It’s incredible how some things just happen. The timing of events in our lives, the words that just roll off your tongue. Perhaps they don’t.

I believe some of the most powerful lessons can be learned by just hearing what others have to say. The creative process of learning from experience cannot happen if you refuse to expose yourself to outside experience. How we gain these experiences can be very intimate, very personal. But I think we can all do better in learning from each other.

You never know how what you don’t say could do for someone.
You might save a life.


Unfortunately I was hit with a nasty bout of Acute Bronchitis over the weekend and it’s kicking my ass today. Fortunately, I have the wherewithal to know when my body is jeopardized and when my state will negatively affect others around me. So, I was working from home basking in the Vitamin D Monday, pulled it together yesterday – felt great and then today the “bronx” laid in on me. More sunshine, research, rest, reflection and program design. Also, got to walk my cute pooch Maggle-Roo up to Sobeys for the sick day essentials – Mr. Noodles, coconut water and Cold FX.

So here’s my bit of the week:

Success is a very touchy subject. Some people (often unsuccessful in many ways) take great offence when they’re scrutinized on what deems to be successful. Oftentimes, these same people are the ones posting to their Instagram about how you need to “find a way” and “battle through the wars” in order to achieve success. Oftentimes, I want to scream at these same people to take heed their own advice.

Ironically enough, I’m writing this article on what exactly it is to have a level of success in life, but one of the major differences between this post and the next shared Instagram sweaty chick picture captioned “Find a Way!” is that I understand I am not successful. Yet.

I think most people aren’t. It’s like the saying “If you find yourself as the brightest person in the room, you’re standing in the wrong room…” Success to me doesn’t have an endpoint. I think if we say we are successful, we have given in to ever accomplishing more. We are content. Complacent. Non-inspirational. To me, that’s all bullshit. I don’t ever want to be deemed un-motivating or ever seen as anything but an inspiration to the folks I surround myself with and those who are following this story that I haven’t yet met. This whole reason I am doing this is based on the grounds of passion, inspiration and success and the pursuit of all of those!

But maybe that’s just me. I think a lot can be said about how a person seems find luck all the time. Ever stop and think that that person works harder than most? Creating opportunity that others sitting back on the sidelines waiting for things to happen, don’t. Hmm… food for thought.

Well now, how does this all fit in? Me. This story. This dream I have. Tall order, yes – I want to compete in a sport I’m brand new to at the highest level possible in a relatively short amount of time. I am not at all trying to downsize the amount of dedication, training, practice and ultimate passion the athletes I will be competing against (with any luck/hard work!) have put in. No, they are aspirations and motivation to make this dream reality. I hold so much respect for them. The Junio Gilmore’s, the Denny Morrison’s, the Catriona Le May Doan’s and Clara Hughes’. The Cindy Klassen’s. The Jeremy Wotherspoon’s. All of these folks in my new found community are the epitome of success. I want to follow their lead on passion and work my tail off in hopes of creating a little luck and inspire others to challenge their own limits. These superstar athletes have consistently proven to their peers through performance, attitude, and passion that success is what we make of it and we are all capable of creating that success. It starts with passion. 

And that brings me full circle to how I deem success. It’s a journey. Much like my journey of this 4-year dream, I envision success as consistently providing results, both on and off the ice. Delivering on the goals I set out to achieve. Working hard, to create that luck that incites success. End goal isn’t necessarily to skate for Canada. No, because life continues after that. There will be many success along that way. Who knows what’ll happen.

Focus on this: Go out and make things happen. Create opportunity for success. Do it as though you are not seeking financial, personal or any other sort of gain asides from the satisfaction of knowing that you accomplished the task at hand and then strive towards the next.

It all starts with passion. So what’s yours?

That my friends… that is success.

Today was… Rushed. Legs are way tight. Need to break up the lactate. Had a death by massage experience in Thursday. Thanks Sara, but holy hell – 90 minutes of just unbelievable pain. And I should sleep more. Dry land conditioning, once I hauled over (28 minutes from Tuscany to Varsity on my Trek hybrid) was sweet. Here’s what we did
3 rounds of
60″ low walk
60″ jog
60″ dry skate
60″ jog
60″ skate jumps
60″ jog
60″ x-over uphill
3′ Rest
Thanks Kits! And Erin, you were great too. Good PIC. Can’t wait for ice! Should get on inlines tomorrow. Or rest? Hmm.. I still gotta fit day 3 – week 2 in…
Thanks for reading!

20140531-170624-61584946.jpg this picture is my pre game. Thanks Wifey😘 – egg n pepper face😊

To have an offseason, I guess you first need an “In-Season”.  Well, I got 2 races in on my first week on blades in March. I will be much better this coming ice season. I feel so strong. But it’s not like I had anything to really compare against… I played some hockey, some real high level shit a few years ago  and I’m in much better conditioning now. I’m excited to have my new Bonts (which are my inline semi-race boots) as my ice boots now too.  This is because they’re far more comfy than the Maples I’m in. If I need to I’ll go and buy the right chassis too. There’s such  difference.

Well, that was a tangent.

I started this post thinking about all the crazy work I’ve put into something I really have no idea how I’ll compare at. There’s so much work to do and I admire all the athletes that have trained most of their lives for the same dream I am chasing. Not to make a mockery of the training at all, but I truly believe that I will be able to contend. Surround yourself with awesome. Fail. Fail again. And again. Learn. Train hard. Skate fast. This is what I’m set on doing. Give me a few years. See what’s up then. This is my story.