When you step you to that stage, what’s going through your head? How does your body feel?

Do you feel your chest tighten? Sweaty palms, throat closing up? How’s that feel?


If this sounds like you before a gig, you’re not alone. Of all the musicians I work with day in and day out, their stage performance anxiety tends to be a huge obstacle in the way of their success.

So what do we do?

I’ve picked up some tricks that help settle the mind, settle the body and keep my peers, my friends and my clients on the top of their game. While we could stay on this topic all night, I’ve narrowed it down to one simple exercise and a practice I have found effective to calm my bones prior to a show, a big presentation or a talk.



That’s it. Here’s the drill: Breathe in for seven seconds through your nose, hold your breathe, then slowly exhale. Aim for working up to making each piece last for 7 seconds or longer. If you wanna take it to the next level, place one finger on your right nostril as you breathe in, then switch to place the finger on your left nostril as you breathe out. Repeat. That gets both sides of the brain working. Mind-body stuff is rad.

I’ve attached a little picture below for you to keep calm and rock on.

Breathe in

Tell your friends and if you have any other questions fire me a note at mike@mikeschwartz.ca or go public on Twitter or Instagram.


Til next time, stay sweet.




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