“I dunno.”

The only words to escape my empty mind at the time. Fast forward to a couple nights ago. Similar in approach to a tee.

“I dunno.”

See, human beings are fascinating creatures. Oftentimes we tend to think about all the things at the end of the road. Meanwhile, we have missed the beauty of the turns, the hills and the coastal view all along the way.

It’s right in front of you.

But only when you’re ready will your eyes clear the fog and let you see for yourself.

And that’s okay.

We’ve got all the time in the world. It just likes to chase us.

Thanks for listening, namaste sweet.

Goodnight. 😚



On Stillness:

Do you ever just sit down and tune out?

This has been fairly effective way for me to prioritize my thoughts and I had an awesome experience last night as I was packing things up from my parents farm out just east of the city.

The cold air made for a deafening silence and I only really heard the crunching under my feet. I was filled with love from having just played with my niece and nephew for three hours, totally surprise style visit as my ma and pa didn’t tell me Sean and the fam would be there… intentionally surprising me I’m sure, knowing how rough of a last couple weeks I have had and what seeing the kiddos would do to my heart.

Those two kids just have a way of warming up the room, but it was the reflection piece of that that got me the most this time. Playing with those kids, not being glued to my phone, all the work I could be doing, the news, the Instagram likes and Facebook news – none of that distraction… that was the stillness I needed.

On Productivity:

I’ve been up since 7am working away on a few different projects. Get up, stretch it out, train some clients, eat some food, have some meetings and get back at it. One of these projects I’m particularly proud of is something I had been sitting on since the fall, before MusicFit. Of course, another entrepreneurial expansion of my trades, Monkey Tree Marketing. It’s my Personality Marketing venture – Head here to find out what that’s all about.

And check out this video below to get an understanding of how I came up with the name, the brand and my experience from the ashes of some of the worst depression I have had since 2013. Enjoy. These guys are pivotal in my life, both musically but more importantly on a social construct kinda way…

Hug those you love, do good and be well.

Thanks for listening,

There no secret. Alliterations aside, my friends are few, fucking and fantastic.

When you have a crew that’s got your back, a crew that invites you inside their world, inside their dreams… you just feel safe.

I owe a lot to my friends. “A lot” in the sense of the man I’ve become. Without the love, support and patience, especially the patience – I would be lost in the woods.

And oftentimes I feel that I still am.

But you know what, it’s a helluva lot more fun to get lost together.

Thanks for reading,

Have you ever held on to something and felt like you were out of control? Like it was just out of reach… Ever so slowly, slipping out of your hands?

I thought I would feel that for the first time last week as I held on to my Omi’s hand as she lay motionless, helpless in her hospital bed in Cold Lake, Alberta. I did my best to pull out the golden-boy grandson routine of sheer comedic relief, but truth be told it was all a defence mechanism for me. I’ve never really experienced an up-close and personal encounter with the imminent signs of death and a loved one before. I mean, kind of back in 2010 when my dad ended up in the hospital over night from an aortic aneurysm. But hell, my now ex and I just showed up that Sunday morning by his bedside as he came to from the anaesthesia of post-surgery. It wasn’t as real as holding on to a hand that you’ve known all your life to give you all the support and love you could handle as a child. To hold on to that and to fear the moment when that grip finally slipped away… that was real. That, ironically is life.

However, I didn’t experience it.

My apparent good-willed humour and the presence of other loved ones such as my mother must have given Omi a renewed lease on life. A reminder as to why she was still kickin’. At 86 years old, she’s had one helluva time through the thick and the thin alongside my Opa, who is quite possibly the greatest man on this planet. Sure, they squabble, as any married couple will, but their undying love for one another was grossly magnified during the last week. A week I hadn’t prepared for and certainly didn’t expect to come out much wiser, stronger and empowered from.

I learned that the healing power of touch is awesomely underestimated. We went up to Cold Lake on Monday expecting to say farewell to my mother’s mother. Instead, our thoughtfulness, our compassion and our love incited a passion in Omi to hold on and stick around until next time we get to visit (which for my folks looks like about a month). And that’s okay. At this time, mini goals are all it takes. One step at a time. Day by day. One hospital meal of crushed ice and orange antibiotics at a time…

Make a plan. It’s there for you to use as a guide if nothing else. Clearly my Omi’s plan changed when we got there this past week. Eff, was she ever surprised. When you make a plan at least you can go off the grid a bit when you want to. Shake things up and understand the power of your presence around everyone, loved or not in your day to day interactions. The impact you have with the silliest things such as touch goes a really long way.

Thanks for hearing me out. And thanks for sharing


The perfect cup starts out the same for everyone. Empty. It’s then up to you to choose how you fill it, if you choose to fill it at all. I choose to fill mine with a cocktail of sorts: Love, laughter, support, confidence, and conversation. 

