It translate so beautifully,

If you slow down and stare,

No stops. Continue…

Life’s there to share.


We’ll make sure you’re covered,

For your time and expense,

She said so; confirming,

I won’t miss the rent.

Just play.


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash


I was bumped up on the therapy wait list. I head in Friday morning instead of two weeks from now, and that’s exciting. I embrace talking about my experience. It helps me fit things in and take things out.

I (re) learned a lot last night:

Great friends are always thinking about you and will always have your back.

I had to reschedule my session last night with my two best pals. They sent me this in lieu:

They are both doing so well and even when their coach isn’t there, they still push it. Champions are doing the work when no one is watching. These two are champs. Thanks guys.

Music is powerful.

I don’t know where to start.

Jess and Robb, thank you. Music and Motion was a compete hit tonight and you guys were great. I can’t wait to get some pictures up from the House. For now –


These two beauties came with me to the Ronald McDonald House and played an awesome set of music for the kids and their parents while the kids basically used me as a jungle gym. It was awesome. The families loved it, mom and dad got to relax, and that’s why I do this.

Then the show, K.Flay and Sir Sly both just killed it. The amazing thing about both of these artists is the poetic complexities. I’d strongly encourage you to take a listen to the hardships and the battles and the adversity in the art.

This is where the title comes from today. Borrowed and paraphrased K.Flay’s sign off before the last song she performed…”Remember, right now isn’t forever.”

That stuck.


And leads me to wonder if the human condition has room to be fully complete…? or if the lifestyle choices and the drug use and addition and anxiety all lends itself to some higher form of the craft. Like seriously, what would we sing about? How would we relate to our audience if the new rock star lifestyle was about gluten free bread, hemp seeds and kombucha. Like how hard of a life is that?

Food for thought…

Children have so much to teach us, but we adults have a hard time with humility.

How come my nephew can squat, jump, balance and do bear crawls but my 20 something clients can’t?

Just an example…

Last night I was a human jungle gym for 6 kids 5-9 years old and feed a straight diet of sugar. And we got them all under control and relaxed. They respond well when you ask them to perform a task. They do not respond well when you tell them what not to do…

Thanks Mark England.

Child whisperer. That’s my alias.

Again, we await RMH photos for evidence.

We busy ourselves with what’s important. We prioritize our needs.

Or at least we should. Don’t take it personally, but do take it as a sign that the effort isn’t mutual and there’s a disconnect if you feel that you’re reaching and grabbing and the reciprocation is just not there.

Carry on.

Thank you for checking this out. Again, moral of the story is whatever you’re going through, highs and lows, it’s temporary. Nothing is a forever and you will be better off because of all the experiences you go through. Learn to embrace it and the journey is wicked fun.

Thanks for listening!

Til next time,

Stay sweet!

As I stand here, warming up in the bomby -2.5C Calgarian November morning, I look around to see nothing but open park, glorious cityscape and a few tourists over the stairs at Crescent Heights. The same stairs that the team and I meet every Sunday, at 11:07.

Not this Sunday though. I was the lone wolf.

I heard lots of inquiries, lots of interest, some were unfortunately sick and others had previous engagements and that’s all fine. I’m okay if you don’t show up. I have zero influence on what people prioritize until they see what health and wellness will do for them.

Ironic because most of the excuses I hear revolve around “I’m tired, I’m gonna sleep in, I’ve been working nights, I’m getting sick, I have no time for that…” which all stem from the root of why you should be joining me every Sunday at 11:07!

I don’t do this because I like it all the time. I do it because I know the alternative of depression, anxiety, poor conditioning, sickness, lethargy, zero motivation, ambition and the feeling of insecurity far outweighs the shitty 35:07 of a little hard breathing, muscle soreness and pounding heart. Yeah. I show up.

I’d encourage you to do the same the next time you say you will. Physically and mentally. At the end of the day, you’re only letting yourself down.

I did my reps.

The minute I quit the snow removal job last week, not officially, but in my head.. was the minute everything came together.

