The Only One Counting Is You.

It was an interesting perspective, gauged by a new friend with new glasses and a new take.

He said, “the only one that is counting is you”.

From that point on, a new take had been considered. Boom.

We don’t actually have to do anything for anyone. I mean, most of us know this, but it’s understated in the fact that we still carry on doing things that are externally motivated.

I was just talking with a friend who’s had the same dating results when she’s hyper focused on herself. The minute she gives up on pursuit, all the boys come calling. It’s only when she gets back to truly not giving AF, that these boys all disappear again. Why? attraction to you in your element, miss. That’s why. As soon as they get close enough to touch, they get burned. No one likes being burned.

Stay intrinsic with motivations. Stay hip to bull. Stay hip to the lies.

Mostly just stay sweet.





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