The power of the mind. I write about how awesome you will be. Fact. You should read this for tips and tricks on how to keep psychological health fine tuned to keep your performance at its best.

There are so many examples of this in every aspect of our lives.

It blows my mind sometimes.

Get this. My dog doesn’t eat his dog food when I give him the option of prime rib. Why? Well of course he gets more immediate gratification from the tasty human food.

Dog brain is oddly similar to human brain. It must be the animal in us…

Let’s look at broccoli versus donuts.

Immediate gratification – for sure the donut. The dopamine triggered from that high glycemic indexed, highly inflammatory food choice (I say choice because I don’t believe something that is contributing to the epidemics of obesity, diabetes, heart disease etc should be in the same league as longevity-promoting, nutrient-rich real food) is unparalleled. You’re happy emotions are running high after that first bite. Much like the crackhead’s experience with their first hit of smack.

Here’s the thing. That feeling is as temporary as the satisfaction of a new instagram follower. It lasts for a few moments and then, like an addiction, you need more.

You wonder why you can’t seem to get into shape when January rolls around, yet you tend to avoid actually taking action and hiring a professional to keep you motivated and accountable.

You didn’t do anything drastic enough to incite change.

Would you try to build a house from scratch?

Your health is your foundation. It’s the only thing you have to live in your whole life.

So why the heck haven’t you hired a professional to help you take care of that?

It’s just incredible how people can go on thinking that things will magically happen for them. Without DRASTIC, IMMEDIATE and STRATEGIC action to any plan you might have, it’ll always be just that. Just a plan.

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Today was a lot better. It’s a constant battle however, to delay the emotional suffering until you are in a safe place. You fight through. You kick. You almost have to wear it on your back instead of power it through your feet.

But that’s only sustainable for short amounts of time. The healing needs to take place and Flo says it best, “it’s always darkest before the dawn.”

Keep chipping away and things will turn up. Keep chipping away and do things day by day. They will be better. It’s just around the corner, I promise. When it rains it pours, and things are going to get real good, real soon. Just chip away.

I’ll wear the Albatross for one more day.


I’m participating in Movember to help support men in the music industry that battle the depression, anxiety and mental illnesses like I have – feel free to check out our team page here –

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It’s a term used primarily in footy, or soccer as we know it in North America. Create space. 

As in, make room for what could happen. Open up the door of opportunity. The positive attraction of what you want and what you deserve. Leave it all out on the pitch. But create the space you need, and your team needs in order to push yourself to excellence. 

I owe a huge shout out to a man who has helped me reach new areas of self-discovery, purpose and drive I had no idea even existed. Wes Knight, you are one hell of a human being. 

For those of you who don’t know, Wes hosts a podcast called Creating Space (find it on iTunes here, or check out his website – currently getting a facelift to keep up to all the rest of his awesomeness… so check back soon or find him on twitter and insta @wesleytknight) I’d highly encourage you to get learned in the school of positive self-development to start your week with a Mindset Monday and a slew of amazingly inspiring and captivating guests every Thursday. 

The dude has helped to change my outlook on life in what seemed to be a rough patch just about 6 weeks ago. I had some choices to make, so I reset, took a different stance on what was happening, took OWNERSHIP of my actions and started to shape my thoughts. All with the helpful guidance of Wes and his guest’s words and the incredibly accessible and authentic person that is behind the mic, not just spitting words at you, but truly believing and living the movement that he’s preaching. Unbelievably authentic. 

To think that a player I respected and followed in the early days of the Whitecaps, now going on to having daily conversation with…asking for guidance and listening to whom I’d consider a hero of mine, totally makes you see how real life actually is. We are all just infinitesimal at the core, but it’s really nice to feel a part of such a special movement. I know you’re not technically my coach, but hell dude, you are totally the best coach. You lent me light to see in the dark what I already knew. The best coaches just let their guys go, so thank you. 

Wes, what you’re doing is truly magic, man. I borrow and share a lot of your insight out of mad respect and I am proud to be a part of your tribe. The Creating Space Movement is something I am deeply passionate about to the core. Keep on! 

This SnapBack in the picture below is more than a hat. It represents my constant shift to owning my actions and gives me a constant reminder to always create that space around me. We are 100% capable of changing the outcome just by how we react to any given situation. It’s how you handle your shit. Whether you think you can or you cannot. You’re right. 