I’ve since gained 3 new clients, secured another 3 month term with Ronald McDonald House and most importantly, felt happy about life.

If you’re thinking, I need a “what if” safety net, you’ve already allowed yourself permission to fail and thus the likelihood of you succeeding is greatly reduced. Instead, I want to challenge you.


This is a shot of me with my friend, Garth in front of the exact machine he learned how to produce on with his late father, Jack, which is now housed at National Music Centre in my hometown, Calgary Alberta. I spend a lot of time at NMC. Had I not committed to my dream of immersing myself to the music community a few years back, I’d have never met this incredible human. I’m so grateful to call him my friend. He’s changed so many lives and is genuinely one of the most caring humans I’ve ever met.

Dare to dream your wildest dreams. Dare to go above and beyond what others, maybe your closest, nearest and dearest think is absolutely insane. Super high risk. “Not something they’d do”.


Well, no one was ever inspired by someone that excelled at mediocrity.

Take an effin’ chance and commit to what you love.

Instead of thinking “What’s the worst that could happen, think:


“What’s the best that could happen?”

The kids loved this tour, Jason was amazing. Thank you, NMC.


This is one of the 9 pianos David Foster has donated from his foundation. Look closely, see if you recognize any names. What an inspirational tour – behind the scenes at NMC.

That was my day. Had I tried to stick out the Plan B, earning a steady paycheque, grind out the bullshit hours for “income” I wouldn’t have had the chance to be with my friends and in my lane as a leader and educator in the community that has given me so much in return.

Cut the horse crap. Cut the Plan B. You’ll be successful when you believe you will be successful.

Happy Sunday, thanks for listening.

If you’re feeling inspired to dig in to what you do truly and help express yourself, I’m here. I’ve created an online course to help you get there and learn how to exploit your true weirdness and personality.

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Okay, for real now. Thanks for listening, have a great week.



That’s right.

Well, actually no… but close right? Look:


I’ve known this guy for years now, and after reconnecting through working together again  I’m super honoured to call him a dear friend. After hearing his story, seeing his drive and determination to best himself, I’m so happy to see how quickly his progression to become the best version of himself has been. I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of his change.

That photo up there shows you physically how his body has responded. To check out the work he’s put in and his experience with the program for yourself, click here… left is August, the right is January. Dude’s lost 10lbs, 5cm around the waist, went down a whole pant size, up in confidence and actually became even more hilarious. We’re starting our 8th week together in movement and accountability coaching next week. Pretty amazing results when you dig in and want it. Unfortunately converting him from being a Canucks fan is going to be a bit of an uphill climb, but I believe anything is possible…

So he’s a pretty smart guy. Algebra. Algorithms. Math nerd. Big time brainy dude. He would teach Pythagorean theorem – shortest line travelled and efficiency and that sort of thing…

Ironic too, as Carder found the shortest line travelled in his quest to bettering his health and wellness in order to feel as good (and look as good!) physically as he feels inside.

Carder, man – you’re a true beauty. You light up every room you’re in and it’s only just the beginning. Your strength, both physically but even more so in the less talked about realm of mindset, is truly admirable.

Keep on rockin’, congrats on Athlete of December. I truly can’t wait to see this transformation unfold. The best is yet to come!


Have you got a story to share? Do you know an ordinary person that’s doing extraordinary things? I want to hear from you! I’m now accepting submissions for my new podcast, PPLSKLZ Radio.

The aim of each episode is to bring to light the incredible stories of musicians, artists, athletes, and any other individual with a positive message from all around the world to share with listeners that are seeking a little pick-me-up and inspiration to become a better human being.

Contact me below if this is you or you have someone in mind that’d fit the bill!


Yeah. That’s a vanilla milkshake, cheeseburger and onion rings. Yeah. I’m a trainer, Holistic lifestyle coach and nutrition coach. I’m also a human being.

Even Superman has his kryptonite.

I have been overly stressed, borderline depressed and have found myself often questioning my purpose as I scroll through Facebook or build creative content for social media marketing at 3:45am… like actually. That’s been my life over the past 2 weeks. Not pretty.

