I was bumped up on the therapy wait list. I head in Friday morning instead of two weeks from now, and that’s exciting. I embrace talking about my experience. It helps me fit things in and take things out.

I (re) learned a lot last night:

Great friends are always thinking about you and will always have your back.

I had to reschedule my session last night with my two best pals. They sent me this in lieu:

They are both doing so well and even when their coach isn’t there, they still push it. Champions are doing the work when no one is watching. These two are champs. Thanks guys.

Music is powerful.

I don’t know where to start.

Jess and Robb, thank you. Music and Motion was a compete hit tonight and you guys were great. I can’t wait to get some pictures up from the House. For now –


These two beauties came with me to the Ronald McDonald House and played an awesome set of music for the kids and their parents while the kids basically used me as a jungle gym. It was awesome. The families loved it, mom and dad got to relax, and that’s why I do this.

Then the show, K.Flay and Sir Sly both just killed it. The amazing thing about both of these artists is the poetic complexities. I’d strongly encourage you to take a listen to the hardships and the battles and the adversity in the art.

This is where the title comes from today. Borrowed and paraphrased K.Flay’s sign off before the last song she performed…”Remember, right now isn’t forever.”

That stuck.


And leads me to wonder if the human condition has room to be fully complete…? or if the lifestyle choices and the drug use and addition and anxiety all lends itself to some higher form of the craft. Like seriously, what would we sing about? How would we relate to our audience if the new rock star lifestyle was about gluten free bread, hemp seeds and kombucha. Like how hard of a life is that?

Food for thought…

Children have so much to teach us, but we adults have a hard time with humility.

How come my nephew can squat, jump, balance and do bear crawls but my 20 something clients can’t?

Just an example…

Last night I was a human jungle gym for 6 kids 5-9 years old and feed a straight diet of sugar. And we got them all under control and relaxed. They respond well when you ask them to perform a task. They do not respond well when you tell them what not to do…

Thanks Mark England.

Child whisperer. That’s my alias.

Again, we await RMH photos for evidence.

We busy ourselves with what’s important. We prioritize our needs.

Or at least we should. Don’t take it personally, but do take it as a sign that the effort isn’t mutual and there’s a disconnect if you feel that you’re reaching and grabbing and the reciprocation is just not there.

Carry on.

Thank you for checking this out. Again, moral of the story is whatever you’re going through, highs and lows, it’s temporary. Nothing is a forever and you will be better off because of all the experiences you go through. Learn to embrace it and the journey is wicked fun.

Thanks for listening!

Til next time,

Stay sweet!


As I stand here, warming up in the bomby -2.5C Calgarian November morning, I look around to see nothing but open park, glorious cityscape and a few tourists over the stairs at Crescent Heights. The same stairs that the team and I meet every Sunday, at 11:07.

Not this Sunday though. I was the lone wolf.

I heard lots of inquiries, lots of interest, some were unfortunately sick and others had previous engagements and that’s all fine. I’m okay if you don’t show up. I have zero influence on what people prioritize until they see what health and wellness will do for them.

Ironic because most of the excuses I hear revolve around “I’m tired, I’m gonna sleep in, I’ve been working nights, I’m getting sick, I have no time for that…” which all stem from the root of why you should be joining me every Sunday at 11:07!

I don’t do this because I like it all the time. I do it because I know the alternative of depression, anxiety, poor conditioning, sickness, lethargy, zero motivation, ambition and the feeling of insecurity far outweighs the shitty 35:07 of a little hard breathing, muscle soreness and pounding heart. Yeah. I show up.

I’d encourage you to do the same the next time you say you will. Physically and mentally. At the end of the day, you’re only letting yourself down.

I did my reps.

