Only way is up

So I’m sitting in the McDonald’s parking lot just south of the Stampede grounds on McLeod trail right now in SW Calgary. I just had a moment that up until now I had only heard of.

I just wanted a coffee and breakfast.

So I pull through the drive through and make an order, bacon n’ egget McMuffin meal and a large coffee. $6.39

I pull up and tap my debit card…


After my 3 seconds of panic, I start digging for change in the car. Nothing.

Then I remember, the savings account on my debit should have $10 left as it’s an old business line of credit I never use and have been paying down.

“Please have enough to pay for the McDonalds.” I thought, already embarrassed as shit.

It cleared. Thank God.

I got my food and now I sit here re-mapping my next steps.

I have a lot to offer the world and have made some irresponsible decisions with money along the way. Nobody’s fault but mine. I’m done with blaming external circumstances for my situation. I have disappointed me.

I’m going to right this.

Stay tuned with a real life example of how to not only survive any type of lifestyle… but how to own it. I’m excited, because when you hit rock bottom, the only way is up.



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