Clear the canvas

Stopped again in the drive through

But this time I have more than enough.

Yet I hold back.

“Spare some change?”

Change? I can’t ever bear to lend my blanket of scarcity, never mind money.

I drove off, perfectly comfortable

In my own little hell

But that hell started to burn with every Kilometer I put between myself and this guy. Finally. Home.

I chose to go back over sleep.

With my best friend in tow

And my soul so hopeful to make good of that earlier occurrence

Those four dollars were worth so much more tonight

Jason was forever grateful. He’s been looking for painting jobs since he moved from Montreal to repair things with his pops, who had just passed away

We could have talked for hours.

He said I looked like a commercial or a billboard. Something big was going to happen. Dar liked him. I told him he will bounce. I was just there.

I felt the switch flip and that was what lead me back to Jason the painter.

With the last five dollars in my wallet and a business card I made a deal.

Jason was to reach out when his situation allowed him to. When he gets it, he will.

I told him I was right there last week and I made the conscious effort to change.

He got it.

The next time someone asks me for change I’ll respond “change comes from within. And every little bit counts.”

I didn’t even play Camilo.


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