Pro Coach & Member Updates

The “Pro Coach” Software Advantage

  • Daily habit building and behaviour accountability rather than just a schedule and drills that you may or not do. Reminders will instil the behaviour into your lifestyle as opposed to being “on or off” your program. You’ll always be on.
  • Progressive “baby steps”approach to personalized coaching on the lifestyle choices that you specifically struggle with, generated with your direct feedback.
  • Biweekly progress check-ups that are customized based on the goals you directly input, your feedback, make sense to you, and help you stay on track. The results gathered, good or bad are information we will then use to improve and continually see progress one day at a time. Whether it’s strength, losing some weight, recovering from an old injury – whatever … it’s a journey and with a better line of communication we’ll be able to crush it!
  • Only setting you up for success! No meal plans, strict exercise regimen or other “in or out” based programming. This is a lifestyle that together we will create to what’s best for what you are looking for out of it.
  • Curriculum based coaching to help you “learn” and grow with your program to help become the best human you can be

Other changes of service

  • With this upgrade, we will be moving to personal emailed spreadsheet form workouts (as opposed to online through ptEnhance)
    session scheduling through iCal and tracking/reconciliation on a spreadsheet
  • I will also abandon PayPal in favour of e-transfer or post dated cheques to help leverage costs (I just had to incorporate new cancellation of services terms to protect us both)
  • These changes make a bit more work for myself but will help the business grow and keep the money you invest in the service with me, not some third party service provider