I’m prepared to take heat from the uneducated for this one. And I’m unapologetic about it.

If you follow the last two or three years worth of “If It Fits Your Macros” junk, aka : IIFYM , you should reconsider your understanding of true nutrition.

Nutrition is far more than “in vs. out” energy expenditure. Fact.

I’m coming from 12 years of combined expertise in nutrition and holistic lifestyle coaching. I’m not just some guy that looks ripped. Actually, I’m not ripped at all. I carry about 12% body fat, and I’m here to explain to everyone that sees those ads and commercials of absolutely jacked humans…Unknown-1.jpegimages.jpeg

These are not the norm, and nor should they be aspired. Do not let “Insta-sadness grip you.

Nutrition is far more.

I’m actually split between two types of nutrition coaching. Metabolic Typing and Precision Nutrition’s standard of behavioural change. Both are incredibly simple to understand, but can pose challenges in implementation. But wow, when you get them down. You feel AH-MAZE-ING!

Here’s the Coles Notes version on both:

Metabolic Typing

Eating to the way your body processes food. Yes, we are all different. So that diet Bob went on with “no (starch) carbs” may not produce the same results for you. Metabolic typing follows this basic principle. Some of us are quite balanced between processing all three macro nutrient groups (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) Eat some food, wait a few hours, notice and name how you feel. Are you sluggish? Are you full of energy? Do you feel like shit? Are you happy? Irritable? You know, the basics. Seems simple enough, right?

Here’s the challenge: This practice is just that: a practice. And while most of us are overrun with social media, distractions and heavy work load, we barely have enough time to eat, let alone sit mindfully and think about how we feel a few hours after said imaginary meal. So we don’t. And we tend to eat food on the go. Food that lacks nutrients., is low in calories (because that’s what the internet says is eating healthy so it must be good) and prepackaged so we can eat it at the desk, or with a quick heat up in the ‘nuker (we’ll save my thoughts on microwaves for another rant…uh, I mean post…) But seriously… tell me that this isn’t all a pretty accurate observation…

So how do you know what metabolic type you are? What the eff is a metabolic type anyway? Well, for starters you gotta figure out what foods your body digs. Carbs? Fats? Proteins? What’s the difference? Do I have to eat meat? All the answers are there in a consultation with me… but if you’re a go-getter I recently came across a super helpful resource (rather they came across me and I’m very happy they did) and would love to share their hard work with you. It’s a database of a kabillion types of protein powders on the market. These fine folks have specifically done the research on which protein powders are the best on the market. Head to reviews.com/protein-powder and check out the invaluable info on some high quality protein supplements to help aid your body through the day without sacrificing convenience. Simple. Go bookmark that site right now and come back and read on…

See, I offer the services that’ll tell you how much of what you should be eating to maintain optimal functionality and performance. You should reach out. A consult is completely confidential and I have packaged a few different options for those of you that are interested in what I can do for you. They range from $50 up to $200, and I offer payment plans. It’s all online, so you could be reading this in the German countryside and I could help you feel better simply by eating better. Fuel the soul properly, ja?! Das ist gut! Send me a note at mike@mikeschwartz.ca and lets get crackin’!

Here’s another way to address your nutrition based lifestyle issues at the core:

Precision Nutrition Habit-Based Nutrition

Enter behavioural change. Habit-based nutrition. Yes. The concept makes sense, right? Do something every day and it’ll become second nature. Eat shitty food and a lot of it, expect to reflect that aesthetically… You’re going to look like a Big Mac. Eat nutrient dense foods, such as avocado, lentils, spinach and the like… expect to feel great, full of energy and ready to take on the world. Which life would you chose?

See, here’s the challenge. When you’ve had practice of more than 10-15 years, the re-learning process of behavioural change is intimidating… to say the least. I get it. I coach folks with hard-to-give up addictions, habits that really perplex the mind and a general lifestyle that doesn’t speak to an abundance of “health”. However, look at it this way. If you’re about 65% of the way to your “ideal self” that means you’re only 35 days away from your ideal self… just take it 1% per day. Simple now, right?

If  you’re struggling with how to lose that last little bit of muff off the top, I’m here to tell you there’s no secret pill. No little magic button. No shortcuts. Move more, eat better food. Make sure the nutrients get to your tissues. Laugh. Love. And be kind to yourself and forgiving. I offer a full curriculum of nutrition and behavioural change coaching for half price until the New Year… only $100 per month. Guaranteed results when you put the work in. Get at me if you’d like a shot at that.

Fire your questions to mike@mikeschwartz.ca, check out what others have said on my results page or if you’re ready, just click below.