Be you. Love you. Go out and get just exactly what it is you want. 

Create Space. 

How do you want to be remembered?

This post comes on the heels of some pretty emotional times for myself… and I am aware that it may strike a chord with you. I’m hoping for that. Because like I mentioned last week, Thoughts + Action will shape our Reality. Think of me as just being the guy pushing you, the snowball… up the hill. That’s my job.

And that’s what I’m here to discuss today. What the eff am I doing here?

Happy to say I figured it out. I am an influencer. I embrace change, adapt and thrive in otherwise stressful situations. Why? In order to stay engaged in what I’m doing. People are always changing, situations around us are always changing and if at the molecular level our body’s are meant to change, I believe our vision, our path our thoughts, feelings and course of direction can, and should, too.

I’m here for a greater good. To inspire others to become that absolute best that they can be. So, ask yourself. Why are you here? What is your calling?

If you don’t know, that’s totally okay. You’re allowed that. I actually think it’s better that you don’t just bullshit it and really dig in until you know. And you’ll know when you know. Just take that step and try things.

I was having this conversation (well, as much of a conversation one can have through text) with a friend and she happened to mention ” I have no idea what I want to do…” That, in my line of work as a trainer, health coach, motivational speaker etc is a fairly common response I get when asking “What are your goals…?” But for life? Actually, yeah. A lot of us don’t have a friggin’ clue…

So what do we end up doing? Tell me if this sounds like you:

In North America anyways, the prototypical youth is marked by graduating high school, applying immediately to college or university to establish a stable income from a highly accredited institution in hopes of landing that big pension after 25 years of service with a great company. Meanwhile, you’ve gotten married at 23, raised a family by the time you’re 30 and now you’re out of shape or worse, unhappy or worse and left wondering “where did my life go”.

Hamster wheel, much?

I challenge you to think clearly and pursue your “why”; your purpose and what really fills your heart with undeniable love and joy. Success is relative. for some it is the big cars, fancy watches and endless hours of rooftop pool parties (… I think)

For a strong majority of us, I’d argue it isn’t. I’d argue deep down we have a connection to do something in life that brings more meaning and more joy than words can describe.

What burns you up? What makes you so filled with raw, anger you can’t take it anymore? That’s a good sign that your mission is to fix that particular thing, or bring some sort of justice at least so you don’t wanna burn your house down just thinking about it.

For me, that answer was that I just strongly dislike negativity. I don’t believe or subscribe to the bullshit “I don’t have time’s”, “I can’t’s” or “”my _____ won’t let me..” or whatever the eff all excuses are out there. I wouldn’t be here if I leaned that way, and my mission is to help others see that they can change that too, if they want.

Back to passion….

Think of it this way. Have you ever said “I can’t wait for Friday?”

And for you may say that for whatever reason, I’m not here to judge – maybe it’s cause you can’t wait to get out and hike that trail, or get to the mountains to snap beautiful photos or sit down and learn that song on guitar… whatever it is. Stop and consider… could that possibly lead you to success? Think about how amazing that would be…

Instead of thinking of it in this light “What do you have to lose…”


“Look at how much I have to gain!”

Chase your passions. Live free of regret. There’s one thing I know and it’s this:

Whether you can or you can’t do something, that’s for sure. I challenge you to take that step today.


PS. Join in the conversation! I’m going to reference this post tonight on my Facebook LIVE Series The Symposium which goes live at 8:15pm (MST) tonight HERE where I will continue the discussion on “Legacy”, how I want to be remembered. I’ll also share my experience and an inspiring story from a 16 year I learned so much from in such a short amount of time, my buddy, no longer here, but with me forever – Karsten Huth.

My memory of Karsten and his legacy will forever be engrained by these words:

“Have fun and be silly. Try new things.” -KH


Miss you, buddy.

Dope soul. 

I got it dyed into my hair last week. 

What it means to me is pretty significant. It’s totemism for me and keeps me always thinking about my actions day to day. I believe that we are all magnetic. And we have a choice to react two ways, much like a magnet – positive or negative.

