Meal plans don’t work. Well, I guess it depends on what your definition of “work” is, actually.

For me and my clients, friends, family and anyone I have some sort of influence over or some sort of vested interest in, this is what my definition of “work” is in the context of aiming to correct or give aide to something, namely: lifestyle goals.

An attainable strategy in not only achieving and maintaining outcome based goals, but inspiring progress towards reaching for new, even more rad goals.

Cool, huh? That’s what I thought anyway. So here is my number one beef with folks that ask for a diet, or a meal plan or another form of quick fixings on a much deeper-roosted behavioural issue. Expect to only put a bandage on the wound when you fail to address the root of the problem.

Let’s look at diet for example: When we cut starch carbs, dairy and sugar out of our lives cold turkey, the success rate of maintaining that without any habit based practice in changing the lifestyle that is associated with one making those choices is significantly reduced.

Here’s a video that gives you my three pro tips to overcome the New Years funk…

In order for it to “stick”. We need to first address the behaviours that will get us on the right track. More on that below…


As a Precision Nutrition coach, I find myself talking about this extensively so I wanted to put together a super informative info session that you and your friends can learn and interact with me on this upcoming Sunday, January 28th.

I just ran a great session tonight on how to beat post holiday, haven’t started my New Years Resolutions epidemic that runs wild every January…

Check the replay out here so you can get a taste of my presentation…

Join in for tips on how to pick the right foods for your body type, how to make tiny, slowchanges that will get and keep that unwanted body weight off, and most importantly, learn how to feel and perform better at life.

Here is your private link:

I hope to see you there.

Comment below, What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to food choices and your diet?


Until next time, stay sweet!


We often have too much time to think. I experienced this yesterday whilst spinning for 3 hours, sub-aerobic capacity for training.

Self-doubt can be detrimental. Stick to your guns, don’t worry about the nay-sayers. Use their skepticism as fuel to your already hot, burning coals. I needed this yesterday. I have at times been guilty of going gun-ho at something but letting obstacles get in the way. Injuries, other people and their suggestions or opinions. Actually having read that and to admit that hurts me a little bit inside. But it’s true – and I am now able to recognize it coming on. This task of mine is bigger than just me. I am forever committed to seeing it through. Whatever that is – I’m not sure until I get there. But one thing I know for sure, no one is going to stop me. They’ll be there in the end, they’re just keeping me in check.

Use the yields along the way as a reminder to keep doing what you do. The stop signs are merely things you pass en route to achieving success. This is your road. Drive through the night.

To be the best that you can be is paramount to success. To  be the best it comes down to two undeniable parts:

  1. Attaining the highest quality resources in training and performance; and
  2. The pursuit of passion

To sit here and write on which one is more important would be taxing and not an effective use of my time. They both clearly go hand in hand. I am going to write about the third, not so talked about key, support and belief.

This dream of mine Pyeong Chang, 2018 started as a fun idea that’d at the very least, increase my fitness into a whole new world. It’s seen a few smaller transformations as the months have gone on and this has provided me with a real reason as to “why” I am indeed following through and “what” it exactly is that I am pursuing.

It’s two-fold though – my dream is both tangible and intangible. I can touch, feel, live, smell and hear all the awesome that will come with winning races, making personal records and breaking them, training hard and skating fast. In my head that encompasses the tangible wins that translate to success. However, the intangibles are the reasons I can’t feel. Like the testing theory of overcoming physical barriers that I have always tried to break free of. This time, I’m doing it right. Not in a rebellious fashion but for the positive. Bringing awareness and hope to others in similar confining circumstances, be it physical limitations, psychological barriers or otherwise. Anything can be done, and I’m setting myself out there to prove this theory. It’s about damn time I give back to the folks that have helped me get to where I am today.

That brings me to my point; support.

Support is the third and most underrated key to success. The darkhorse, if you will…. No matter how hard I train, how great my equipment or coach or training is, no matter how much I develop my skills – none of that matters if I do not have the support of the fine folks around me.

That positive reinforcement and encouragement is sometimes all you need to truly understand you’re doing the right thing. And it doesn’t have to be constant. I have recently experienced little pumps of confidence in my journey from friends and family. They don’t even realize the power of their words or actions, but it really helps fuel my dream and put into perspective the “why” of this 4 year dream. I already feel successful and this ride has just begun.

I can’t wait to share my story with anyone that’ll listen. Here we go SOKO 2018 – dasDarkhorse

No matter how hard your train, how much you focus on strategy, skill, coordination… No matter how many times you roll through the movements, excite the race in your mind and envision winning.
No amount of training can fully prepare you for the competition. Embrace the nerves. Go out and be.

Why do we try to be everything to everyone?

