Meal plans don’t work. Well, I guess it depends on what your definition of “work” is, actually.

For me and my clients, friends, family and anyone I have some sort of influence over or some sort of vested interest in, this is what my definition of “work” is in the context of aiming to correct or give aide to something, namely: lifestyle goals.

An attainable strategy in not only achieving and maintaining outcome based goals, but inspiring progress towards reaching for new, even more rad goals.

Cool, huh? That’s what I thought anyway. So here is my number one beef with folks that ask for a diet, or a meal plan or another form of quick fixings on a much deeper-roosted behavioural issue. Expect to only put a bandage on the wound when you fail to address the root of the problem.

Let’s look at diet for example: When we cut starch carbs, dairy and sugar out of our lives cold turkey, the success rate of maintaining that without any habit based practice in changing the lifestyle that is associated with one making those choices is significantly reduced.

Here’s a video that gives you my three pro tips to overcome the New Years funk…

In order for it to “stick”. We need to first address the behaviours that will get us on the right track. More on that below…


As a Precision Nutrition coach, I find myself talking about this extensively so I wanted to put together a super informative info session that you and your friends can learn and interact with me on this upcoming Sunday, January 28th.

I just ran a great session tonight on how to beat post holiday, haven’t started my New Years Resolutions epidemic that runs wild every January…

Check the replay out here so you can get a taste of my presentation…

Join in for tips on how to pick the right foods for your body type, how to make tiny, slowchanges that will get and keep that unwanted body weight off, and most importantly, learn how to feel and perform better at life.

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I hope to see you there.

Comment below, What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to food choices and your diet?


Until next time, stay sweet!


A lot of folks don’t know the natural benefits of raw foods. So let’s open up discussion on one of them; beets.

Historically, these bad boys have been described as medicine, not just food. A true testament to their full potency. Here are my Top 11 points that should encourage you to pour a glass of natural beet juice every once in awhile.

11 Reasons To Drink Beet Juice

  1. Beets contain betalains. Two of which, betanin and vulgaxanthin contain loads of goodness, including antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and detoxification properties.
  2. 1 Cup of raw beets contains just 58 calories and 2g of Protein
  3. 1 cup of raw beets contain 6% DV of iron
  4. Lower blood pressure! Beets contain nitrates. Research shows that the high number of nitrates will immediately lower your blood pressure.
  5. Detox! Beet juice will help detoxify your liver, dump toxins and rebuild liver cells. Boom. Rad.
  6. Prevent premature aging! Lycoprene will help keep your skin elastic, so beets help prevent aging
  7. Energy! That nitric oxide produced from the nitrates will help you boost energy
  8. Lower blood sugar! Those dang soluble fibres found in beets help aide in reducing glucose in the blood stream.
  9. Improve sexual performance! Those nitrates are back at it. When they get converted to nitric oxide that stimulates blood flow. Bow chicka bow wow!
  10. May help arthritis and joint pain
  11. Helps to improve cognitive function. You will reduce your chances of dementia due to increased blood flow from the high amounts of nitrates found in beet juice.

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Attention all drummers!

Try this one out before your next rehearsal and unglue your shitty forearms.

Here’s what to do.

1. Grab a LAX ball, or a tennis ball to start cause this can get NASTY.

2. Hang you wrist off of a counter or over your snare.

3. Roll the ball over your forearm, up close to the elbow.

4. Find the spot that sings like Shakira and hold it!

5. Make a fist. Try not to cry. 👶

6. Relax, open your fist and repeat all the way down closer to the wrist.

HIYA! Take that, wrist pain.

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🎶 by The Heist – “Let it Go”

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‘Til next time, stay sweet.

I think I’ve heard it all over the years. It’s too expensive to eat well. I can’t afford organic food. It’s such a hassle to grocery shop. I just need something quick… Basically everything.

All good. I found the solution. It’s called “Click & Collect” and it’s offered here in Canada at a whole bunch of Superstores! It’ll save you time, money and allow for you to get your meals down for the week. No more excuses on the nutrition front. I’m all about a helping hand and this service is a great way to keep your food stuffs on lock down.

Here is the gist…

Step 1:

Go online and create an account at, shop through your virtual store for all the groceries you want. Be sure to check the store that’s most convenient to your location and the time of pick up as well. The tutorial walks you through things pretty well.

How does this help?

This is great because you can plan shit way better. And you don’t end up buying a bunch of junk you don’t want in the house. And you can seek deals on produce and shit. Not actually shit, unless you’re into that sort of thing…

Step 2:

Confirm your pickup store and pick up time and proceed to pay online or pay at pick up. I tried adding my debit visa to my account and at first it said it was all good, but ended up not going through, so I just paid at the store upon pickup. Super easy either way, just do what fits you, boo.

How does this help?

Budget. You don’t overspend when you see the total value of your cart right there, right? Sure it’ll cost $3-$5 (depending on the day of pickup) but imagine that as your investment to not pick up the junk chips or cookies you were going to if you found yourself in aisle 13… plus I thought the $3 was fine as that in itself saved me the hour of walking around getting my $80 worth of groceries.

Step 3:

Go get your food at the store you picked at the time you picked. Really, it’s that simple. They even have loading bay parking spots at most stores as I found out afterwards. Walk in, say hey, they bring everything out and even load itineraries if you don’t want to. Pretty rad, right?

How does this help?

You quite literally just have to show up and check in. Make payment and carry about your day. Super convenient. Since most of us are sitting at work, take a break, load up your shopping list, plan a pick up after work and boom. Instead of spending an hour or more picking things up, you ensure you’ve got the freshest options ready to go. It kills. I dig.

