creative, problem solve, laugh at yourself and don’t become too serious about, well, really anything. Live. Love. Laugh. Shit’s gonna happen. You’re gonna deal. All good in the hood, mmmmkay!? Mmmmkay.

There we have it. Your personal game plan to address situations you’re not diggin’. The big secret? Get out of them. Hope this helps, please share and subscribe to the podcast if you are liking the words and the thoughts and the idea of creating a movement of influence.

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Want to perform your best? Lose weight? Have energy? Put the bottle down.

Okay, now I’ve started something. They’re coming to get me for sure. They’re going to lock me up. Who? Well, my main crew of course. The entertainment industry and music business.

Here’s a little research I did on the music industry Kryptonite, booze. The sheer culture surrounding booze is is just one of the reasons I am starting to focus my health and performance coaching towards my beloved friends and colleagues in the music industry to help ensure careers don’t get cut short. You know?

Here’s how many calories you’re pouring  (based on just 4 of each said drinks, which for some of us is an average night or two of work in the music industry):

Pint of beer (12 fl oz) – 612 Kcal

Glass of red wine (5 oz) – 500 Kcal

Gin, rum, vodka (1.5 oz) – 388 Kcal

For a complete listing and to find out your own specific calorie intake of your choice booze, please click here

Now, for starters – calories aren’t everything. They are simply our way of measuring energy. However, in this case they do account for something. Think about the typical time of day musicians will have their drinks. Night time. When it’s the right time. Here’s my argument on why drinking is not helping you lose the belly, feel energetic and otherwise perform your best at your job of creating and performing music.

  1. Calories are required for energy. But when we are taking copious amounts of energy in when our bodies are just chillin’, all those extra energy bits get stored as fat for later use. Strike one on losing that gut, buster!
  2. The toxic element of alcohol in booze is damaging on so many different levels it’s not even funny. How do you expect to perform your best when you’re actually disorienting yourself, toxifying your key organs and messing with your own judgment? I would highly doubt a top athletic performer such as Kobe, Gretz or Ronaldo would down a pint to “loosen up” before a big game, so why is that your reasoning?
  3. The addictive qualities of  alcohol stem much deeper than the booze itself. There’s also a stigma that booze helps us to relax… bullshit. Nothing about stimulants are relaxing. The properties of alcohol include the same as caffeine and energy drinks. The depressant properties might make you feel drowsy, but really, your body is in overdrive, especially your mind… which is likely one of the reasons (along with the bright lights noise and tons of other external stimulants) you’re not falling asleep, therefore not recovering to your fullest each night you have a gig. Talk to me about some performance coaching if this is you

Not to mention how many IT guys, business people, lawyers or accountants do you know skip out for a meeting Monday to grab a pitcher of beer or some baileys to go with their double double? Not too many, likely. And if you do, you probably don’t work with them. Why? It’s not professional.

So why is our job as a musician any different? It’s not, in my opinion. And I am here to help show why other, healthier alternative will keep you playing, creating and loving your passion in music for much longer.

Hopefully this triggers something in you the next time you reach out for a drink on the job. Own your own health and perform your best! This is a very touchy subject for some and I encourage you to look out for your friends and definitely let a professional know if you suspect someone has a substance abuse problem. Remember, you don’t have to go around punching holes in the walls and screaming like an insane person to be classified alcoholic. Addiction is addiction. If you can’t stop or need a drink that is textbook definition of an addict. Get help yourself or be a good friend and get them help.

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Open up your heart. 

There once was a time where the only way you felt you could defend yourself was by shutting down and closing off your heart. You don’t need to anymore. You don’t need to be afraid anymore. 

Lower your shield. Lose that heavy armour that once defended your heart. You have honesty, discipline and love now. You no longer need to be on guard. Rest assured with an open heart you will find strength to fulfill your aspirations. With an open heart you will have the control to be the master of your mindset. With an open heart, you will want to love again. 

Unguard. You have the heart. 

Upon reading another chapter of The Sports Gene, I have discovered by all accounts I might fall a bit short of expert status as according to the literature that cites the 10,000 hours rule. 

Give or take, I need 9 hours per day of perfect absolute practice, every single day (actually more!) in order to achieve the status in time for the 2018 Winter Olympics. 

Is that realistic? Not really, I can admit that. But who says one needs to be a grand master of speed skating to make it? And heck, rules are meant to be broken. I’m an experiment anyways, against all physical odds anyways so I’ll consider any result a success. The bigger picture here folks is lighting the fire within yourself by just putting your head down and going for it. 

I’ve said it before, but if I can help to inspire just one person along the way to pursue something they ordinarily wouldn’t have – I’ve already got the podium finish. That part makes me want to strive for those 10,000 hours. 

I like to help my community. For anyone that knows me at all this will not come as a surprise. I spend a lot of time seeking better ways of doing things and seeking areas of opportunity. This past Wednesday marked my first ice session of the season, with my coach Jeff Kitura. I like efficiency and aspiring to become highly effective at what I do, so naturally I tend to seek out those that have found success before me and model those characteristics or traits that have landed their accomplishments.
Today I stumbled upon a very powerful story I would like every one of you reading this to go and follow. Alexandra Ianculescu is a top level speed skater with some amazing talent right here in our backyard. I’ve seen this gal race and wow, she makes me want to pursue this sport hard. Truly inspiring. You can see how much she loves what she does after a few snapshots into her life via Twitter and Instagram.
While I may have a gift for the gab, my skills may play a role in hardening the theory that is getting ahead is more about “who you know” rather than what you know, or in this case how you skate… but when it becomes a limiting factor in discovery of grand talent… I intervene against my own skill set.
I’m asking you to go and read Alex’ story. She is a remarkable skater and clearly has a vision upon reading her blogs… She is currently campaigning for financials to put towards her athletic development for a quality support team around her, supplements, and other costs associated with her athletic endeavours on hope of representing Canada in the Olympics in SOKO 2018, much alike me. I can attest to hard brutal training is for this sport, and proper nutrition, supplementation and therapy goes a long long way. Please read her story and support! I don’t dig it if Alex isn’t able to compete like she should! Check it out here