I just had a brief “aha” as I was perusing through my social media feeds…


Is it today’s overused catchphrase. A trend? Or can we still milk some sort of value amidst the shadows of hashtags, followers, filters, overproduced content and the need for the dopamine hits that result from that pesky like button.

Do you agree with me? Listen in here. “Authenticity”


It’s so true.

Authenticity is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to the mindset of this young singer, songwriter and vocal coach hailing from Calgary, AB. My dear friend, Lisa Anderson is the epitome of finding and embracing one’s true identity.
Having been given the opportunity to work with her to help her achieve her health and fitness goals AND having the pleasure of creating music with her from behind the drum set, I can say in confidence that Lisa is leaps and bounds beyond her peers as far as the world of genuine artistry goes.

Please take a listen to our conversation as my latest Podcast is up and live.lisa-anderson

We hit areas of community, authenticity and of course delve into her very exciting 2017, with all the events planned for a fall release of her hotly anticipated second full-length album.