_KAT6165Background & Philosophy

Graduating from The University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Management & Society, Mike’s training philosophy spans much more than just the exercise component. As a competitive athlete in hockey, soccer and most recently long- track speed skating, Mike has a well-balanced background combining hands-on experience with education. Though he’s a C.H.E.K Institute Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Personal Training Specialist and Precision Nutrition Coach, Mike is a creative at heart. An accomplished musician, speaker and influencer, he published his first book, titled “The Musician’s Guide To The Rock Star Lifestyle” in early 2017. Mike’s passion for helping others to become better humans is showcased by his commitment to making exercise super fun and creative, inspiring a positive mindset and embracing ownership and self-accountability.

Credentials – AKA “The Goods” 

Ba. P. Sci & MGSO – University of Calgary 2012

Holistic Lifestyle Coach 1 – C.H.E.K Institute 2012

Precision Nutrition Coach 1 – 2016

Keiser Spin Instructor – 2015

Advanced Strength Training – Darby Training Systems 2013 Post Rehabilitation IHF – 2015

Personal Training Specialist – CanFit Pro 2008

CPR/AED 2016