Call it trendy, call it a “fad”. But this shit works for me, alright.

Here’s what it is – the bullet coffee is a signature from Dave Asprey that sees highly clean grade coffee mixed with a frothy dash of healthy fats, most commonly know as medium chain triglycerides (MCT). This type of fat is great for downgrading the typical rollercoaster that caffeine can put on the body, so if you drink coffee like it’s going out of style, listen up.

Fats help to slow the process of caffeine into the bloodstream. This is important because with a slower intake, the body doesn’t experience those same effects that caffeine can have nearly to the same degree.

Try this out:

Vegan Bullet Coffee

Make a coffee like usual (higher quality and organic blends are best)

Toss a couple tablespoons of coconut oil, a tablespoon of MCT oil, a couple tablespoons of cacao and a sprinkle – that’s right, a sprinkle – of cinnamon in the blender. Pour your coffee in too and blend on high for 15 seconds.

Drink it up pretty quick, otherwise it gets all weird and stuff.

Let me know how it goes. Did you experience any crash? Did you feel more full? Science works. But you be the judge.

Stay sweet!




I’m currently amidst a bit of an impromptu unplug. I have found myself to be spending far too many mindless minutes scrolling on Instagram, laying in bed, distracted by just about anything to keep me away from the shit I need to get done. I had a revelation this morning that took me back to 2nd year university. I was super pro at procrastinating then and have fallen back into it again. So I am doing a little social media detox to get away from screen time and back to the things that mean more and hold more fulfillment for me.

I have set this out for a challenge:

  1. Write down what specific things I want to accomplish this weekend
    • Read a book; finish “Conversations with a Rattlesnake”
    • Write the text for the March 25 Creativity & Performance Class
    • Walk Dar, enjoy Americanos and being outside
    • Learn about a band I’m not familiar with
    • Write a song
    • Start on the specifics of MusicFit Collective so that ball can start rolling into it’s next phase
  2. Eliminate the apps/sources of distraction
    • For me this is Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (all deleted from my phone by 9am this morning)
    • clean house (organization internalizes itself in me, so if it’s chaos in my environment, it’s chaos in my headspace)
  3. Exercise and meditate and live consciously and with healthy intent
    • Going for walks, staying on my exercise regimen, logging in to my coaching, writing, creating

A focused approach to my weekend will allow me to share my energy in more productive means in all aspects. I have gone ahead with accomplishing much of the list already

I watched the Beatles documentary “How The Beatles Changed The World”, vacuumed my house and going to fold laundry and am going for a walk with Dar to grab an Americano and start reading a few chapters of my book.

All in it’s nice to distract with focus. Or rather, focus your distractions.

‘Til next time… stay sweet.




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ps. Yes, I’ve renamed the blog. While I do specialize with musician wellness, I know that my scope of practice and the things I write about and curate are applicable to nearly everyone. So, this is now how we all stay ‘In Tune”. Still musically applicable, but it’s my belief that creativity and thought transpire much more than just our self-declared musician/artists of the world.

So I’m sitting in the McDonald’s parking lot just south of the Stampede grounds on McLeod trail right now in SW Calgary. I just had a moment that up until now I had only heard of.

I just wanted a coffee and breakfast.

So I pull through the drive through and make an order, bacon n’ egget McMuffin meal and a large coffee. $6.39

I pull up and tap my debit card…


After my 3 seconds of panic, I start digging for change in the car. Nothing.

Then I remember, the savings account on my debit should have $10 left as it’s an old business line of credit I never use and have been paying down.

“Please have enough to pay for the McDonalds.” I thought, already embarrassed as shit.

It cleared. Thank God.

I got my food and now I sit here re-mapping my next steps.

I have a lot to offer the world and have made some irresponsible decisions with money along the way. Nobody’s fault but mine. I’m done with blaming external circumstances for my situation. I have disappointed me.

I’m going to right this.

Stay tuned with a real life example of how to not only survive any type of lifestyle… but how to own it. I’m excited, because when you hit rock bottom, the only way is up.

OK, so you’re probably wondering “what is this coffee bit all about?”

So…… I guess I should probably tell you.

Find out what people like in their coffee. Write it down.  They don’t drink coffee? Cool – find out what they drink instead – write that down! That shit comes back tenfold.

Here’s how:

It all started when I was back at Goodlife Fitness in 2011. I was the Western Canadian Personal Training Recruiter, I hired trainers all over the country. It was sweet. I got to see people on their absolute best (and surprisingly worst) behaviour. I was still pretty fresh on the job, so there were tons of things I was struggling with. The biggest was probably how to have a crucial conversation – you know, when you and a friend have an argument and you have to go in to lay down the law. Yeah, that conversation. I am just a happy dude and not into reprimanding people, I always feel terrible. But my role had that element. when other hiring managers weren’t following protocol.

I forget who told me at the time, probably my team lead, April but they recommended this coffee trick as part of my relationship building with key stakeholders. Saved me hundreds of hours and millions of tears, I’m sure. First off, the whole idea is to calm the person with a simple, yet authentic act of service or kindness. With my job particularly I was dealing with stressed out, behind budget middle level managers in an industry that’s notorious for high turnover. I need to calm people down if I was going to have any influence over their decision making and get them focused on getting the right people on their team again. I was responsible for half of the hiring of all the personal trainers for every single club in Western Canada. I was only half of the equation though. The hiring manager of the department of personal training in each club was equally responsible for the hiring of those trainers and their success at the job.

