Surrender: Only Bad Shit Happens When You Resist Change


I think we can all do a little better with this. Why is it so gawdamm hard for people to roll with it? Just adapt. Darwin. Accept and embrace change.

We can’t truly move forward when we resist, and I encourage you all to accept, good or bad, the situation you find yourself in as a learning opportunity.

Perfect example – don’t consider the numbers on the scale good or bad. Consider them information on how you’ll make your next moves. Will you change things up? Will you stick to the course? It’s up to you. We seem to forget that we almost always have a choice. And when we don’t, we still have a choice as to how we’ll react to that situation. We are in control. You are in control. Part of is is just being grateful for the opportunities you find yourself in and making the flip in your attitude.

Here’s a little gratitude drill for you this week.

Step 1. Take out a pen and write down all of the things you HAVE to do today. Title it “Things I HAVE To Do Today”

Step 2. Okay, got it? Great. How’s that feel? Write down three or four emotions that you feel after you read that list back to yourself.

Step 3. Now on another piece of paper, make that same list and substitute the word HAVE with GET. Title this list “Things I GET To Do Today”

Step 4. Read that baby back. Write down three or four emotions that you feel afterwards…

Amazing what one word can do to the psyche, eh?

Have a great week and do something rad for someone today!

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