A Thousand Reasons Why Coaching Might Not Be Right For You – Bonus Blog!

I’m not here to poke the bear, but fact is… 70% of the people I meet with aren’t truly fit for coaching. Not 100% anyway. There’s also a stat (that I might be butchering because I’m going off of a conversation I just had with another health professional) that it takes 9 years on average for a person that’s been dealing with anxiety/depression to actually have it affect them enough to be willing to make a change in their life to address it. 9 years! That’s a crazy amount of time to be contemplating something!

That’s what wellness professionals are there for. I’ll speak from experience; the folks I work with learn to become ready through a long, progress-based method of behavioural change. I’m not the only one out there that can facilitate that, but you’ve got to imagine if we’re dealing with years and years of pain, discomfort, addiction, darkness and negative lifestyle habits, the ability to turn that all around in a few sessions is unrealistic.

The point is, most people aren’t truly ready on their own for coaching. Ironic though, because those are the people that need it the most. Hence, the “Thousand Reasons” are mostly made up stories of that person in the pre-contemplative state. The state of mind that will really search for all the reasons not to break habit. Stay comfy. Stay away from progress.

I’m compiling a list of resources to help musicians get well, and stay well, mentally, physically and otherwise. This list includes practitioners specialized in working with musicians and industry, health and counselling, life coaching, exercise therapists, nutrition gurus, everything.  If you would like to add a name or a resource, outlet or organization that you believe could help others in their health and wellness journey, please add a comment down below or reach out to me on your own.


Thanks for listening. And if you know someone that’s experiencing some tougher times, just say hey, offer your ear and point them in the direction of some professional help.

‘Til next time, stay sweet.


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