Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.

And WTF is perfect anyway?

Those who strive for perfection tend to miss the beauty of he journey I call progress. Let’s take drums for example. If I practice hitting something but I’m just off, I will have practiced a shitty habit. Is that practice? Yes. Is that perfect? Eff no.

So, point being – strive for making 1% progress upon the last day. Focus on your enjoyment.

For me, I practice rudiments 5 minutes longer each day, or I’ll practice 3 different rudiments, or I’ll watch a video to learn a new pattern or something to play on the kit. Always something, but not aiming to be perfect that day. Just 1% better each day.

Try it out.

Ramacue, flam a diddle, flam, paradiddle.


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