I had the privilege of sitting down for coffee (one too many by the sounds of it in the interview!) with a fellow local athlete, friend and huge supporter of the community, National Development Skeleton Athlete, Grace Dafoe. img_5438Grace is also a Physical Literacy Advocate and as I mentioned, huge supporter of some really inspiring organizations out to do a lot of awesome things. We got to talking about her life as a role model, struggles as an athlete and the immense focus she puts into her personal life to maintain a healthy balance between her training and everything else. We’re “Human first”, and I think you should tune in to take a listen to one of our nation’s up and coming rock stars on the ice track (I think that’s what they call it…) …plus it’s my birthday today. So do me a solid and rate this on iTunes and share with your friends! Best birthday gift ever.

Here’s the interview!


ps. Skeleton! Holy eff! What a sport.


We often have too much time to think. I experienced this yesterday whilst spinning for 3 hours, sub-aerobic capacity for training.

Self-doubt can be detrimental. Stick to your guns, don’t worry about the nay-sayers. Use their skepticism as fuel to your already hot, burning coals. I needed this yesterday. I have at times been guilty of going gun-ho at something but letting obstacles get in the way. Injuries, other people and their suggestions or opinions. Actually having read that and to admit that hurts me a little bit inside. But it’s true – and I am now able to recognize it coming on. This task of mine is bigger than just me. I am forever committed to seeing it through. Whatever that is – I’m not sure until I get there. But one thing I know for sure, no one is going to stop me. They’ll be there in the end, they’re just keeping me in check.

Use the yields along the way as a reminder to keep doing what you do. The stop signs are merely things you pass en route to achieving success. This is your road. Drive through the night.

You can’t talk your way out of things you behave yourself into.

– Stephen Covey

How applicable.

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