Another 20 minutes…

…and I wouldn’t have had the chance I had tonight. Thank you.

It’s amazing what a snap decision can lead to, good or bad. I was invited to score a band residency and brewery endorsement at Mikey’s on 12th (awesome live music venue if you’re ever in Calgary) and hat was a privilege and an honour. I got to see some great acts of never seen before. As a musician, that’s what dreams are made of. After that wrapped up, I made a decision – as always, snap – to tag on with my newly made musical accomplice, Sonia to the sister bar, the original Mikey’s to catch a little jazz/Latin jam.

I’ll be honest, at first I really wanted to just get back to hang out with my dog and go to sleep, but something about the way Sonia talked about this, with sheer confidence and swagger like I have never seen before made this a no brainer. We said our goodbyes to the bar and hopped to the next one.

I was a little bit behind Sonia, but she found me amidst the packed bar, and we sneaked up to the front. From the time i got in the doors, it was like I had left the planet. We had left the planet.

Meanwhile, fires are burning on the coast and I’m getting the inside report. But it didn’t matter. I was here. A totally different place. The video doesn’t even do it justice, but this is an improvised jam. The way I learned to communicate. From behind the drums.

It was so inspiring. All of it. The music. Sonia. And like a meteor across the summer night’s sky, we parted ways as quickly as we had met earlier, two completely unqualified judges for an artist event. That good ol’ universe opened up a whole lot more than that, and it’s usually those moments that change the direction of life. You know, the ones you don’t expect at all. I had zero expectations. I just thought, “sure, she’s rad.”

Check the link – Amazing singer joins improv jam at Mikey’s in Calgary.

She is. And that is very, very exciting.


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