I guess I was “too busy”, hyper active with productivity to notice the energy shift.

It came when I was teaching a Musician Wellness course at Long-McQuade. I was teaching energy work, and how to focus your thoughts and channel an “energy ball”. This is typically only something you can do when you have an abundance of energy that needs to release. Clearly, I had that…. I felt like I had a basketball between my hands…


The result?

Back in my lane. Full throttle.

The Power of Ownership, Positivity and The Greater Good

What a way to wrap things up tonight. Mindset: The True Power of Ownership, Attitude and the Greater Good. There is so much to this topic it was super challenging to fit it into two hours! Huge shout out to @longandmcquade Calgary North for the awesome venue and support for the music community, and to all those that attended, thank you. It was great to get to know each of you and I’m very excited to stay in the loop and see how you implement your key takeaways. If you are feeling bold and took the course (or even if you didn’t) I’d encourage you to comment one key action you’re going to implement RIGHT NOW to start to turn around the one thing that’s limiting you from your best self. I know, heavy. We got this! Tag a friend that needs the kick too. We are a collective, after all @musicfithq • • • #lifecoach #musicfit #nutrition #mindset #movement #longandmcquade #musicianwellnessyyc #life #love #live #laugh #attitude #rad #raditude #groove #movement #groovement #pineappleguacamole #yoga #bodhitreeyoga #stretch #relax #fitness #drums #speaker #guitar #whiplash #calgary #yyc #localmusic #fitnessyyc

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You see, our bodies harbour emotional turmoil, negative stressors and physiological trauma in the weirdest ways. We bury them, deep within our thoughts and until we allow ourselves to visit these thoughts, we don’t truly get well. Oftentimes, I’ve helped to guide people that were so numb from the emotional wreckage they’d put on themselves (usually from years of self-neglect couple with traumatic experiences) that they didn’t even feel anything until days after. Like a car wreck. Or legs day with me. 😉

I’ve been fortunate enough to have around me a world-class support system, and I encourage you to pick and choose who you are around. And more importantly, what you believe. While most of us have heard the cliche saying “you’re the product of the 5 people you’re around the most”, I challenge you (and heard reiterated by a mentor of mine, JP Sears, that it’s even more powerful to recognize that you’re the sum of the 5 beliefs you’re around the most.

What a whirlwind of expression, abundance and gratitude. That’s only the first 48 hours of the MFHQ (check the Collective out here as we are going through some major changes to bring to you, the music industry an unbelievable service that’s been laying dormant for quite some time). We can all write, we can all train, we can all know “that guy”. I’m just the host of the party.

I said it tonight. it doesn’t so much matter who you know. Rather, I have found in my experience (which counts for a lot these days) “who knows you” matters much, much more.

Authenticity shines and someday we’ll find it.

Keep being real. Keep being silly. Keep the fire warm. Keep your stick on the ice.

2 Pro Tips to Create Space

  1. Let go of anything physical or emotional that’s holding you back – you must release. Forgive yourself for the past, let go of your thoughts and belief systems that chain you to a ball. Anything that devalues you, part ways with. Sometimes this can be represented by physical moments, memories, gifts and things that connote negative energy just by being around you. These things must leave. Bye bye.
  2. Same with relationships. These are sometimes the hardest parts to cut because your belief system has triggered an auto-response. Fun Fact – Beliefs are completely non truthful. Eat your hat.

Food For Thought

What’s one action you can take right now to change something in your life that only brings you down?

Write it down. Do it.

Thanks for reading,

Namaste sweet!



If you’re ready to get started and address the demons send me a note and we’ll set up a 15 minute Skype Life Coaching call, complimentary. You can also pre-register here for my next Online Coaching Webinar on the topic of Goalsetting to save 20%.

I’ll be doing that Sunday, January 21 at 7pm MST – save the date…

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As I stand here, warming up in the bomby -2.5C Calgarian November morning, I look around to see nothing but open park, glorious cityscape and a few tourists over the stairs at Crescent Heights. The same stairs that the team and I meet every Sunday, at 11:07.

Not this Sunday though. I was the lone wolf.

I heard lots of inquiries, lots of interest, some were unfortunately sick and others had previous engagements and that’s all fine. I’m okay if you don’t show up. I have zero influence on what people prioritize until they see what health and wellness will do for them.

Ironic because most of the excuses I hear revolve around “I’m tired, I’m gonna sleep in, I’ve been working nights, I’m getting sick, I have no time for that…” which all stem from the root of why you should be joining me every Sunday at 11:07!

I don’t do this because I like it all the time. I do it because I know the alternative of depression, anxiety, poor conditioning, sickness, lethargy, zero motivation, ambition and the feeling of insecurity far outweighs the shitty 35:07 of a little hard breathing, muscle soreness and pounding heart. Yeah. I show up.

