I guess I was “too busy”, hyper active with productivity to notice the energy shift.

It came when I was teaching a Musician Wellness course at Long-McQuade. I was teaching energy work, and how to focus your thoughts and channel an “energy ball”. This is typically only something you can do when you have an abundance of energy that needs to release. Clearly, I had that…. I felt like I had a basketball between my hands…


The result?

Back in my lane. Full throttle.

The Power of Ownership, Positivity and The Greater Good

What a way to wrap things up tonight. Mindset: The True Power of Ownership, Attitude and the Greater Good. There is so much to this topic it was super challenging to fit it into two hours! Huge shout out to @longandmcquade Calgary North for the awesome venue and support for the music community, and to all those that attended, thank you. It was great to get to know each of you and I’m very excited to stay in the loop and see how you implement your key takeaways. If you are feeling bold and took the course (or even if you didn’t) I’d encourage you to comment one key action you’re going to implement RIGHT NOW to start to turn around the one thing that’s limiting you from your best self. I know, heavy. We got this! Tag a friend that needs the kick too. We are a collective, after all @musicfithq • • • #lifecoach #musicfit #nutrition #mindset #movement #longandmcquade #musicianwellnessyyc #life #love #live #laugh #attitude #rad #raditude #groove #movement #groovement #pineappleguacamole #yoga #bodhitreeyoga #stretch #relax #fitness #drums #speaker #guitar #whiplash #calgary #yyc #localmusic #fitnessyyc

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You see, our bodies harbour emotional turmoil, negative stressors and physiological trauma in the weirdest ways. We bury them, deep within our thoughts and until we allow ourselves to visit these thoughts, we don’t truly get well. Oftentimes, I’ve helped to guide people that were so numb from the emotional wreckage they’d put on themselves (usually from years of self-neglect couple with traumatic experiences) that they didn’t even feel anything until days after. Like a car wreck. Or legs day with me. 😉

I’ve been fortunate enough to have around me a world-class support system, and I encourage you to pick and choose who you are around. And more importantly, what you believe. While most of us have heard the cliche saying “you’re the product of the 5 people you’re around the most”, I challenge you (and heard reiterated by a mentor of mine, JP Sears, that it’s even more powerful to recognize that you’re the sum of the 5 beliefs you’re around the most.

What a whirlwind of expression, abundance and gratitude. That’s only the first 48 hours of the MFHQ (check the Collective out here as we are going through some major changes to bring to you, the music industry an unbelievable service that’s been laying dormant for quite some time). We can all write, we can all train, we can all know “that guy”. I’m just the host of the party.

I said it tonight. it doesn’t so much matter who you know. Rather, I have found in my experience (which counts for a lot these days) “who knows you” matters much, much more.

Authenticity shines and someday we’ll find it.

Keep being real. Keep being silly. Keep the fire warm. Keep your stick on the ice.

2 Pro Tips to Create Space

  1. Let go of anything physical or emotional that’s holding you back – you must release. Forgive yourself for the past, let go of your thoughts and belief systems that chain you to a ball. Anything that devalues you, part ways with. Sometimes this can be represented by physical moments, memories, gifts and things that connote negative energy just by being around you. These things must leave. Bye bye.
  2. Same with relationships. These are sometimes the hardest parts to cut because your belief system has triggered an auto-response. Fun Fact – Beliefs are completely non truthful. Eat your hat.

Food For Thought

What’s one action you can take right now to change something in your life that only brings you down?

Write it down. Do it.

Thanks for reading,

Namaste sweet!



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There goes a saying that if you get knocked down 7 times, it’s ok… as long as you get up 8.

Chantal is well over those numbers.

Meet a Total Game Changer. By that I mean, this is the type of human who hides no emotion, makes no excuses and inspires others through sheer grit and determination.

When I asked her “What do you say to those who are struggling and wanna give up…” She had no answer. Why? She goes out and does the little things that have lead her to success and in overcoming adversity. She doesn’t just talk big game. A true leader in every capacity, you should take a listen to our chat as she invited me into her new digs, overlooking the beautiful Rocky Mountains deep in the heart of south west Calgary, AB.

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You may just reconsider giving up on those push-ups and pump one or two more out after hearing this story of determination 101.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s with great honour that I introduce you to Miss. Chantal Marczinski.

Those that strive for excellence, not even in a sense of perfection – just constant progression, are oftentimes mistaken for being poor listeners or just plain stubborn. I believe they, alike me are just deafened by the roar of excuses from everyone else around them.  


Our character is simply defined by the way we react to circumstance. Two choices generally speaking; one being fleeing the situation, not dealing with the repercussions and abandoning your post. As a professional, I’m not keen on this reaction. It’s low handed, immature and selfish.

I prefer to maintain consistency regardless of circumstance. That’s the second choice. That helps to define me as a professional. I prefer to rise up to the given challenge. Abandon nothing. Anything worth it is worth the effort… And as this drags on and plays out, I see the true colours and this is just not worth the effort. I don’t want any of this back. It’s actually too bad the Holiday party isn’t two days later… Right, Pronchuk?

Ironically, a friend of mine, an incredible athlete herself told me that being an athlete and dealing with relationships can be a grind. “Most people just don’t get us.”
I’m starting to feel that this is actually just a really messed up way of setting things up for 2018. I have a clear objective and now only support in achieving it. In all the right places.

Accept that sometimes you will never find answers to all the questions. Keep moving forward. Stay low going in and slingshot yourself out of each corner. Pick up speed and come out better than when you went in. And my god, finish that last 200!
Am I scared of what lies beyond the next corner in the backstretch? Of course not. I embrace it.
You’ve only added fuel to my fire, honey.