As you can imagine, differences in preference as to what candidates were selected came up, and this some times lead to tension between myself (home office) and the manager (club). Sometimes, the hiring manager and I did not see eye to eye, but it was very important we made the right decision for the prospective employee, the club, and the company. I learned quickly that you didn’t have to get along, you just had to work together!

The trick April taught me about coffee, isn’t about coffee at all. I could’ve brought these people socks… the effect would’ve been the same. The whole point of knowing what somebody takes in their coffee is something for you to carry forward with all of the relationships you have. It’s the fact that you listened that matters, not the fact that they drink coffee or not or what they drink in it if they do. When I had to sit down and have a hard conversation with another hiring manager about why I didn’t feel that that employee was a good fit it made everything less dramatic if we could just talk over a coffee. Remove “work” from it for a moment and just be reasonable people. When I showed up with their coffee in hand (they could never believe I remembered…), it immediately set a tone that I was here and ready to fight for them. We were on the same team.

You’ve gotta be authentic or else others will see right through your shit… so go out and learn about people. Find out what they dig and treat them well. Business is about relationships and in my experience, the longer lasting ones are the best for both sides.

So, how do you take your coffee?

I’ve been getting asked this quite a bit so I thought I’d do a little digging and get some real answers. Bulletproof coffee isn’t just a diet trick, it’s an actual recipe blending a ritzy upgraded coffee blend (not just any old coffee) with medium chain triglycerides (MTC) oil and grass fed butter. Sounds fishy, doesn’t it?

Here’s the theory on how the stuff works.

Mix high end coffee, free of toxic moulds with saturated fat and MTC oil to help the chemistry of the drink optimize performance, slow the effect of the caffeine buzz and leave you feeling satiated. Crazy, right? All in coffee? So let’s look to a friend of a friend’s case study on the stuff… then you can make your own call on it.

To read the full length article from Precision Nutrition’s Brian St. Pierre, please click here

Remember, you don’t have to be a rock star to start, but you have to start in order to become that rock star. Preorder my upcoming book “The Musician’s Guide to Surviving the Rock Star Lifestyle” here and get a pair of custom Team Schwartz earbuds for FREE!

Stay sweet, folks.



I have recently discovered – err… re-discovered how crucial it is to be mindful, listening and present in every given social situation. Today I’m going to examine when networking and meeting new people!

Here’s my guide to Becoming The Best Human Ever. And It starts with just listening. You may be surprised at how easy these things are to do, yet we all seem to slip up from time to time. If you follow these three simple guidelines, I personally guarantee success will come your way.

  1. Be on time – Punctuality is more than just being where you said you would be at the given time. It’s about being prepared when you’re there, and it’s also about being ready for the unexpected. Taking into account all of (or at least most of) the situations that could throw a proverbial wrench into your plan. I’ve been late before. It’s not the end of the world though. Own it. You were late. Make it up with an award winning performance or service. Make sure the people you’re late for know that was not your intention. They’ve likely been on your side of things, so if you just own the situation, you’ll command much more respect in the long run. But, try your best to avoid having to do that and just schedule your day appropriately. There’s nothing worse than someone who doesn’t value my time. That tells me, as a professional, they feel as though theirs is worth more. No dice from me. So I’d expect the same thing. Be on time.
  2. Remember names – Simple, right? Well, I thought so too, until I found myself in a situation where I totally blanked on the Big Wig Producer’s wife’s name. Thankfully, before I was exposed, another person happened to mention her name subtly and I said it a million times in my head so I wouldn’t goof up when asked. But seriously, don’t forget names! It’s one of those things that can make or break you as a professional. Especially in my industry. If you take the time to get to know someone by first name, especially in an industry where you may see a ton of folks, you will stand out when you catch them at the next gala and can introduce your date to them BY THEIR FIRST NAME. It shows them that you actually gave a damn, they made a mark and that will make just about anyone feel pretty good.
  3. Remember what kind of coffee key stakeholders drink – Okay, okay. Before you all get bent out of shape…Figure of speech everyone. When networking and meeting up with folks, oftentimes I found it similar to the dating world. You’re looking to win over the other party’s heart/business. How can you do that? Well, simple really. You’ll  wanna pay close attention here (and maybe if you’re single you can translate this into your own dating game plan!) because if you goof it up it can be catastrophic.

First off, I got myself a little agenda/day planner with a notes section to help me out. I used to manage employment for a big fitness chain here in Canada, GoodLife Fitness. Being part of the People Department for that great organization was challenging to say the least. Oftentimes I was in the middle of “damage control” between hiring managers and employees and I often had to have tough conversations with managers. One of the first things I learned to help my situation in conflict resolution, was get out of the office mentality per se. You have to build a relationship somewhere and I found that in a stuffy environment or on the managers “home turf”, bigger problems could arise. So, I took my stakeholders out for a “coffee”. Prior to this date I would crack small talk and casually ask if they were a coffee drinker, 9 times out of 10 they were and then that eased my way into “oh great, what do you take in yours? I’ve been trying to do the black coffee thing for a week or two…” Not one manager ever really picked up on my casual “pick up line” and I jotted down their answer in my little book next to their title and name… a cheat sheet, of sorts.

Why? For next time. How powerful would it be when you have a crucial confrontation with a manager or any peer for that matter and you can immediately get them to leave their ego or drop their guard or whatever you want to call it by simply showing up with the coffee that you remembered from weeks if not months ago…?

There you have it. My three key pointers for Becoming The Best Human Ever. Remember folks, you don’t have to be a rock star to start. But you have to start in order to become that rock star.

Stay sweet!