Move forward each morning, night or some time during the day and let the world know what you’re grateful for. Put the good stuff out, receive the good stuff back. Literally, write it down. I’m starting a gratitude journal. Keeps my eyes on he prize…

It’s all about what I call the raditude feedback loop. 

Happy Thursday. 


Yesterday’s walk to INLIV past a spot I have yet to check out in depth, Studio Bell, National Music Centre.

Ahhh. I know it’s out of schedule for me, but I JUST HAD TO TELL YOU!

My first episode is up. And damn, that was a thrill. I got over my fear of talking to myself in a room and just let things subconsciously flow. Check it out below.

Episode 1 “Thoughts + Action = Reality”

Here’s what we have on the PPLSKLZ Radio feature I’ve dubbed “The Symposium”:

Expect a new topic that’ll keep you a “dope soul” every Monday night.

Then, you can also expect every second Thursday starting up in February a new guest in studio. Not just anyone. These are individuals that are pure magic. I will be hosting athletes, musicians, entrepreneurs, artists and anyone else that is next level shit. These people light me up and inspire the room they’re in to a totally different world. These are true rock stars and my aim is to bring to the forefront these inspiring stories of adversity, challenge and success so we can have a collective of badassery and solid PPLSKLZ.

Again, here’s the pilot…

Episode 1 “Thoughts + Action = Reality”

Check it out! Let me know if you have any particular topics you’d like to discuss or if you have any impactful people in your life that I can get on the show to help others become better humans.

Use the form below or just tag me on social media @coach_schwartzy


Ever seen that magic trick where the dude pulls the tablecloth out from under the dining set, salt, pepper, fruit basket and whatever else might be on the table? Pretty impressive… all at once… and nothing comes crashing down…

That’s how I feel some of us have situations happen to us. Lately, it’s been happening to a lot of people close to me. Everything, usually negative circumstances, happen to them all at once within a relatively short window of time..we’re talking a week or two. Pet gets sick, work slows down, people get cut from the office, you hope it’s not you, but then the car breaks down, you get sick or get some food poisoning, you lose your appetite and your brother lost his job and he needs to stay with you for a week… but you can’t get to work now so you have no more money. STRESS.

Not be the devils advocate (or just plain cruel and heartless…) but YOU’RE ATTRACTING THIS NEGATIVITY TO YOUR LIFE.

Don’t believe me? Keep reading…

The Tablecloth Theory is one of circumstance. But you’re the magician. Not life. This is not happenstance or coincidence. This is why something so seemingly impossible is done. Is it magic? Sure, let’s call it that. But you sure as all hell don’t have to be a magician. You just wanna flip the switch to flip your outcomes.

To say that this is all just bad luck and to say that you had no choice or opportunity to change the outcome may be true, but how you react after one or two of the events could have had a significant role in how the Tablecloth Theory played out… agree?

When something happens to you, you CHOOSE to react. React negatively (get mad, blame others, fail to take ownership…) and you’re creating a negative space. Misery loves company, and before you know it, number two shitty thing happens to you…Ripple effect in full force because of course you’re thinking “why me?!” and the victim card gets pulled… BOOM! Number three…


Proactive thinking. You can prepare yourself a bit better for things like sickness (take care to eat well, sleep, meditate, exercise…)


I’m not naive.

Shit happens. Shit we can’t predict. That’ll always be though, so it’s important to reflect and take ownership and stay out of the negative tailspin so many of us get into…


Think about the opportunity that’s presented itself. Embrace the challenge of overcoming adversity. Put shit in perspective. Yes, your car is broken down. Damn, how inconvenient….

Now you can save the money you would spend on fuel for fresh groceries at the local market on your bike ride or walk home from the job that you still have. Plus you got some great exercise, were outdoors living in the beautiful world and you probably forgot your headphones, so you had a great conversation with a complete stranger in the produce aisle. They taught you what to look for when selecting a pineapple.

Yeah, terrible life you live.

The Tablecloth is meant to be pulled, let’s face it. Embrace that challenge of life. It might go shitty until you practice a few times, but learning how to juggle is the same. Trust me though, with less objects on the table you’ll be more successful.

Lesson – be mindful as to how much shit is on your table. Start small, be proactive and then when you’re confident you can take more on. Boom.

It’s not as bad as you think if you just let your attitude and behaviours shape your circumstance.

Go out and be magical this week.