Extra things you should know

You should look into PC Plus points. It’s a reward system PC has put together that automatically sends you a weekly debrief on the deals of the week that you tend to buy. You load these offers each week  or two and then you get points that go towards your account balance. Redeem these points for dollars off your grocery bill. It applies to everything – gas, booze, prescriptions, medical, groceries. Just keep your eye out each week on your email offers and plan accordingly. Save some dough.

Superstore generally has the lowest prices across the board. Good selection of weird natural foods, good cheap bulk food, you know… all the good things. Yes, they’re a bigger chain and while I’m still pro-small market… I sway between doing bigger runs here when things are tight on the budget and I have the Tiguan and the dog in tow.

One downside…

Here’s something I wanna hack. So far I’m not sure how to get them to use my reusable bags.. as I’m pro-green, I’m not thrilled about using plastic bags, however I just keep them for Darwin instead of buying doggy bags for his walks. So I guess in a sense I reuse the bags anyways… but still, if anyone finds out how to crack that part of the system, please let me know. I’ll ask them today upon pickup.


If anyone has other options in their areas, please feel free to share. This one is good for us north of the border. Great service, great innovation… great way to eliminate the food excuses.

Now go out and shop well! Stay sweet!



It’s simple. it’s healthy. It’s convenient. It’s friggin’ tasty AF.

Here’s the goods. Play with it. Make it your own.

  1. Pour some dressing down in the bottom. I dig the homemade wasabi dressing for an asian kick, or apple cider and olive oil for a fresh summer flavour. Boom. Mind blown.
  2. Thrown down with some berries if you’re into that sorta thing
  3. Veggies, veggies and more veggies. I like sprouts, carrots and lentils even.
  4. Protein!
  5. Nuts, grains and/or leafy greens

Boom. Cap it. Throw it in the fridge and you have a wicked easy lunch on the go.

You’re welcome. Now take a look at this awesome visual for inspiration.


Alright, here’s a good one for y’all. (there’s my Canadian farm boy showin’…YAHOO!)

Here’s a great 10 minute recipe to fulfill your chocolate addiction with some good stuff!

Raw Cacoa (or cocoa) is a super food. More anti-oxidants than blueberries, highest levels of magnesium in the natural world, and enough caffeine to give you a bit of a kickstart, this food is just a great addition to your heart-health conscious diet!

I made some sweet coconut chocolate last night and thought it’d be unfair of me to not share, so here’s it goes.

Whatchu need! 

Bunch of flaked unsweetened coconut

natural cacao powder

coconut butter/oil

agave/maple syrup

smooth peanut butter

nuts, dried fruit, chia and/or granola

more friggin’ coconut


Whatchu gotta do!

Pre heat the oven to like 300-350 or so… grab a cookie tray and lay down some parchment paper on that bad boy. Sprinkle a bunch of nuts/granola mix on there and toss it in the over for 5-10 minutes.

While that’s going, get a bit of coconut oil… I’d say 3/4 cup or so… and put that down on a pan and turn the heat up on just low. Get a slow jam goin’…

You wanna add some coconut flakes to that oven madly of nuts, fruit and seeds now. But only for like 2-4 minutes… otherwise it burns. No one likes burnt coconut. Don’t be a dick.

The coconut butter should be all melty now, so add like 3/4 cup of cacao powder and maybe 2 tsp of peanut butter (mine was a coconut peanut butter…surprised?) and maybe a few lines of agave and mix that all up over low heat….then add that roasted oven medley in and continue stirring the shit out of it!

Finally, feel free to add more stuff to the chocolate mix in the pan if you feel you need some more nuts or something… I’m not the boss of you.

Get that pan and parchment paper all ready again and lay the warm gooey chocolate down and spread it out over a nice thin layer on the paper… the, go nuts, throw the chia seeds and some more coconut flakes on top cause it’s bomb-ass tasty!

Toss this pan in the ol’ freezer and serve chilled. You now have snacks and a reason for people to be at your home other than to play with your cute dog, Darwin.

You’re welcome. Enjoy!



Mom was right all along. “Slow down or you’ll choke!”

Eating is an art. To some, it’s an act of getting as many calories into their mouth hole as quickly as possible. The correlation between this act and the irony of how parallelled their livelihood is is uncanny. If we can’t take 20 to sit, distraction free and enjoy our food – how can we expect to take 20 to sit and enjoy anything else.

Asides from the fact that it’s just a good practice in patience within the confines of the mile-a-minute paced lifestyle we tend to lead, here’s a couple reasons you need to slow the ‘eff down and enjoy your meals.

  1. Lose weight – if you’re looking to lose weight, eating quickly is going to produce the the opposite of that. Slow down so your body has time to process the food and tell you when you’re actually full. Otherwise, you force food down and you’re body goes “Oh shit!” when you’re already full. This is what is known as overeating and an unfortunate factor in our obesity epidemic especially in North America. Slow the eff down! Tricks to help you slow down would be trying to enjoy a conversation with people around you while you eat, putting the cutlery down in between your bites,
  2. Focus on your task at (or in) hand! – take yourself into a room free from distractions. Your body needs time to process the nutrients and work at digestion. If you half-ass it, it’s much like half-ass reading or something. You’ll produce half the results. You aren’t just what you eat, you’re what you digest. Let your body do it’s job. Slow the ‘off down! Play classical music, get off the phone…do your thing!

Those are a couple of my favourite reasons to slow the ‘off down when you’re eating. Your lifestyle might even follow suit.