Take the Scenic Route

It’s been a blast. A whirlwind. A lot has changed in a few short days. And up in Edmonton, no less. It is funny how the smallest things make the biggest difference. The conversations, the laughs, the late nights-into-early-mornings and the way that we just approach other human beings. More than the health initiative, more than the number ones and the number twos we’ve sat and had beers with. None of that matters with out a solid grasp of conversation.

Australia. Vancouver. These once seemed like dreams. Thank you so much BreakOut West. You broke down walls within the industry and have set a path to a new way of doing things. Incredible.

We are building a community and building a support system within that community. It’s amazing what the power of unity can do.

Big shout out to everyone that’s made my life a lot more purposeful in these past few days. Some special thanks to my new Aussie friends, Fran, Geoff, Winterbourne, Letters To Lions, Kylie and the rest of Team Aus. New friendships in  Chu, Jeremy G, Amanda, Ron, Brandon, Owen and reestablished connections with Chris W and Chris B. Great hoodie, man.

The amazing love from The Matinee – Matt and the dudes, thank you for everything. It’s amazing what the power of community will do. This extends to everyone on the list, you’ve always got a place to stay in Calgary. The music community is a close network of the hardest working, most inspiring human beings on this planet and together we will change the landscape. I’m excited to see what’s next.

Let’s take the scenic route. Pay attention and enjoy the ride.



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