That’s right, the eerie guitar tones and the deeply personal stories of the power couple had the entire Stampede crowd entranced. Fitting, as the scene was reminiscent of a night chase to the Mexican border after somebody shot the wrong drug lord after the deal went south. Hard to believe you’re not in a Tarantino flick, eh? Opening up with a full on rock band backing them this time, Whitehorse had the crowd right from the drop of the hat with the sultry sounds of “Sweet Disaster” – a self-explanatory track from their 2015 release “Leave No Bridge Unburned”. the only way I can accurately describe the rest of the show without resorting to “you had to be there”, is that over the course of the night a seductive storyline unravelled between his six strings and her smooth vocals. The mystery of the enchanting tales take us back to the desperado land of relationship perils, love, lost and found again, booze, addiction, incoherence and all the real talk – it’s almost like tracks like “Nighthawks” were crafted under the New Mexican desert moonlight; just chilled enough to leave you with goosebumps all over.  The show closed down and we were dosed with a little bit of alt country, a little pop, a little rock n’ roll. Whitehorse is true chemistry by means of heartfelt expression, electric groove and an authentic feel that is definitively homegrown Canadiana. There’s swagger. And then there’s a Whitehorse show. Get out to see these cats in the fall, Calgary. They’ll be back with another one for the books.

Pick up Whitehorse’s new album “Panther In The Dollhouse” on iTunes here


There goes a saying that if you get knocked down 7 times, it’s ok… as long as you get up 8.

Chantal is well over those numbers.

Meet a Total Game Changer. By that I mean, this is the type of human who hides no emotion, makes no excuses and inspires others through sheer grit and determination.

When I asked her “What do you say to those who are struggling and wanna give up…” She had no answer. Why? She goes out and does the little things that have lead her to success and in overcoming adversity. She doesn’t just talk big game. A true leader in every capacity, you should take a listen to our chat as she invited me into her new digs, overlooking the beautiful Rocky Mountains deep in the heart of south west Calgary, AB.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You may just reconsider giving up on those push-ups and pump one or two more out after hearing this story of determination 101.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s with great honour that I introduce you to Miss. Chantal Marczinski.

I’m holding a call for submissions!

Attention Musicians – please follow this link to take a quick survey on your experience in the rockstar lifestyle.

This will help me better my ability to help prolong and balance that rockstar lifestyle as The Canadian Music Industry Health & Performance Specialist.

Thanks! Keep on rockin’


You don’t have to be a rock star to start, but you have to start in order to become a rock star. 


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Today felt good. Really good. I’m slowly turning into a real speed skater. Cadences felt great, my speed in the corners is getting better and I can pull my whole team finally on at least 3 laps no problem. However, my upper body still needs some work, turning old habits around – just gotta get down more. But overall, today felt accomplished. 

Skating is therapeutic to me. All else in the world can be chaos, but when I lace up – lights out. I hope you all find that in something. And I hope you chase it as hard as I do. Believe me, after days like today and arguably years like mine in 2014-15, you figure out quickly why you chase it. Sure, you run the risk of losing some people along the way, but don’t you think it’d be worse to lose yourself? 

Dear 2015,

Focus on me. Skating Career. Personal Training Career. Enjoy ten good reads. Subscribe to MensHealth again. Finish my Precision Nutrition. Learn German fluently again. Get German dual citizenship. Place as Top 150 long-track skaters in Canada. See Salt Lake. Skate Salt Lake. Own a road bike. Train with incredible athletes. Surround myself in positivity. Drink more tea. Own a home. Build relationships that strengthen me. Break relationships that weaken me. Continue to PR every race this season. Finalize that divorce. Find someone that truly gets themselves, loves themselves and empowers me to do the same for myself. Make sure they have goals. Big dreams and goals for what they want out of life. Put the cell phone down. Live in the now. Eat more sushi. See a psychologist, for sports and for all that’s happened. Build my team, both at work and at play. Write more. Laugh every day. Live today. Make sure that someone I find laughs at/with me, has a really good time and enjoys random adventures across town equally as much as a deep conversation over a glass of vino. Watch all three Mighty Ducks movies again. Play hockey again. Build my YouTube channel and market my brand. Guest speak 5 lectures on my skating story and the power of mindset. Do a handstand. Learn to box. Be a better brother, son and leader and boyfriend or whatever when that happens. Listen to my friends more. Make time for me. Continue to grow. Grow always. Grow all ways.