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Music-fitness-largeLastly, for those of you in Calgary, musician or not I’m hosting a 3 night interactive workshop at Long-McQuade Calgary North and I’d encourage you to register for that. The cost is only $149 and you get a copy of my book, “The Musician’s Guide To Surviving The Rock Star Lifestyle”. Considering my regular hourly is $120, this is a smokin’ deal. I will be going through all three pillars of a great lifestyle with my co-founder, Kirsten Toth on how to move better, manage pain, eat better, and manage stress and perform better. Essentially this is a how to come a rad human kind of course and there’s a ton of information packed into 3 nights.

Check it out and register here!

Alright team, quick recap and I’m out.

Diets and fads are ineffective long term, unsustainable and actually quite damaging to your health. There’s no shortcuts to living better. Put the work in and you’ll reap the rewards of accomplishment and a sexier body. Win-win.

Contact me for options to get kickstarted into the New Year before the droves of resolutioners attack the city walls of MusicFit in the next two weeks.

Eat well, be happy and enjoy your week.

Until next time, stay sweet…



Ridiculous, right? Don’t let the instafame gotcha. “I haven’t eaten a carb since 2004.”



Alright folks, it’s about that time of year again. Birds are chirping, sun is shining. And you have a hankerin’ for a whole mess of pancakes, drizzled with syrup and a side of bacon or some sausage links if you fancy. That’s right; Calgary Stampede 2017 is just around the corner, and as a born and raised Calgarian myself, I’m not afraid to admit the very best part. It’s the ten days of what seems to be endless Stampede Pancake Breakfasts around the city. Most of them are FREE too… what a dangerous game!

But, just like any cohort mission, there are tactics and strategy and protocols you should follow in order to successfully accomplish this great endeavour. Whether you’re just out for a “treat meal” or you are part of a workplace pancake eating challenge, these four pro tips will help you to conquer the mighty Stampede Breakfast.

  1. Do some recon – That’s right. A well planned trip around your ideal schedule and/or dietary concerns (yes there are gluten friendly and health-conscious options too! Read below!) will save you tons of time in line at hot spots, help you to avoid politician traps, help you to avoid death or death-like symptoms and may even help you scout out where the best live entertainment is to accompany your morning feast. Heck, if you plan it right you can “Pancake Hop” around two or three separate events per day to tackle many more breakfasts with ease and efficiency. Set a timer, spend enough time to savour the flavours and jump to the next one. Boom. You’re welcome. Here’s the official 2017 Stampede Breakfast Guide to help you out with your strategy.
  2. Take friends! – Not to poo poo your ambitious solo-feasters, but really, whether you’re trying to bulk up ’cause it’s “growing season” or not… maybe you’re actually trying to lose weight and these next ten days are going to be the bane of your existence… if you have a tribe of Stampeders with you, regardless of their goals this will help. Why? Well first off it’s wicked fun, right? Secondly, the folks that are interested in bulking will take care of the leftovers from those of you who might have enough sensibility to stop eating before you see the light… it’s win-win, right!? (I’ll explain more in detail below) Help each other. That’s what friends are for. And leftovers. Good friends are also for cleaning up leftovers.
  3. Stuck in a Pancake Eating Challenge? I got you! Here’s how to win – We are going to use science for this one. Satiety, or the feeling of “fullness” regarding appetite kicks in for most human beings at about the twenty minute mark of eating. That’s right, it takes your body that long to recognize there might be a problem if you do happen to overeat within that window. See where I’m going with this? For those of you who are up for the challenge, I dunno, maybe for a half day off work or something with the office buddies – try this out. Eat as much food as humanly possible within twenty minutes. I think I might have done like 6 of those monster pancakes a couple years ago, but I’m an average guy – six foot, buck eighty. I know there’s some dudes that could take me to the cleaners on that. So, go for it. That’s a pretty consistent way to put on mass outside the Stampede season too, by the way. Eat, eat a lot and eat fast as to trick your brain into how much you’ve actually eaten. Sneaky, right?
  4. Want to enjoy a “treat meal” or two, but don’t want to go off the deep end? I got you! Here’s how to win – Science again. It’s important to be mindful about your eating all the time if you’re watching your waistline. Up for the challenge? Two key habits: Eat slowly. Eat until you’re only 80% full. Why? Satiety again. By the time you feel 80% full, if you’ve eaten slowly you’ll feel satisfied. it’s super neat how that works, even while facing stacks of pancakes! Use your body to your advantage. Often times while coaching clients on their nutrition and behavioural goals I find their biggest struggle is not actually taking the time to eat and only eat. It’s always on the run, generally with no concern to the process. Slow down and enjoy your pancake. I bet you’ll surprise yourself. And I call it “treat” not “cheat” because cheating would imply this is a test. What do people do on tests? Fail them. Your nutrition is not a test. Work away at it one step at a time and know that with 90% effort, you can expect 90% results. 12% effort… see what I mean? Eat what you want but understand the outcomes.