As I sit here basking in the nostalgia of Everclear’s “So Much For The Afterglow” – one of the first albums I ever bought on my own, I am finding myself lost in the simpleness of imperfection. I don’t think the social code of modern times really caters towards imperfection. When I say this I really mean folks should be okay with making mistakes. It’s part of our code in how we learn for the better.

One of my heroes in the business and philanthropy world and frankly one of my most favourite human beings – Mr. W Brett Wilson keeps this mantra. In fact his book “Redefining Success: And Still Making Mistakes” takes this theory to the next level. You should read it! I really admire that man for everything he has been through, good and bad and his ability to not expect a certain outcome or result. He is clearly comfortable in his element and therefore has found incredible amounts of success, first in his professional life albeit with the sacrifice of his personal life and heath. Thankfully, he figured it out and has since got everything back on track. Not to spoil the book or anything, I’m just a really big fan of perseverance…. and apparently tangents…

Essentially what I am getting at is that we as humans are meant to make mistakes and be imperfect. It’s a uniqueness that we all have and should embrace. However cliche it may seem, we need to fail in order to find true success. You may have heard it before, but you don’t really know what it is like to win, until you have lost. And that is true heart.

The heart of a champion is one that has seen defeat. Some times repeated defeat. The difference in the heart of a champion is that it knows no rest. It will kick and kick and pump and pump and try again. Backwards or not. Against all odds. The heart will persevere.

How do we apply this positively to our lives now, though? Well in a world so caught up in social standards, I can understand where this becomes puzzling. I too, struggle at times with just being okay with the outcome. There’s so much pressure to climb the corporate ladder. Achieve the greatest amount of success. Provide for yourself and your family. But don’t do it that way! You need to do things this way. In the right order.

You know what? I am running on a theory I’ve had in my entire sports career. The more we build up the pressure to win, the pressure on having a perfect game, making the perfect play, perfecting our routine….. The more we fixate on that perfectly perfect rationale…. the more we lose sight of the actual outcome. We get pigeon-holed and subsequently stuck in the fear of losing and we ultimately choke. Look at any underdog. Why do you think the power of the people back the underdog in most cases? Everyone loves a good underdog story. Heck, I’m one of them! Even my story is one of them! If you’re reading this, you are likely just like me in that regard. But why?

There’s a good chance that the ones without the fear of losing will out perform the favourites. There’s nothing to lose, right? Just go out and have fun. Why doesn’t the same theory apply in all aspects of life?

I think for the sake of being cool with oneself in a given situation, knowledge of the proposed outcome limits our ability to succeed. I say just role with it. We are only in control of how we handle experiences at the end of the day anyways, right? Being okay with imperfection will slowly build character, integrity and a long withstanding respect. Example – I think it says a lot about the professional athlete that bifs as they step out on to the ice and has enough wit and humility to shake it off and understand that they alike the rest of us will make mistakes. Sometimes juvenile and silly mistakes. To me, that just adds to the appeal and is something I stand deeply for in truly understanding myself and being okay with where I am at as me. I want to strive for that. That to me is perpetually learning. That to me is unbound success. No comparisons. No judgement. Just continuing down my path, one step (or stride!) at a time.

Thank you for listening.

Here’s a mismatch “mashup” if you will on a couple chapters of what I read yesterday and today then applied. Digest.

To say that we as humans pursue what we don’t have is an understatement of gross proportions.
FACT- you’d stop reading this if your hair caught on fire right now.
Why? Well, because the priority would be survival. Nothing would be more important than that right now.
Once survival is maintained, what’s next? Covey argues psychological well being. In that acceptance, recognition and the like take a close second place to merely physical survival! Incredible how much the people around you and the conversation and relationships can sway your attitude.
I’m living proof today.

But I bring it back to the barren wasteland that is an unfulfilled need. Our psyche demands that we pursue what we don’t have incredibly hard. And once we have it – we tend to chill a bit. Probably explains some folks and their desire to work out an insane amount for the upcoming vacation. But then what? Typically, they’re known in my profession as “start-stoppers”.
What I took from today and in closing; pump people up! Have meaningful conversation, try to understand folks and what their perspective is and be considerate. Accept others’ views. Embrace change and be open to the other side. Value difference. That difference is what will cause synergy in your relationships. Work. Personal. Doesn’t matter. And for crying out loud admit when you’re at fault. When you screw up. Just do it. It shows empathy, integrity and builds trust. If you don’t, you stand to risk breaking down those pillars that are so crucial for meaningful relationships.
Above all, continue to seek challenge. Set goals high so you don’t succumb to complacency of fulfillment. Set them high and set them often.
Now, digest.

20140618-211318-76398634.jpgThis is a picture of paradise’s otherside. Lots of meaning to contemplate. Barren wasteland of a dormant volcano. Dormant, not dead. The other side of a lush, invigorating jungle island. The empty openness characterized by fulfilled needs. Chaos. Take it as the world you see fit.