I’d encourage you to do the same the next time you say you will. Physically and mentally. At the end of the day, you’re only letting yourself down.

I did my reps.

Attention all drummers!

Try this one out before your next rehearsal and unglue your shitty forearms.

Here’s what to do.

1. Grab a LAX ball, or a tennis ball to start cause this can get NASTY.

2. Hang you wrist off of a counter or over your snare.

3. Roll the ball over your forearm, up close to the elbow.

4. Find the spot that sings like Shakira and hold it!

5. Make a fist. Try not to cry. 👶

6. Relax, open your fist and repeat all the way down closer to the wrist.

HIYA! Take that, wrist pain.

I’ve got some more books to help you on the road with exercise and nutrition if you’re the career-minded musician. First three to comment below and tag their band get a FREE e-copy. 🤘

🎶 by The Heist – “Let it Go”

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‘Til next time, stay sweet.

Patiently Imperfect

Folding towels.

Far from glorious,

Or even intellectually stimulating.

Sheer ownership of such a mundane, seemingly meaningless task

Is case in point,

The epitome of professionalism.

The discipline to overcome the monotony,

The chaos of boredom,

Drives mediocrity back to its breeding grounds of “comfortable”.

The sequence of practice.

The value of repetition.

Each imperfect fold is another jump shot, Another lap.

Another strike.

Another swing to the fences,

That champions the winning mindset and the spirit within those who do.

I’m back!

Hey everyone! If you’ve never taken a breather, I highly recommend it. Be it from social media, the phone and emails or just from the daily hustle and grind – it all adds up and sometimes it’s nice to just recharge and breathe.

I spent May doing just that. I’m refocused, energized and have realigned my vision, got a few projects really rockin’ and rollin’ and most importantly, I’m the fittest I’ve ever been.
I find that I have more energy than ever! I’m waking up with the sun every day, going for a jog with Dar or doing some yoga in my living room and then heading in to either volunteer at Ronald McDonald House or down to INLIV to work with an all-star personal training team to inspire some amazing lives! I even bike almost 200 kilometres every week for fun!
I can’t say it was all me. I owe a lot of it to resetting my mindset and that only really started to kick in about 6 months ago when I started getting coached through the same system I teach my coaching clients, Precision Nutrition’s Pro-Coach.

Between volunteering, creating, coaching, catching live music events around town, hosting two shows; one on TV and the other, my very own radio show (now available on iTunes!), entertaining (or more like being entertained by) my pup Darwin, it seems like there should be a lot fewer hours in my day, right? It’s all in how you manage your time, I s’pose.
I’ve attached some links for you to take a peek at some of the things I’ve been up to. I hope you enjoy it, share it and remember the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, burnt out or out of control – take a step back and breathe. Reach out if you would like some help or even just an ear to vent to.


Check out the TV show I host, SoundScape YYCTanner James plays some tunes, talks about the upcoming release of his debut novel and chats with me about the changing landscape of Calgary’s music scene and how he’s thriving as an artist in the wake of the gunslingers and oil barons of the wild, wild west. It’s a real doozy. Tune in.


The first episode is out! Be sure to tune in on that commute to work or over lunch break for your hour-long dose of local music-fused with real discussion on proactive healthcare for musicians and music lovers. Chalked full of value, this episode includes the first part of a new gender series “What Is A Man” I’m unrolling this month, some great local artists including Jo-Jo O’ and the Woods and The Heirlooms and tips and tricks to help keep you moving and feeling great! Check it out below.

The Musician’s Guide To Surviving The Rock Star Lifestyle

Now available on amazon.ca, get your copy of my book in either old school paperback or fresh, like the kids these days – e-book. Order your copy today!

Thanks for reading, until next time… stay sweet!


This story comes from a very special place. A story of inspiration for those of you who are looking fear dead in the eye and hesitating. Now, those of you who know me in person, or have been following me for a while may now know this about me – I’ve never been one to bite my tongue, so I figure, “why start now?”

I’m just gonna say it. The universe has a way of letting things work themselves out. I know you’re thinking, “Mike, where are we going with this, bud…?”

Just hang tight.

Tonight I was on the receiving end of something I feel may be an actual game changer for the brave soul that delivered. And boy, she delivered. It was interesting for me, because as the dreamer I frequently find myself on the delivery end so to be the one listening to an amazing, inspiring dream and just be in the corner thinking “eff ya!” was super chill. And the universe is going to reward her heart in so many ways and with much kindness. I’m so grateful to have been a guest to this party. I’m so pumped, B! So pumped. You’re gonna kill it.

