Musician Wellness 101 Thank You Page

Thanks again for taking a step towards bettering your lifestyle. In doing so, and sharing your experience, you let others know it’s okay that you’re not your 100% best self all the time and progress over perfection is what will truly drive you to awesome. This movement in the music industry is far overdue and I’m asking you to help by showing support and telling others about what I’m doing with MusicFit. I really appreciate your time and just as promised, here is the bundle from the entire course. Feel free to share any and all of this all over the online world to cause a tidal wave and really get people talking about their wellness. I am merely one dude, we need the community behind us.

Here you are, but the clock is ticking… cash in before January 15.

Musician Wellness 101 Bundle (Slides + Resources)

Musician Wellness 101 Movement

Musician Wellness 101 Nutrition

Musician Wellness 101 Mindset

L&M Resources

Breathe in



Get 5, Give 5

Buy one, get one for a friend. For free! Good for the Sunday Funday sessions (Search and Request Membership for MusicFit Sunday Funday Fitness Group on Facebook (price includes tax)



The Musician’s Guide To Working Out: 6 Week Introductory Training Package

100% Conditional Money Back Guarantee, 6 weeks, 2x/week average (price includes tax)





Private Personal Training (1-1 Training)

12 Private 1 on 1 sessions Available Times: 8:07am, 3:07pm, 6:07pm Tuesday and Thursday 11:07am, 3:07pm 4:07pm Monday and Wednesday (Price includes tax and service fees)



Semi-Private Personal Training

12 Semi-Private Personal Training Sessions (2-4 people) Available Times: 8:07am, 3:07pm, 6:07pm Tuesday and Thursday 11:07am, 3:07pm 4:07pm Monday and Wednesday (Price is per person and includes tax and service fees)



Lifestyle Coaching Assessment

Want to learn how to perform better? Stress cramping your style? Sleeping not so great lately? It could be a number of things. Let me take you through a comprehensive 90 minute consultation, ask the hard questions and set up a game plan that incorporates movement, nutrition and mindset for you to become the best version of yourself. Now half price for the L&M Wellness crew and their friends and family. (Price includes tax)