Tonight was one of the best nights of my life, let alone one of the best Christmas Eves ever. Tonight I got to feed and comfort my wee niece, Brielle, and laughed, high-fived, played hockey, smiled and made goofy faces with my 2 year old kid nephew “Zaneroo”. I smiled harder more tonight than I think I have ever done in my life. I got to help my mom with dinner and then after gifts, (we are German … it’s tradition to open gifts on Christmas Eve) I was able to help to set up my dads work station ergonomically so his posture can start to be addressed. All of this solidified two things: one – I want to be a father for sure. Two – I want to be there for my kids every step of the way. 

Love, laughter & support

What I mean by being here for ’em comes back to the cup. I’m don’t have a lot of money, but I’m certainly not poor by any means. When you get to play hockey with your nephew while he runs around like a wild man and you can see the love for life in his eyes and then you get to hold his baby sister and she just stares at you with unbelievable trust and love… you just forget about all of your problems, you know? You never get to experience that kinda shit again. It’s nice to be a part of it. If not for you, for them. 

So I guess the lesson here is that. Set your shit aside, and understand that you are completely able to overcome all obstacles in your way of achieving happiness. Yes, some have more obstacles than others, and I won’t deny that. But it all comes down to choice. 


I wouldn’t miss these years and these moments with family for the world. You only get Christmas Eve once a year, and you only get so many years before it’s all gone anyways. Sure, new traditions can work too.. I’m all for forward thinking, but I remember how great it was to look at both my father and my mother and tell them “Santa got my list!!” It was just complete with everyone there, you know? 

I am the proudest uncle ever tonight. I really connected with both my niece and my nephew. I am so glad I decided to leave work at home, drive out to the farm, and spend quality time with amazing little humans and part of my family. 

When it comes to family, there’s no such things as being “too motivating”, laughing too much, or having “me time”. I seriously can’t wait to have a family of my own and be able to take in all the little things. I want to be a part of their tender years. 

I fill my cup to the brim! What are you going to do? What’s your perfect cup?

We don’t take time to ourselves. We don’t put the cell phone away at dinner. We have trouble when there’s no internet on vacation. Does this sound familiar? It’s all part of the lameness that cones with our generation of working professionals. The same generation that is at a higher risk than ever for things like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and cancer. 

I challenge you to revisit your childhood, and play again. Go read a Roald Dahl novel. Build a snow fort and eat grilled cheese while watching Inspector Gadget. 

Love life, enjoy your company and make the most of every experience because it’s all too short for you to take things too seriously. 

Thank you. 

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I have a serious problem with most folks’ attitude towards problem solving these days. Please, comment below and tell me if I’m wrong. 

If there’s a problem you’re faced with or if you don’t like your current position in any aspect of life, you have 3 steps to follow in my books in order to efficiently take a productive course of action to remedy that situation. Strap in because it might get a little rocky! Here we go!

1. Identify the Problem! Think logically about your situation then make moves to better understand anything you may not fully grip. The key here is listening, especially if there’s other people involved. Especially if those other people hold relationships very close to you. Don’t eff this one up. 

2. Take a Stance! It’s quintessential to put your foot down once you’ve gathered the facts and determined that you’re unhappy. Take action to guide yourself away from the crap that the situation originally had you in. Oftentimes this just means remove yourself from being involved or simply stating “not right now” (Thinking about the classic fire fighting state we find ourselves in at work… Ie: meeting deadlines and such).

3. Follow through every time! Consistency separates the professionals from the amateurs. If you remain firm about your position, you will start to see a steady decline of unfavourable situations you find yourself in. This is because you’ve raised the bar. You’ve set standards for yourself and those around you. You’re telling everyone around you (politely of course!) to respect your time and your wellbeing. Let’s think about it this way; do you think it’s fair that you now have to stay late because Johnny didn’t file his report on time and has cause a minor delay on the timeline for the project due next week? Probably not. The old you would cover his ass and get it in that night. 

Instead, I challenge you to take Johnny’s report, set it on your desk and tell Johnny that you will get to it when you have the time to do so. Then schedule it for the next available time you have so as not to put the rest of your work on hold on Johnny’s behalf. Meanwhile, Johnny May freak out, lose his mind, go KooKoo for CoCo Puffs and that’s just find. We know now that we are entirely able to control the outcome of every situation we face by however respond. Don’t concern yourself with how Johnny handles the news, good or bad. It’s not up to you. You’re doing you, boo. 

It’s empowering once you break the habit of being everyone’s “go to”. You will feel a lot more in control of yourself. And this trick works for everything you set your mind to. Try it out. 

In closing, I want you to remember this quote and try implementing it immediately:

Action is the bridge between your dreams and reality.