Does this sound like you? Are you okay with it. It’s okay if you are. But if it isn’t where you wanna be, you need to identify it, OWN it and find a way out of your slump. Here’s a guide to how I’m going to do it. Starting today. Not tomorrow. Right the f*ck now. 

1. Set Goals!

Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually. Start with these areas:

Personal: What do you want to be? More fit? Learn an instrument, or another language. Set a TANGIBLE goal; something that you can measure. Then pursue it with mini goals EVERY SINGLE DAY! And slap your wrist if you don’t hit it. If you only say you’re an 8/10, you’re giving yourself permission to give up before you even start. Stop that. That’s bullshit. 10/10. If you’re not there yet, find something that you are 10/10 on. It’s the behaviours, not the outcome that’ll get you to success. I’ll say it again: BEHAVIOURS, not outcomes are the path to success. 

Financial: How much money do you want to have at a certain point? More importantly, why? You might be surprised with your answers…

Career: Where do you want to be in your career? Rising to the top of the company? Owning your own thing (like me!)? Find a new path? Go back to school? So many options. Options we tend not to think about… I challenge you to start thinking.

There’s definitely more areas you can build goals in, butninfind these three key to develop your overarching “why” statement. That being, why are you here? 

Without a meaningful purpose to wake up every day, you have no desire to make money to pay bills and get the things in life that mean most tonyiu. For some, that’s family time. Ever think about doing something as a career that frees up more time instead of fills up your bank account? It’s just a thought, but how many dollar bills have you ever seen play with your nephew, making goofy spaghetti faces at each other over holiday dinner (yeah, I eat spaghetti for holidays sometimes… I love mom’s spaghetti!)? Food -ahem- for thought…

2. Schedule! 

Start with this. Set an alarm for everyday. Same time. Work day or not. Aim to be in bed by 11 and up by 7. Why? Your commitment to doing things that are outside of what’s comfortable will transfer into all other aspects of your life. You’ll be thankful. And productive. And into a routine. Also, make sure you wake up softly, not one of those crazy-ass alarms. We will dive into the next step of scheduling next week. For now, get a sleep schedule. Sleep is key.

3. Tell people!

Okay, so now you have some identifiable and tangible goals – A.S.S Goals, I like to say… (Click here to see why I think SMART goals are dumb…) and you’re setting intention of getting up and prioritizing things…. tell people! The simple act of social accountability will help you out yourself on the block for delivering that 10/10. Why? Well, when busy asks you how your coursework on that new programming certification or how learning to do a handstand is going, you’ll probably have a better answer. You can expect people that care (and maybe those that you didn’t think would…) to ask you about how you’re doing on goals you told them about. It’s human nature. We (generally) care about each other. Sometimes it’s because we need others to fulfill our own self-doubt by showing and inspiring us… but I digress… tell the world!

Here’s me:

1. Goals


1. Learn to be fluent in German by January 1, 2018

2. Learn to do a handstand by my 30th birthday, March 2, 2017

3. Get back down to 10% body fat around 185lbs by January 1, 2017


1. Pay off revolving debt by January 1, 2018


1. Expand my affluence as a leader of health & wellness amongst the music industry and speak at Canadian Music Week, by 2018. 

2. Have two published books out by January 1, 2018

3. Speak at a TED event by January 1, 2020

2. Schedule

I have my iPhone bedtime setting on for bed at 10:30, wake at 7:00. Everyday. 

3. Social Accountability 

And now that I’ve written this all down and rid myself of the 8/10 rule, I am 100% committed to achieving these goals I have set for myself over the course of the next nearly 4 years. I will accomplish them by setting myself mini-behavioural goals along the way, as proper BEHAVIOUR is key to finding success. 

Write it down and if you are comfy with it tell me and the rest of the readership what you’re going to do in the comments.

Remember, you don’t have to be a rock star to start, but you have to start in order to become a rock star. Stay sweet, folks.