So, as you can see there are a lot of ways you can conquer the challenges of Stampede Breakfasts. Whether your goal is to eat 3 pancakes at every single one this year or if you would rather just participate without losing the awesome progress you’ve made so far this year, I’ve got you covered. Keep in mind as I mentioned earlier, there’s also gluten friendly and health conscious options out there for “all y’all” that want to have a guilt-free ten days… one in particular Tuesday, July 12 Amber Approved Stampede Breakfast seems like a good bet for most of you leaning that way.

In any case, know that it’s only ten days and you can choose to do what you like. Enjoy life, enjoy food and enjoy the greatest show on earth. Calgary Stampede 2017 doesn’t stand a chance on your Stampede Breakfast skills now.

For more exercise and nutrition tips and tricks, or if you have questions regarding your fitness plan or maybe you’d like to inquire about our studio or remote training services, please feel free to reach out to me at schwartzm@inliv.com or leave a note below. 

It’s simple. it’s healthy. It’s convenient. It’s friggin’ tasty AF.

Here’s the goods. Play with it. Make it your own.

  1. Pour some dressing down in the bottom. I dig the homemade wasabi dressing for an asian kick, or apple cider and olive oil for a fresh summer flavour. Boom. Mind blown.
  2. Thrown down with some berries if you’re into that sorta thing
  3. Veggies, veggies and more veggies. I like sprouts, carrots and lentils even.
  4. Protein!
  5. Nuts, grains and/or leafy greens

Boom. Cap it. Throw it in the fridge and you have a wicked easy lunch on the go.

You’re welcome. Now take a look at this awesome visual for inspiration.


Okay, I’m likely going to take a lot of heat from a whole assortment of communities on this one. But it’s true, the “diet” approach doesn’t work. I’ve done it. I’ve even coached it. I’ve remained open to all sorts of dieting practices. Gluten free, sugar free, greens detox, low carb, high carb, cycling, starvation, or I mean.. restrictive calories, that “if it fits your macros” bullshit, vegan, vegetarian, herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, omnomnomnivour… you name it. Nothing works.

You might ask… “How the eff do you figure, Schwartz?” I know guys that have lost a lot of weight AND they kept it off. Okay. So far, so good. But really, what’s the key to nutritional wellbeing in my oh-so-humble opinion? Consistency. And even “those guys” haven’t got any consistency. So, it’s only a matter of time they’re be “off the program…”
That’s right. NONE of the above diet solutions, fad or not promote consistency. They actually promote quite the opposite. Inconsistency. Here’s a closer look…

So, you’re on a diet, eh?

You’re either “on” or “off” a diet – there’s no in between.

So what do you think that does to a person’s psyche when they are out and about and not able to eat the 3 grams of protein with 1 silly meal like their ignorant meal planning coach enforced? Do you think that person’s attitude towards eating well changed for the positive, or for the negative? I’m willing to bet (and this I’ve seen) that that person will now be more inclined to eat more shit, because they already “screwed up” that day. Been there before, folks? Of course you have. Don’t lie. One piece of cheese and a glass of wine quickly turns to waking up on Monday still wondering what happened to Sunday. It’s a rabbit hole…

What a messed up version of reality, if you ask me. But I digress…

So… you’re still counting calories and worrying about fat and carbs, eh?

Well, that’s unfortunate.

I mean, it’s not your fault at all. I blame the media, which is basically run by the companies that want you to buy their shit. So, really – watch TV, surf the net, or otherwise follow pop culture and you’re likely screwed. No, calories aren’t bad. No carbs aren’t either. Neither is fat. They’re quite necessary as part of a healthy diet (not THAT kind of diet, diet as in what you ingest…) You require energy from those macronutrients in order to carry out daily functions effectively. No fat? No carbs? Limited cognitive function. That’s right, you fail to process things… cool right? Nope. Zero percent cool. So, what do we do?

Here’s my solution!

Start by building on habits. The key to solid nutrition is nothing more than replacing poor dietary habits with better ones, and that takes time. So regardless of whether or not you’re looking to build muscle, sleep better, improve athletic performance, lose weight or correct an old injury, you’ll need to start small with manageable habits. I’m talking small, small…

Here’s a drill I incorporate with nearly all of the folks I work with. Take one week to focus on just making time.

15 minutes. 2 minutes. An hour.

Whatever you’ve got. Make time and schedule it.

No one will give you time (everyone’s problems are yours, don’t you know…) so if you can start changing your mentality around creating time for yourself, things like meal prep, shopping at Community or Planet Organic instead of McDonalds drive thru, making sure you get to the gym (or your training session with me…) will easily translate when your brain goes into autopilot about thinking about taking care of YOU before all else. But again, that takes time. So be patient. Start by looking at your next week and plotting out time each day to work on you. It can be whatever. Writing, taking a bath, breathing, meditating… Just disconnect and make the time.

