Is this why some people are depressed?


I felt that I had to write. I was compelled. So yours truly is putting e-pen to e-paper to get this off my mind. It’s been a heavy day…

Long story short, if you’re doing something that you’re not 100% FUCK YA about, you should reconsider why you’re doing it.

When I think of things that people subject themselves to in regards to sacrificing their own identity or integrity, immediately I think of money, time and relationships.

We tend to spend too much time on money and relationships. Think about it…

Is this you?

I won’t touch the relationships, well, actually I guess I will… since all three flow into one another. I’m pretty dead set on getting myself more financially comfortable. What that means though, I’m not entirely sure. However, amidst this “new Mike” working for the buck, long hours, hard work attitude, I feel as though I traded in my soul for a couple days. Definitely a temporary thing.

And thats just it. I’m of the camp to endure temporary pain. I am right now in a few areas; not seeing my dog all day, working 14 hours straight of hard, physica labour, bouncing in and out of very dark places with past depression episodes haunting me again, not focusing much energy on the MusicFit project, not even getting to the gym. These things all crush my soul. But they say your reaction to any given situation will influence that situation entirely, and by they, I mean me. I say that. And I need to take my own advice.

So I treat this as information. I know that my well-being, my dog, relationships, balance between working and the rest of life and being around people are key to my happiness and fulfilment. Not success.

There is a slight difference – I learned through these last couple days that my own success will only happen when I have a sense of fulfillment and full fledged happiness towards what I am doing.

I bet some people are okay with the hustle.

But is this why people are super fuckin’ depressed?


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