Freelance Musician & Trusted Authority of Musician Wellness

Background & Philosophy


Growing up just east of Calgary, Alberta taught Mike the lesson of persistence from a very young age.

“It was never ‘work’, or ‘chores’ to me, it was just what had to get done.”

This foundation echoes in every endeavour Schwartz takes on. Playing sports, listening to (and later playing) music and living an active lifestyle was the typical day in the life as a kid and the central theme was always “have fun”. He was first introduced to the drum set almost by accident in a grade 9 poetry assignment and has never looked back. With over a dozen years as a touring musician, educator and recording artist and after being accepted into the Performance and Technology Program at MetalWorks Institute, Mike has had the privilege to work with many incredible artists and industry professionals, many of whom he grew up idolizing. Despite all the success, he’s never lost sight of just having fun with it.

“It’s pretty cool when the guy you looked up to at your very first rock festival as the badass drummer you want to be just comes up and tells you you ‘killed it’ as you’re tearing down your cymbals before his band hits the stage…” Mike recalls of Wide Mouth Mason’s drummer Saf, on a recent tour that saw him share the stage with the group and other childhood heroes Blue Rodeo and Colin James.

Indigenous Day Live – Winnipeg, MB June 23

All that hard work and fun seems to have paid off. Mike has been a proud part of the Soultone Cymbal Artist family since 2010 and is also now also proud to join the Los Cabos Drumstick family as an artist and representative.

“Both of these companies value community, giving back, top shelf product quality and customer service. I’m humbled to be a part of it all.”

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Health & Wellness

As a graduate from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Management & Society in 2012, Mike’s training philosophy is a whole lot of unconventional. Blending his hands on experience from a lifetime of high performance training as a competitive athlete (hockey, soccer and long- track speed skating) with his non-conventional holistic approach and coaching education, Mike balances the art of program design with the science of body mechanics. However, Mike is a creative at heart and his aspirations reach much further than the gym floor.

As an accomplished musician, speaker and influencer, he published his first book, titled “The Musician’s Guide To The Rock Star Lifestyle” in early 2017. He then followed that up with his second publication, a self-help guide titled: “Start With U: The 21 Day Self-Love Challenge”, a journal focused on self-care and wellbeing.

Mike has an unrivalled passion for helping others become the best versions of themselves. His commitment to showing how getting well and staying well can be super fun is characterized by his creativity and his ability to inspire a positive mindset and embrace change, ownership and self-accountability. strombo?.jpg

Credentials – AKA “The Goods” 

  • Ba. P. Sci & MGSO – University of Calgary 2012
  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach 1 – C.H.E.K Institute 2012
  • Precision Nutrition Coach 1 – 2016
  • Keiser Spin Instructor – 2015
  • Advanced Strength Training – Darby Training Systems 2013
  • Post Rehabilitation IHF – 2015
  • Single Leg Specialist Vertex Performance – 2016
  • Personal Training Specialist – CanFit Pro 2008
  • Stress Resiliency Specialist – CanFit Pro 2018