For those of you who are facing fear… maybe you’re frozen in a place of comfort. Maybe it’s the only thing you know… this could be a relationship in your life that’s not giving you want you want and what you deserve. Or this could be a job that you’re working where you’re actually dreading each day…the added responsibilities that have been shuffled on to you… and like Mick Jagger says you “can’t get no satisfaction”…

Whatever the case. You must turn your brain on silent mode, and lead with your heart.

I’ll tell you a bit of my past few months. Let’s get some real talk in…

So I left my stand alone contract personal training business in February in favour of joining up with a team of amazing fitness professionals. Some still ask me, “why?”.

Simple. To find success and pursue your legacy you need three key elements. A great idea, a tribe that supports you, and the guts to ask for the support to embark on your legacy. Yes, that means you need money. I came to a place where I was in limbo on my own… I wasn’t learning much without investing a swack of money and time into my education, I only had Darwin, my year and a half old Golden Sheptriever (sure he’s adorable, but he wasn’t coming up with many great program design hacks or questions regarding the torque generated from rotational force…) and essentially, I realized even though I’m very entrepreneurial and self-motivated, I thrive when others are around me. The luxuries of entrepreneurship in health and wellness are far outweighed by the collaborative effort of team and the support I now have for my crazy-ass innovation and off the wall banter. I am a team guy. I really craved the environment I now look forward to each day with my family at INLIV.

And that’s my point. It’s only work if you’d rather be elsewhere. I get goosebumps when my tribe tells me about their passions… how excited they are that they figured it out. They quit their job like that – snap! And are so juiced to get on with what the universe was telling them. I get so amped and filled up with love when others share with me that passion.

Why? Because I know exactly what it feels like and I know how powerful it can be –  from experience – to have others rally behind you and do anything they can to help you accomplish what you are set to do.

I wouldn’t be here where I am if my tribe didn’t show me the love and support they have in order to push me to my dream.

And we are getting there. We’re bridging the gap between health and music and I am over the moon about it! But it certainly hasn’t been rainbows, garden sprites and unicorns… it’s been a long, arduous and very, very humbling experience. Eff, I had a friend give me “rations”; a ziplock bag filled with energy bars and packs of oatmeal since I “looked like I wasn’t eating enough.” Ha! Truth is, I’m down about 15lbs of body fat since we last really hung out, but in her defence, it’s like I go to war everyday. Not against anyone but myself. I am my own worst enemy and I understand the battle. That’s why I believe so hard in supporting others in their war against themselves. Sometimes you just have to get out of your own way.

So, if you’re heading into work this morning knowing your heart is elsewhere. Chase it.

If you’re just not into the relationship. Be transparent and give that person the decency of sharing your thoughts.

If you know there’s something out there for you and you’re hesitant to chase it down, I hear ya, it can be scary AF. But if you need the support, I’m in your corner. And your tribe is in your corner. Together with that in mind, think “what’s the best that could happen?”

Just jump.

My bro, Wes Knight would tell you “Paralysis by Analysis” is what kills dreams. So just do it and you’re half way there. You’ll recalibrate things and adjust along the way, it’s certainly not going to be perfect.

Just to ice it, my own mother found this online today – The Musician’s Guide To Surviving The Rock Star Lifestyle

I think you should check it out. I’m very proud of my work and that’s because it’s a tool that I can share with the world to help change lives.

And to close – if you know of someone that’s this close to stepping out and taking that chance, support them. If you, yourself are trying to negotiate that scary decision, lead with your heart. I’m going to revisit this when that brave soul is a month or two into her passion and I expect you to have moved by then. Start right now.

I mean, take this as a lesson in empowerment, social accountability and true courage. It take guts to call someone up out of nowhere and tell them your dream and in doing so, invite them into the pursuit. That’s one helluva inspiration if you ask me. Inspiration is rad. Passion is sexy. Heart is key. Smarts are sexy.

So yeah, expect “Leading With Your Heart v1.7” in no less than 90 days. Like I said, the universe works with magic.

And tonight I felt it.

Let’s go!

It’s simple. it’s healthy. It’s convenient. It’s friggin’ tasty AF.

Here’s the goods. Play with it. Make it your own.

  1. Pour some dressing down in the bottom. I dig the homemade wasabi dressing for an asian kick, or apple cider and olive oil for a fresh summer flavour. Boom. Mind blown.
  2. Thrown down with some berries if you’re into that sorta thing
  3. Veggies, veggies and more veggies. I like sprouts, carrots and lentils even.
  4. Protein!
  5. Nuts, grains and/or leafy greens

Boom. Cap it. Throw it in the fridge and you have a wicked easy lunch on the go.

You’re welcome. Now take a look at this awesome visual for inspiration.