Try this out for a week and just see how it goes. Check in with yourself every day. You’ll be surprised at how difficult it may be, depending on how over-extended you actually are. (In that case you’ll definitely want to talk to me… I have some online answers to help solve the problem of setting intention and a healthy foundation of positively, reinforced habits).


  • Diets suck
  • Eat carbs and healthy fats
  • Make time for yourself

Over and out!

Happy habit building!




Okay, so I borrowed a couple meal ideas from a few great sources the other day and came up with this amazing Power Plate. Here’s what you need:

1/4 sweet potato 

1 can of sardines

1 avocado

2 strips of turkey bacon

3 organic, free range eggs 

1/4 cup yellow pepper

1/4 cup red pepper

1/4 cup red onion

1/4 cup Franks 

1/2 tsp coconut butter 

1/2 tsp of olive oil 

1. Chop up all the veggies and mix them up with the eggs in a bowl, squirt some Franks in there too. Warm up the olive oil on a pan and pour the egg mix on he pan. Let that bad boy cook for 4-7 minutes, just don’t overcook the eggs.

2. Pan fry the turkey bacon on a separate pan until its golden brown, then let it sit for a bit.

3. Slice the sweet potato into a couple 1/4 inch slices and pop them in the toaster for a while. Keep it on a toastier setting, just watch that you don’t start a fire or anything crazy.

4. Put the turkey on the plate, pop the sweet potato on the plate beside it, spread some coconut butter on the sweet potato, crack the can of sardines, dump them on the potato, get your mix of eggs on the potato too. Once you have it on the plate, take your avocado and spread it on top. Go crazy and make guacamole and spread that on top if you’re into it.

Congrats, you now have a delicious Power Plate full of delicious healthy fats, a potent blend of protein and some excellent recovery carbohydrates! This is a perfect post-workout meal for anyone looking for crazy good results in the gym. 

You’re welcome.


I’ve been getting asked this quite a bit so I thought I’d do a little digging and get some real answers. Bulletproof coffee isn’t just a diet trick, it’s an actual recipe blending a ritzy upgraded coffee blend (not just any old coffee) with medium chain triglycerides (MTC) oil and grass fed butter. Sounds fishy, doesn’t it?

Here’s the theory on how the stuff works.

Mix high end coffee, free of toxic moulds with saturated fat and MTC oil to help the chemistry of the drink optimize performance, slow the effect of the caffeine buzz and leave you feeling satiated. Crazy, right? All in coffee? So let’s look to a friend of a friend’s case study on the stuff… then you can make your own call on it.

To read the full length article from Precision Nutrition’s Brian St. Pierre, please click here

Remember, you don’t have to be a rock star to start, but you have to start in order to become that rock star. Preorder my upcoming book “The Musician’s Guide to Surviving the Rock Star Lifestyle” here and get a pair of custom Team Schwartz earbuds for FREE!

Stay sweet, folks.



Click here if you can afford the price of a coffee a day to lose up to 10 pounds in 10 days, look great naked and feel your best. (If you click here you will be able to because you won’t be drinking coffee on these 10 days)

As I sit here, basking in the sunshine on the patio of Original Joe’s, I have decided to conduct a self-experiment. Well, not really. I kind of already know the outcome. I am just documenting it this time as to show and validate my findings for all of you skeptics that continue to “never lose those last 5 pounds”. I have always been of the school that you either don’t know or you don’t care. It’s difficult for me to believe that anyone would knowingly sabotage their own health, so I maintain that people just don’t know the first few steps to achieve a healthier lifestyle. In this particular experiment we will tackle everyone’s favourite – nutrition! Now excuse me, while I plow some more wings and this tasty house blonde ale.

The Project

Here’s what I’m doing. Starting June 5, I will be doing a 10 day detox to eliminate all the inflammatory and otherwise toxic foods in my diet that toy with the way my body processes food. The idea here is that over the course of these next 10 days, my body will have ample time to repair my digestive system and thus be better able to maintain my physique, energy and improve my quality of life overall even after the 10 days.


I will take my body composition, before and after pictures weight and measurements on day 1 and again on day 10, record a recap of each day posted to my YouTube Channel and/or blog.


I feel like I am a broken record at times regarding health and performance so I’m going to document the experiment to show how rewarding it can be when you feel way better after just a few days of cleaning up the fuel you are putting into your body. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it and often times I’ve found that the things worth doing in life are not the easiest things. I want to use all of the results to build my case and further help other musicians with their nutritional struggles. I mean if I can go from the heaviest I’ve been in years today, to 11 days from now, down to a solid 185 that goes to show a little determination and proper guidance will go a long way.

Why You Should Care

Here’s what I’m going to do for you. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to follow along. When you do that and subscribe to my newsletter, where I send tips, training articles and nutritional guidance specific to the chaotic lifestyle of a working musician. I’ll happily send you the greens detox I am doing so you can try it on your own!



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