It’s just a ripple…

It can destroy a man or a woman alike. From the inside out.



With just a ripple, the entire landscape changes. The trees up above seem displaced, the birds soaring overhead are off…

Even the way things seem under the surface is unsettling when that ripple takes over. It might be the wind. It might be the fish or a slap of a tail from the beaver. Whatever it was today, it doesn’t matter. It’s off. Use caution when you approach the shoreline, or the docks, or the stones across the creek…but simply close your eyes…


For when you come back tomorrow, you’ll see the trees, the birds, the beautiful mural of nature on the surface. And to match- and more importantly – you’ll hear the powerful symphony beneath the surface if you listen carefully. It’s just a ripple.


Photo by Gabe Rodriguez on Unsplash


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